Zara Return Policy

A division of Inditex, the biggest clothing store in the world, is the clothing chain, Zara. If you’re not familiar with Zara, it has 98 locations across the continent, with the vast bulk of them in California.

Zara is a clothing retailer

What Is The Return Policy At Zara?

There is a return and exchange policy at Zara. After the item has been dispatched, you have 30 days to request an exchange and 14 days to send it back to Zara.

Your payment method will be charged for the exchanged item’s price if Zara doesn’t receive the items you requested an exchange for within the 14-day window.

If you return the item within 30 days in perfect, unopened condition, the exchange policy is the same as it is online.

Returns are accepted at Zara for up to 30 days following the date of purchase. You must log in to your Zara account (either through the website or the Android or iOS app) and complete a Return Request form in order to return an item.

The returned item must be in “excellent” condition and be in its original packaging, per Zara’s return policy. As long as the packaging surrounding the item is still sealed, it is acceptable if it has been taken out of the outer package, such as a box or sizable envelope.

The same regulations apply if you made an in-store purchase, with the exception that you must return to the shop with the undamaged, unopened product and a receipt rather than filling out a Return Request as you would for online purchase.

Return Period 30 Days
Return Method In-Store or online
Exchange Period 30 Days
Exchange Method In-Store or online
Refund Period Within 14 Days From Purchase
Refund Method Method of Payment


How Strict Is The Zara Return Policy?

The perfect, unopened packaging coupled with completing a Return Request form constitute the tightest requirements of Zara’s return policy. You will be required to present a receipt, just like most stores.

Zara claims that they would only give you a refund in the same way that you paid for the item. Additionally, in-store purchases can only be returned there; they cannot be shipped back.

Zara Return Policy Online

You must complete a Return Request, just like with online exchanges. When your return request is approved, Zara will pay for shipping costs. Once they receive the returned item, they will reimburse your money using the same method of payment that you originally used.

Can I Return Items To Zara After 30 Days?

According to Zara’s official policy, you cannot return anything you buy there after the 30-day grace period has passed. You might be able to persuade local management to accept a return for in-store merchandise after 30 days, but it would depend on the circumstances.

Interacting with an online return is obviously very different than dealing with a manager. You probably won’t be able to return a product after the 30-day period if you buy it online because it’s unlikely to be on a case-by-case basis.

Are There Return Exceptions?

Zara does have a few “special conditions,” as they refer to the exceptions. Zara claims that in order to return these items, “certain criteria must be satisfied.”

  • Swimwear: It must still bear the “hygiene” sticker. Except for vests, shirts, and bodysuits, undergarments cannot be exchanged or returned.
  • Watches: Only home returns in original condition.
  • Fragrances: Must be returned in exactly the same condition as when purchased.
  • Accessories: Still packaged in the box or bag.
  • Packs: Individual goods inside of packs are not eligible for separate returns.
  • Cosmetics: They must be returned in the same state and packaging in which they were received.
  • T-shirts from ZARATTRIBUTE: The box must remain intact before returning
  • Items for special packaging: Items must be returned complete, undamaged, and unopened.

Any issues that do not fall under one of those exclusions must be resolved by getting in touch with customer support.

Can You Return Items To Zara Without A Receipt?

According to Zara’s stated return policy, all merchandise must be returned unused, in its original packaging, within thirty days after purchase, and with the original receipt.

With the possible exception of in-store purchases, you probably won’t be able to circumvent that rule. In some circumstances, you can contact a manager and perhaps request a refund for whatever you bought there.

Remembering the person who handled your order when you made the purchase is extremely useful since you can always go to them to start. Although there is a rule prohibiting returning items without a receipt, communicating with people in person has the power to influence outcomes.

Any attempt to return an item made in-store will be handled individually and outside the parameters of the official store policy.

Does Zara Have Free Returns?

Does Zara Have Free Returns?

only inasmuch as you are returning the goods in just the same condition that you received them.

Zara is quite rigid about its online return policy and is unlikely to offer a free return if the things are not in the same condition as when they were bought.


How long is Zara’s Return Policy

Zara has a 30-day exchange and returns policy, but reimbursements must be requested within 14 days of the original purchase date.

Can I return an item to Zara without a receipt?

You cannot return anything without a receipt, therefore no. Returns to Zara must be made with a receipt and in the original packaging.

Does Zara Price Match?

No, Zara does not give price matching to its customers; instead, it strives to maintain competitive pricing.

All Things Considered

Due to the lack of physical retail establishments in the US, the majority of goods will be purchased online.

Remember, there shouldn’t be any problems having your purchases returned to Zara for a full refund as long as you preserve the integrity of the packaging materials and complete an online Return Request form.

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