Vitamix Return Policy

A reputable blender manufacturer called Vitamix provides its clients with high-quality equipment at reasonable pricing. They have a devoted following of customers who swear by Vitamix products because their blenders are well-built and durable.

Vitamix’s products are widely available because they are sold online and via independent merchants. Even though their blenders are well-made and easily accessible, not everyone appreciates their offerings.

Thanks to their straightforward and comprehensible return policy, Vitamix makes the return procedure quick and easy for anyone who has to make a return or exchange!

Vitamix Return Policy

What is Vitamix’s Return Policy?

Customers in the US and Canada can take the product home for a 30-day free trial, use it for that time, and then return it for a full refund if they’re not happy with it.

The 30-day free at-home trial with a money-back guarantee is essentially a 30-day window during which you must return the goods if you are dissatisfied with them. You can use the Vitamix product during these 30 days, however, most other return policies won’t accept used goods as a return, which is the only way this differs from other return policies.

Within the 30-day trial period, if you decide to return the Vitamix product, you will receive a full refund and Vitamix will cover the expense of shipping so you don’t have to.

The return policy changes once the 30-day period has passed. If you return a Vitamix product after the 30-day period, a restocking fee will be subtracted from your refund. Additionally, you will be responsible for covering the cost of shipping the blender or other items back to Vitamix.

The original payment method will once again receive the refund.

After the initial 30-day period, anyone wishing to return a Vitamix product must first receive a Return Authorization number. This can be done by calling 1-800-848-2649 and choosing option 1.

A 15% restocking fee will be charged to the client for products returned 60 to 90 days after purchase. A 25% restocking fee is levied against the buyer from 91 days to 6 months following the sale. A restocking fee of 35% of the purchase price is levied against customers six to one year after the purchase.

After a year has elapsed since the product’s purchase date, Vitamix does not accept any product returns.

The return procedure for commercial use is a little different. Customers who purchased Vitamix products for use in a business setting must contact customer service at 1-800-4DRINK4.

According to Vitamix’s business return policy, goods returned to the company without authorization are not Vitamix’s responsibility.

The products must be authorized with a Return Authorization number in order for the return to be successful, the reimbursement to be issued, and the product to be accepted.

The Return Authorization number must be clearly visible on every shipment that contains returned goods. All items must be brand-new, unopened, and in their original packing or cartons. The return must also be made within 120 days of the original purchase. After 120 days, Vitamix does not accept returns.

Customers cannot return customized Vitamix products that were made to their specifications. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the client, who will also receive credit for any restocking fees that are less than 20% of the total purchase invoice.

However, the restocking fee will be reduced to 10% if a replacement is ordered at the same time as the return.

How To Return a Vitamix Product?

You must understand if you are a company or household customer in order to return a Vitamix product.

Prior to returning any items, home customers must get a Return Authorization number from Vitamix Customer Service. Once you have it, all you need to do is package up your Vitamix item together with the original packing slip or invoice, print a postage label, and send it back within a year after your purchase.

A return authorization number is required for business customers as well, however, there are additional requirements for business customers than there are for home users.

Business clients must guarantee that the Vitamix items are unused, in their original delivery carton or package. Returns must be made within 120 days of the original purchase.

Can You Return an Online Purchase to a Store?

No, you cannot return an internet purchase to a Vitamix shop since there are none. Although some stores sell Vitamix products, they won’t accept returns unless you made the purchase there.

How Strict is Vitamix’s Return Policy?

The return policy at Vitamix is really stringent. As an illustration, they prohibit returns without a return authorization number. They have very stringent restocking costs, deadlines, and requirements for both residential and commercial users.

The return policy for Vitamix does not offer much latitude or flexibility.

Vitamix Exchange Policy

There is no information about an exchange policy that is currently in effect that Vitamix is aware of.

Vitamix Refund Policy

Home buyers can get a complete refund from Vitamix within 30 days of their purchase. Restocking fees are deducted/credited to the customer in percentages after 30 days, so the refund is not entirely complete.

Does Vitamix Accept Returns Without a Receipt?

For a Vitamix return, a receipt is required, but the return authorization number is as crucial.

Does Vitamix Accept Returns After 30 Days?

For household sales, Vitamix accepts returns up to a year following the sale, and for business transactions, up to 120 days.

What Products Cannot Be Returned to Vitamix?

All products can be returned to Vitamix, but used goods cannot be returned by commercial customers. Used goods can be returned by home customers within the 30-day trial period.


Does Vitamix Give Full Refunds?

Within the first 30 days of the free at-home trial, Vitamix offers complete returns. Restocking fees are then subtracted from or credited.

Can I Return a Vitamix Product After Use?

Yes, used Vitamix blenders can be returned by home customers for a full refund within 30 days after purchase. After 30 days, neither business nor residential clients may return used goods.

How Long do Vitamix Refunds Take?

It may take two to four weeks for refunds to appear on the original payment method.


Overall, Vitamix has a fairly extensive return policy that applies to both residential and commercial users. Although their free trial offer appears to be a great deal, they have a stringent policy for both clients and have a 30-day full return policy.


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