Tractor Supply Price Match

You will be interested in price matching if you have purchased anything from your favorite store just to find it elsewhere at a lower price.

We investigate the possibility of Tractor Supply price matching in 2022 and provide you with the most recent data on the possibility of price adjustment from this business.

Tractor Supply Price Match

Does Tractor Supply Price Match?

Yes, whether online or in a physical location, Tractor Supply will match any similar item to a competitor’s price within 30 days. This will not apply to used or refurbished products, as well as discounted, bundled, or rebated items.

If you previously bought the item, you can receive a price match by locating a Tractor Supply employee or by calling their Customer Solutions Center.

If you find a qualifying lower price within 30 days of your purchase, Tractor Supply will match it.

A competitor’s coupon is the greatest approach to demonstrate a qualifying lower price, but typically looking up the cheaper price on your phone will also be helpful.

Does Tractor Supply have a Price Adjustment Policy?

If you have the receipt and the transaction was made within 30 days of the date on the receipt, Tractor Supply will modify the price for you and issue the necessary refund.

If an item goes on sale within a certain time after you acquire it, a store may give you a cheaper price on the item. This is known as a price adjustment.

Who does Tractor Supply Co Price Match With

Tractor Supply matches local rivals’ prices. This implies that the rival must offer the same product and be nearby. The precise mileage is somewhat ambiguous, most likely as a result of varied regulations in bigger cities as opposed to smaller villages.

However, based on that, Tractor Supply will match prices from retailers like Walmart, Amazon, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Petco, and PetSmart as well as other stores where you can get pet food, animal bedding, outdoor power tools, fence, and other supplies.

If there is a lower online price than in-store, Tractor Supply will also match that price. You will need to present proof and make the request because they will not do this automatically.


Only identical products are matched by Tractor Supply. Other exclusions from their price matching policy are listed below:

  • items sold by independent merchants on sites like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc.
  • Products that are cheaper at Tractor Supply or a competitor because they are refurbished or used
  • Products with lower prices because they’re on sale or part of a liquidation
  • Products with lower prices because they are part of bundles, rebait offers, or are priced lower if financing is available
  • mistakes and typos in advertisements
  • products that are ordered specifically
  • goods acquired more than 30 days ago

Regarding the last issue, in particular, it is prudent to estimate 30 days because it is unknown if Tractor Supply changes its price matching policy during the winter holidays the same way it changes its return policy.

Additionally, Tractor Supply typically disallows customers to combine discounts and coupons. Therefore, if you receive a different discount on an item, such as a military discount, you cannot apply that discount to the item you are price matching.

Although they might not stack, the system will automatically choose the better offer.

Does Tractor Supply Price Match Amazon

Prices for items sold and shipped by Amazon will be matched by Tractor Supply. Additionally, the item must be the same and not be disqualified for the aforementioned reasons.

The main exception with Amazon is that any items sold by independent sellers are not covered by Tractor Supply’s price match policy.

Does Tractor Supply Price Match Home Depot

Typically, Tractor Supply will match Home Depot’s price. When it comes to fence and outdoor equipment, Tractor Supply is often regarded as having competition from Home Depot.

However, the item must be the same at both Tractor Supply and Home Depot, not be covered by any of the aforementioned exclusions, and in stock at both locations.

The Home Depot must be seen as local, as well. In other words, you cannot price match an item from another city or state.

Does Tractor Supply Price Match Walmart

Yes, Tractor Supply will match Walmart’s price as long as the products don’t fall under an exclusion.

When it comes to specific outdoor tools and equipment, pet food, and bedding, Walmart and Tractor Supply are rivals. As a result, Walmart’s prices can also be matched. The products, however, cannot be included on the exclusion list once more.

Walmart must be seen as local, much like Home Depot, and the products must be available at both locations. Similar to Amazon, the item must be sold and shipped by Walmart and not a third-party seller if you are price matching something from


In a nutshell, Tractor Supply will match prices.

They have a rather open-ended policy with plenty of potential for interpretation in either direction.

Being prepared with all of your research is key when price matching, as is being kind to the individual you are speaking with. This will provide you with the finest experience possible and the cheaper price you want.


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