Vitamin Shoppe Price Match Policy

One of the most well-known vitamin stores in the US is called Vitamin Shoppe. Although you might not be aware of it, the store has a price match policy that they stand by. We’ll explain the process of price matching at Vitamin Shoppe so you can learn more.

The price-matching and adjustment procedures of Vitamin Shoppe are described in this article.

Does The Vitamin Shoppe Offer a Price Match In-Store?

Yes. Price matching is available in-store at The Vitamin Shoppe. When you discover an identical product at a rival store and ask them to match the price, they will check the prices, see whether they qualify for the price match, and then do so.

Does The Vitamin Shoppe Offer a Price Match Online?

Yes. Online price matching is available from The Vitamin Shoppe. Before making a purchase at The Vitamin Shoppe, you can ask for a price match if you discover an identical product at a competitor for less money. Calling or chatting can be used to make the request.

Does The Vitamin Shoppe Have a Price Adjustment Policy?

No. On their website, the price adjustment policy is not made explicit. For instance, there isn’t any information provided regarding the price match policy if you buy something from their store.

To confirm it, I got in touch with their customer support.

They say as follows:

“No, we don’t have a policy for pricing adjustments.”

Price Match Criteria:

The Vitamin Shoppe has a price match policy, therefore the product for which you are requesting a price match must comply with certain standards. These are the standards:

  • The product you want to seek a price match for must be available at the rival retailer.
  • When seeking price matching, the product must be in stock at both The Vitamin Shoppe and the rival.

Price Match Process:

The technique to price match is often available in any store with a price matching policy. The price matching procedure at The Vitamin Shoppe is simple to understand, but you must be familiar with it. Knowing the procedure and its requirements will make it simple for you to ask for a price match. Here is how it works:

In-Store Process:

You can bring the advertisement as proof with you to The Vitamin Shoppe store and show them if you discover an eligible item on the competitor’s website or store.

If an item is eligible, they will price match it for you after checking the prices and items at the rival.
I got in touch with their customer support to ask how to ask for a price match in person.

Here is their response:

“You would need to show the shop clerk the cheaper item. Please be aware that we only match regular price ranges. We don’t match prices on clearance or sales items.

Online Process:

  • Visit their website and get in touch with them using Live Chat or their phone number to request the price match there.
  • Once you get in touch with them, mention the product name and the competitor’s URLs to them.
  • To access their live chat, click this link.
  • Their contact number is (866) 293-3367.

Once you get their phone number, you should be aware that they only have certain hours open. Knowing their chat and phone availability is crucial since if you call or chat with them at the wrong time, they’ll say they’re not available.

These are the hours they are available:

Continuity of service:

9:00 am–9:00 pm, Monday–Sunday ET


Vitamin Shoppe has various restrictions on price matching. This implies that they won’t price match a variety of goods or offers. You could find out what products the Vitamin Shoppe will price match if you are aware of the exclusions. The exclusions are as follows:

  • The price match does not apply to any third-party vendors, including those on the Walmart and Amazon marketplaces, eBay, and Jet.
  • The Vitamin Shoppe does not match promotional or special prices from rival stores.
  • The Vitamin Shoppe does not match Amazon’s Subscribe and Save pricing.

Price Adjustment Process:

I learned that there isn’t a price adjustment policy after getting in touch with their customer support. As a result, they do not change their prices once a customer buys something.

Vitamin Shoppe’s Price Matching Competitors List:

With regard to price matching, almost every retailer with such policies has a list of certain rivals. A list of rivals’ prices is available at the Vitamin Shoppe location. Therefore, if you want to ask them for a price match, be sure the competition is on the list. This is the list:

  • Supplement Store on Amazon
  • GNC
  • Healthy Vitamin
  • Vitacost
  • Foods Whole
  • Sprouts
  • Amazon (must be shipped and sold by Amazon)

Why is The Vitamin Shoppe popular?

They provide a large selection of goods in their store, including vitamins, supplements, and cosmetics, all at affordable costs.

You can choose from a selection of vitamin and supplement brands at The Vitamin Shoppe. Everything from vitamin D to vitamin B12, multivitamins for kids or adults, prenatal vitamins, and pet formulations are available. Additionally, they feature wholesome foods like flax seeds, which may lower blood cholesterol levels. You can also find Vitamin Shoppe price match products there.

Some Questions and Answers:

You learned about Vitamin Shoppe’s price-matching and adjustment practices in this article. But you might still have some inquiries, just like many other people. To learn more about this, consider the following queries and responses:

When was The Vitamin Shoppe founded?

In 1977, The Vitamin Shoppe was established.

How many stores The Vitamin Shoppe has?

785 locations serve as The Vitamin Shoppe.

Who is the founder of The Vitamin Shoppe?

The Vitamin Shoppe was started by Jeffrey J. Horowitz.

Summary of this Article:

I hope this post has given you a better understanding of how Vitamin Shoppe operates. Feel free to ask any further questions in the comments below, and we’ll respond to you as soon as we can. We appreciate you reading our blog post about Vitamin Shoppe’s price modification procedures.



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