Toys R Us Price Match

Under some conditions, Toys R Us will match pricing with rival retailers. Customers who made purchases from Toys R Us must file claims within 7 days of the transaction.

The details of the Toys R Us price match policy will be covered in more detail in the following paragraphs, along with advice on how prospective customers might best take advantage of it.

Customers should be aware that a price match occurs when a business issues a refund or lowers the price of a product to make up the difference when a rival is offering the same thing for less money.

When a shop reduces the price of a product to match a lower price it has previously offered for the same product or at another location, the price adjustment is taking place.

Toys R Us Price Match

Does Toys R Us Offer Price Adjustments in 2022?

On its Canadian company website as of 2022, Toys R Us offers price modifications. Although the American website does not make this assertion, the company’s policy might apply there as well.

When a client sees a Toys R Us product offered for less elsewhere (online, in-person, or in print), the local shop will adjust its price to match the cheaper price.

Exceptions & Rules

Exceptions & Rules

Gift cards or vouchers may occasionally be an exception to the price matching policy. Toys R Us does not exchange or issue refunds for items bought using gift cards or voucher points.

In order to use the price matching service, a client must physically visit their local Toys R Us store, according to the company’s price match policy. The two products that one is attempting to compare costs with must be identical, not from the same brand or a different one.

A “Canadian retailer” must be the source of the price that Toys R’ Us needs to match, and all customers seeking to file a price match claim must do so within seven days of their first purchase of the contested Toys R Us item.

When bringing any items in-store to request a price match or adjustment beginning in 2021, customers will be required to do so in accordance with U.S. and Canadian regulations while maintaining a social distance.

Additionally, customers should be aware that price matching policies do not apply when the quoted price from another business results from a special rate or offer like “buy one get one free,” “10% off,” or any other “today only” promotion. Black Friday and other holiday sales are also not taken into account when Toys R Us adjusts its pricing rules or matches prices.

Additionally, Toys R Us does not take into account goods that have been incorrectly priced as a result of typographical errors in matching pricing with other businesses or price changes made by Toys R Us. A price match offer does not apply to items that are discovered to be on discount in other retailers.

Due to extenuating circumstances that affect the immediate pricing of things, products that are packaged together, liquidation sales, and items purchased and reimbursed through rebates or coupons are not considered covered under Toys R’ Us’ price match or adjustment policy.

Finally, Toys R Us maintains the right to redeem or refund the price of an item purchased using a gift card. Even if this may seem overwhelming, shoppers should still go to their nearby Toys R’ Us to talk about possible substitutes or to ensure that their gift card refund will be honored.

All of these exclusions and guidelines also apply to the sister store of Toys R Us, called Babies R’ Us.

  1. The item must be similar in every way, including form, color, model information, etc.
  2. It is necessary to provide a copy or original proof of the lower price advertisement at the retailer’s store.
  3. The claim of the cheaper pricing is verified.
  4. Present with the device to display the product ad in the case of internet advertising. Mobile phones, tablets, computers, etc. are a few examples.
  5. An important consideration in the process of requesting a price match is stock availability.
  6. In circumstances where the purchase has already been made, a window of up to 14 days from the date of the transaction is applicable.
  7. At the designated Toys R Us stores, you must provide the original payment receipt for the item you purchased.

Note: You must present the required documentation when buying an item in-store. Therefore, you must go to your local Toys R Us shop to request the price match for that product.

Does Toys R’ Us Price Match Amazon?

The Canadian division of Toys R Us does not currently match Amazon prices. The company’s U.S. division is unsure about the issue, but the Canadian division forbids price matching with merchants that include companies like Costco, Amazon, or eBay.

Toys R’ Us asserts that it would be irrational to match these businesses’ prices because they either charge membership fees for discounts (like Costco) or sell their products through third parties (such as Amazon or eBay).

Due to either the price decrease that membership fees grant members or the fact that third-party merchants have very little control over the pricing of goods being offered on their platforms, Toys R,’ Us is unable to compete in the market.

Does Toys R’ Us Price Match Walmart?

Yes. As long as they are not third-party distributors or demand membership fees for bulk discounts, Toys R Us will now price match with any significant large box retailers. This would apply to retailers like Target, Best Buy, and Sears in addition to Walmart.

According to Toys R’ Us, this approach extends to internet pricing as well, allowing the business Babies R’ Us branch to compete with several online baby supply stores.

Customers will be pleased to learn that Toys R’ Us is still operating and that it now provides price adjustment and price matching deals, however, both policies have some restrictions. The items must be identical, not similar to one another, for the pricing to be taken into account, and customers must submit their price adjustment and/or match claims within seven days of the first purchase.

Pricing errors and special discounts are not taken into account, but Toys R’ Us will match internet rates as long as the rival businesses do not charge membership fees or are regarded as third-party distributors.

In order to create a secure and happy experience for both customers and employees, Toys R’ Us recommends shoppers to be very patient and clear when dealing with staff, as they may not fully comprehend the complexities of the new price match and adjustment policy.

Customers would be wise to use these policies while buying items for their newborns since they are applicable to both Toys R’ Us and Babies R’ Us.


Does Toys R Us offer a price match?

Yes, Toys R Us will match prices for its consumers.

What should I do for the Price match?

You must go to a Toys R Us location close by to request a price match on that item.

What is the time frame for applying price match?

Seven days after the date of purchase is the deadline for filing a claim.

Do they offer a price match on gift cards or vouchers?

Gift cards or vouchers may occasionally be an exception to the price matching policy.


For many decades, Toys R Us has made us happy. In addition to offering clients high-quality goods, they also offer price-matching procedures.

Tell us about your experience in the comments section below. Did they offer you this service, and were there any issues?


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