Tiffany Co Return Policy

One of the most well-known and well-liked jewelry brands in the world, Tiffany & Co. has created enduring pop culture icons like its distinctive azure totes and the Audrey Hepburn movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

The brand Tiffany, as it is called, is renowned for its premium goods and top-notch customer support. Tiffany makes the process of returning a piece of jewelry very straightforward and easy.

You must be aware of the return policy prior to attempting to return an item since there are requirements that the product you wish to return must satisfy in order for you to properly return the item and obtain a refund.

Tiffany Co Return Policy

What is Tiffany & Co’s Return Policy?

Items from Tiffany can be returned as long as they are in sellable condition, are returned within 30 days of purchase, and are accompanied by proof of purchase.

Tiffany provides a straightforward return policy that is simple to understand and adhere to.

Return Deadline 30 Days
Return Method In-Store and Mail-In
Exchange Period 30 Days
Exchange Method In-Store
Refund Typically 2 Weeks
Refund Method Original Payment Method or Store Credit


Returns can be sent in or taken up at a Tiffany retail location. For mail-in returns, Tiffany offers free postage, and their website makes it simple to receive a shipping label.

Tiffany perfumes need to be in their original, untouched packaging with the water seal stickers, and they need to be in a state where they may be sold. Basically, for it to be accepted for a return and refund, you must not have opened the package, used the goods, or damaged the container in any way.

According to Tiffany’s return policy, personalized items cannot be returned for a refund or exchange.

All Tiffany products that have been etched, engraved, embossed, or otherwise modified fall under this category. No matter who did the personalization—a Tiffany employee or a freelancer—they won’t take the merchandise back.

Customers who request refunds have their purchases accepted.

Tiffany will provide a nonrefundable merchandise credit of the same value as the gift when the receiver wishes to return a gift. The gift receiver is given instructions on how to return and exchange presents from Tiffany.

When returning something to Tiffany, you must have your proof of purchase with you or include it. Tiffany will not accept returns without a sales or gift receipt.

Finally, the Tiffany return policy stipulates that buyers who visit retail locations to make a return will not receive cash refunds.

How To Return a Tiffany & Co Item?

You must choose whether to send the item to Tiffany or bring it in person and return it there before you may do so.

To return an item to Tiffany, just follow these easy instructions.

  1. Check to see if the item can be returned before continuing. This has major significance.
  2. The item should then be packaged and ready for shipping. Make sure to securely box it so that it won’t be harmed in transit.
  3. Your return shipping label is now required. A return shipping label is enclosed in every shipment of Tiffany items. You can print a return label from the Tiffany website or use that as the shipping return label.
  4. Check the shipping label to see if it is a FedEx or UPS shipping label once the shipment is prepared for shipping.
  5. Send the package off by bringing it to the business’ shipping address listed on the label.

Simply visit the Tiffany store of your choosing during regular business hours and inquire where their returns or customer care department is to make a return in person. Bring the appropriate item and the receipt as well, of course.

Can You Return an Online Purchase to the Store?

The packing slip, electronic/email receipt, or invoice that accompanied your order must be brought as identification when returning an online order to a retailer.

How Strict is the Tiffany & Co Return Policy?

Tiffany’s return policy is not overly onerous. Accepting returns within 30 days and only accepting undamaged, unopened, and saleable items are very normal.

The only requirement is that you send your return within 30 days of the purchase because Tiffany makes it incredibly simple for customers to return unwanted things.

Tiffany & Co Exchange Policy

Items must be in saleable condition, unworn, undamaged, and unmodified, and exchanged within 30 days after the original purchase according to Tiffany’s exchange policy, which is the same as their return policy.

Tiffany & Co Refund Policy

If the returned item is accepted and the client initially paid for the item, Tiffany will provide a refund to the consumer. In-store cash refunds are not available. Customers with gift receipts will not be eligible for a refund; instead, they will get a nonrefundable merchandise credit that can be applied at Tiffany.

Does Tiffany & Co Take Returns Without a Receipt?

No, receipt, gift receipt, or invoice serving as proof of purchase is required for all returns and exchanges. Without a receipt, a return or exchange will not be accepted.

Does Tiffany & Co Accept Returns After 30 days?

After 30 days, Tiffany does not accept returns. Regardless of whether the purchase was made online, in-store, or as a gift, their return policy is extremely clear that all exchanges and returns must take place within 30 days of the original purchase.

What Items Cannot be Returned to Tiffany & Co?

Items that have been used, personalized, altered, or damaged are not eligible for return. We accept any goods that meet the requirements for a return.


Does Tiffany & Co Give Full Refunds?

Yes, Tiffany will issue a complete refund for all acceptable returns that meet the criteria.

Can I Return Tiffany & Co Products After Wearing Them?

Tiffany will not accept any products that have been used, worn, damaged, or altered, therefore it is likely that if an item has wear, Tiffany won’t accept it back.

How Long do Tiffany & Co Refunds Take?

Refunds from Tiffany often appear on the original payment method by the following statement, which might take anywhere between 2 and 4 weeks, depending on the payment method.


Generally speaking, Tiffany creates exquisite goods that are free of charge to return or exchange. Make sure to return or exchange your qualifying items within 30 days to be in compliance.


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