UTK Canvas Login

The University of Tennessee Knoxville built the LMS portal known as UTK Canvas. We shall examine UTK zoom, myUTK, and UTK canvas in this article.

We will first go over how to log into the UTK Canvas site.

How to Login into UTK Canvas Portal?

Please follow the instructions listed below to log into the UTK Canvas portal. The login process is fairly straightforward and simple to grasp.

  • Use this link to go to the UTK official website: https://online.utk.edu

How to Login into UTK Canvas Portal?

  • Click on the Canvas logo to continue.

How to Login into UTK Canvas Portal?

  • Enter your Net Id here.
  • Enter your password now with care.
  • When you enter your Canvas gateway, you will see some customized color-coded cards, a To-Do list, and the most recent course feedback.
  • If you can’t find your course, hit the Courses icon to access a list of all available courses.
  • After choosing a course, you can access the textual and video course materials as well as the live lectures, which you can also download in PDF format.

We will now explore how to use the UTK Zoom meeting on your Canvas course after going over the login process.

How Can I Join UTK Zoom Meeting Via Canvas Course?

You can join the instructor’s lectures on the zoom platform as a student by going directly to UTK canvas.

Step 1: Authenticating the UTK Zoom Account

Open a new tab and type tennessee.zoom.us into your browser.

Authenticating the UTK Zoom Account

  • Now click the buttons to create or update an account.
  • If you are prompted to sign in using SSO, hit it. You can also choose “keep me signed in a box” if you choose.
  • Type Tennessee into the domain name field on the following page.
  • On the screen that appears, enter the UT NetID and password.
  • Now, use Duo – 2FA to authenticate it.
  • You can check out the video tutorials and take a tour of Zoom.

Step 2: Accessing the session of zoom via UTK Canvas

  • Go to the Canvas website for your course.
  • Click the Zoom button in the lesson.
  • On the dashboard in the UTK Canvas course menu, you may view the entire schedule for your zoom meetings.
  • It is advised to utilize your local time and verify the time zone of your Zoom conference. By selecting the pencil icon, you can modify the zone.
  • Once you have everything you need, you can hit the join icon to take part in the live lectures.

Step 3: Installing the Zoom App:

On Smartphone:

You can use your mobile device to watch the lectures if you don’t have access to a PC or are traveling. You can attend the lectures by hitting the join button after choosing your lectures when you download and install the Zoom software on your device.

On Computer:

If you are using a PC or laptop, you will be asked if you want to download the meeting app or join the meeting directly from the web. Depending on what you decide.

If the “download” option is the only one offered, you must choose where to save the files.

You can also choose to download and launch Zoom, which will trigger a new download to begin.

You can view the status of the download and the installation. You can begin participating in the meeting as soon as the installation is complete and the files have been successfully saved.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you won’t need to worry about the subsequent meeting because you may attend anyone with just the password.

The open Zoom meeting allows you to view any ongoing meetings that are planned for you.

MyUTK Portal

The gateway for students studying at Tennessee Knoxville is called My UTK. Students can handle the payment of tuition payments, access UTK Canvas, check their academic records and reports, register for classes, verify and update their schedules, and check their academic progress with the aid of this portal.

Use the URL at https://my.utk.edu to access and log into MyUTK. You must enter your netID and password to do so.

UTK NetId Details

Everyone at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville needs a NetID in order to access the UTK Canvas portal, regardless of whether they are faculty, staff, or students. They can all securely visit the site thanks to this id. There are a variety of applications, some of which may or may not require the NetID, depending on the university. Therefore, you must get in touch with your campus helpdesk to find out which applications require your NetId to be entered.

How to Find Your Net Id

If you’re unsure of where to receive your Net Id, you can look it up on your own in the online UT directory. On the directory’s top right page, you may see both your registered email address and your Net Id.

If, after being admitted, you are unable to find the UT directory online, don’t be afraid to attend to your campus assistance desk. In case you require assistance, they will direct you. If you can’t discover anything, it may be either hidden or unlisted as the gateway has the ability to keep the NetId concealed for security reasons.


So that’s everything there is to know about UTK Canvas, its login process, how to access zoom on the UTK Canvas portal using a mobile device or laptop, and how to find out what your NetId is. You can write to us if you need any more assistance with this portal, and we will do our best to assist you.


What is the official website of Canvas UTK?

Please visit https://online.utk.edu, the university’s official website.

What task can I perform with MyUTK Login?

With the aid of My UTK Login, you may complete a variety of actions, including checking the schedule, viewing due dates for assignments, using Zoom to study online during Zoom sessions, paying fees, reviewing your calendar, and, lastly, monitoring your academic progress.

Am I supposed to pay for using MyUTK Canvas?

No, students attending Canvas UTK can study there for free.

How to do Canvas UTK Login?

Please read the first section of this post for a detailed set of step-by-step instructions on how to log into Canvas at UTK.

Can I use Zoom UTK on my Apple iPhone?

Yes, you may use the Zoom UTK on Apple devices as well, either online or through the app’s installation.

What is UTK Canvas Help contact detail?

For any type of assistance at the University of Tennessee Canvas support, call 865.974.9900.

What’s the official UTK Zoom Login official web URL?

Please find the web address for the UTK Zoom meeting at https://tennessee.zoom.us/.

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