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Large tire retailer The Tire Kingdom is mostly found in the southern region of the country. They are renowned for their reasonable rates and have received accolades for them from publications like Consumer Reports, PC Magazine, and Tire Review on a national level. The Tire Kingdom sells products including tires, wheel alignment services, brakes, and other related things.

You may read more about Tire Kingdom’s price-matching and price-adjustment policies in this post.

Does the Tire Kingdom Offer a Price Match?

Yes. It matches the pricing of an identical set of tires at any US retailer. You would need to bring the local advertisement for that low price from any competitors if you wanted a price match.

Does the Tire Kingdom Offer a Price Match Online?

No. Only in-store are they price-matched.

But I contacted their customer service to get a confirmation.

They say as follows:

“A tire is needed to match the price. To each Tire Kingdom location, you must present a quote from a direct rival.

I enquired of them:

Does that imply that it only compares prices in-store?

They answered:

“That’s right, the match price process needs to be finished in-store.”

As a result, if you want to seek a price match online, you can’t because that is not permitted. However, you have to visit their shop to get that.

Do they offer a Price Adjustment Policy?

No. They don’t provide a price reduction. They confirmed it to me over the phone. They say as follows:

“We don’t have anything like a price adjustment program; tire prices basically fluctuate every day based on where you find them.”

Price Match Criteria:

They have several requirements, just as many other manufacturers offer price matching. Similar to Tire Kingdom, they have the following requirements for price matching:

  • The product must match in both quality and price.
  • In order to qualify for a price match, the items must not only be identified but also share the same brand, mileage rating, and speed rating as the Tire Kingdom because they are tires.

Price Match Process:

They have a straightforward price matching procedure, which was previously covered in this post. But here are some additional details on the pricing matching procedure:

  • You must visit their store with the most recent local ad or the written estimate because they do not price match online.
  • If your product qualifies, they will match the price for you.


The following are not permitted at the Tire Kingdom:

  • Online stores are not eligible for the price match.
  • Commercial accounts and fleet accounts are not accepted and are not eligible.
  • The Tire Kingdom would not match the financing or store card offers on price.

Also excluded from these promotions are:

  • bundle discounts
  • Free things

Items that are on sale, in clearance, or that are out of stock cannot be price matched.

Tire Kingdom video guide

Other Ways to Save Money on the Tire Kingdom:

They do not have a price adjustment policy. But if you want their products at a discount, Tire Kingdom has offers that you may take advantage of.

So what was their response when I asked how customers might save money with the Tire Kingdom?

They answered:

We have bargains, but not coupons per; instead, there is a section on our website dedicated to deals.

Tire Kingdom Competitors’ List for Price Matching:

The Tire Kingdom claims to match prices with any rivals if the goods are equivalent and readily available, despite the fact that they don’t have a precise list of rivals.

Their customer support responded as follows:

Regarding your inquiry, we can match prices on any set of tires, but just on tires for the services. All you would need to do is bring the quote from the competing store to one of our locations.

What the Tire Kingdom has to offer?

One of the biggest tyre retailers in the United States, The Tire Kingdom is predominantly located in the South. It joined the TBC Corporation as a subsidiary in the year 2000. For more than 50 years, The Tire Kingdom has sold tyres. The company offers a wide range of tyres for cars, light vehicles, trailers and boats, farm machinery, and more.

On its tyres, The Tire Kingdom offers warranties. Damage that occurs while you are driving your car is covered by this guarantee.

Their offerings include lifelong free rotation with purchase when purchased within 30 days following installation at the retail site, as well as roadside support service to aid you if your vehicle breaks down in a remote spot far from home and needs quick treatment. For a small cost, wheel alignment checks and tire rotation/balancing are available.

Tires from the Tire Kingdom have a number of advantages, including durable tread and excellent performance ratings that give you the best safety on the road for your car.

It is understandable why the Tire Kingdom is so well-known considering its 50 years of tire-selling experience.

Visit one of their outlets right away if you’re wanting to get new or used tyres for a reasonable price.

Some Questions and Answers:

You now know about Tire Kingdom’s regulations regarding price matching and adjustments. However, you can still have concerns. To learn more about this, consider the following queries and responses:

When was the Tire Kingdom founded?

In 1972, The Tire Kingdom was established.

Is the Tire Kingdom good for its tires?

For the calibre of its tyres, The Tire Kingdom has a solid reputation.

Summary of this Article:

The price match practices of Tire Kingdom have been discussed in this article. You can make you’re buying a lot easier if you are aware of and understand their restrictions. Please post your queries in the comments area below if you still have any.

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