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Weis Markets, Inc., the massive American food retailer founded by the brother’s Harry and Sigmund Weis and headquartered in the Mid-Atlantic, today runs around 200 retail stores with more than 23,000 employees in several US states. Weis Markets has locations across West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Delaware despite having its corporate headquarters in Sunbury, Pennsylvania.

For the majority of people in the Mid-Atlantic today, Weis Markets, Inc. has become their preferred place to shop. Weis Markets used a point system for many years that was advantageous to their consumers because it allowed them to earn points for every purchase they made while also saving money for future purchases.

Weis Feedback Survey Rewards

Weis Feedback Survey Rewards

Weis Markets has improved its strategy for creating enduring relationships with its clients. In fact, consumers who participate in the WeisFeedback survey will receive 100 Weis Rewards Points. Visit the Weis website for further information.

Through Weisfeedback, Weis markets want to learn about their customers’ entire experiences, whether they were pleasant or negative, satisfactory or unsatisfied. Customers who provide feedback via the Weis survey are eligible to get additional Weis rewards points. The lucky person will receive 100 free Weis Rewards Points after completing the Weisfeedback survey and providing their feedback.

Weis Market Survey – Rules & Requirements

Weis Market Survey – Rules & Requirements

  • For entry into the Weis survey, the customer requires both a purchase receipt from Weis Markets and a reward card.
  • The customer-produced receipt is legitimate for 72 hours following the time it was printed.
  • The client must be a legal resident of one of the fifty United States and must be at least 18 years old.
  • To participate in the survey, the customer needs a tablet, phone, smartphone, or laptop.
  • For the Weis customer survey, the customer also requires an internet connection.
  • The customer’s reading proficiency in English is a requirement.
  • Only one consumer per receipt may complete the Weis feedback survey.
  • The given Weis points cannot be exchanged for cash or any other kind of reward.
  • Customers who work for Weis Market, their families, and affiliated businesses are not eligible to participate in the Weis survey.

How to Take Weis Feedback Survey at weisfeedback.com

Weis Feedback Survey

  • Please go to www.weisfeedback.com. in order to participate in the Weis Feedback Survey
  • Enter the reward card number, location number, and the date and time of the visit on the page.
  • Select “START” from the menu.
  • Please rate the survey questions in accordance with your shopping experience at Weis markets.
  • Specify the cause of the customer’s satisfaction or dissatisfaction with their Weis Markets encounter.
  • Respond to inquiries about gender, age, and other facts about the customer.
  • Enter every piece of personal data pertaining to the Weis consumer who is participating in the survey.
  • The client who participated in the survey will receive 100 Weis reward points at its conclusion.
  • You can use the Weis rewards to get discounts when you purchase at the Weis market again.

Customers can visit the Weis Official Site at www.weismarkets.com for any queries and additional information regarding the Weisfeedback survey.

Contact Weis Markets Customer Service for further details.

  • Customer Service Number of Weis Markets, Inc.: 570-286-4571


  •  Customer Service Address of Weis Markets, Inc.:

1000 South Second Street.

PO Box 471. Sunbury,

Pennsylvania 17801 

  • Customer Service E-Mail Address of Weis Markets, Inc.:customerservice@weismarkets.com

About Weis Markets

Weis Markets

Customer satisfaction is extremely important to Weis Markets, one of the leading retailing corporations in the United States. They undertake the Weis survey and the Weisfeedback survey to ensure that their clients receive the best services while taking into account the demands of all of their consumers. Weis Markets, a multinational retailer with more than 200 locations, has admitted that in order to grow, all businesses depend on the support of their customers.

It would not be a good idea to transfer the shortcomings of one retail location to another location. The most crucial factor a business must take into account before expanding its reach to address its current issues. A new branch won’t function effectively until it has learned from the shortcomings of the old branch. Customers, or those using a store’s services, are the ones who may provide feedback that can help any business improve its offerings.

The two-way communication model used by Weis Markets, Inc. and its clients is called the Weis Markets Survey. It aids the business in keeping customers happy. It enables customers to voice their opinions about the company’s numerous policies and rate the business according to their level of satisfaction. Customers can speak up in the Weisfeedback survey and make their voices heard by the business.

Every customer comment submitted as part of the Weisfeedback survey will be taken into careful consideration. The professionals who are competent to evaluate client satisfaction will carefully study each consumer observation before relaying it to their development team. Customers’ comments submitted over the website as part of the Weisfeedback survey assist the business expansion by enabling essential adjustments and significant enhancements to be made to its goods and service provision.


Reputation, quality, and affordable prices are three crucial factors that reinforce department stores’ ability to succeed. Weis markets have it all and work hard to maintain these three as constant elements. Weis requires the opinions of its customers for that. The Weis Market Survey is discussed in length in this article. It lists the prerequisites that must be met as well as the detailed instructions that must be followed in order to participate. It also explains how the customer can participate in the WeisFeedback Survey and win 100 Weis Rewards Points. The readers can use the reference links in the article if they have any additional questions.


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