The Home Depot Price Match

The Home Depot has one of the kindest price matching policies in the cutthroat industry of home improvement retailing. The business will match any other retailer’s physical store or online website’s lower total purchase price for an identical in-stock item.

There are a few exceptions, though.

This article describes how The Home Depot’s price adjustment and match policies operate and how to take advantage of them.

Does Home Depot Price Match its Competitors?

Yes. It is in line with the purchase price and shipping charges. You must bring the advertisement with the lower price or a picture of the item to Home Depot in order for them to verify and price match the item for you.

Does Home Depot Offer a Price Match Online?

Yes. Home Depot matches the prices of its rivals both in-person and online. They do, however, honor direct requests for price matching (more on this later in the article).

Does Home Depot Offer a Price Adjustment Policy?

Yes. A price adjustment policy is provided. You will receive a refund for the price difference if you buy an item from The Home Depot and it is later reduced in price there or at a competitor’s website. You will learn more about pricing modifications in the next sections of this article.

Price Match Criteria:

For price matching, Home Depot has specific requirements. These conditions must be met:

  • Make sure the item is identical and that it is the same model, color, and size in order to qualify for the price match. To put it another way, it has to be the same thing.
  • At their rival’s store or online, the item must be available for shipping to the customer’s location.

Price Match Process:

Although Home Depot’s price matching procedure is straightforward, you still need to know how to do it. The procedure to price match is as follows:

For In-Store:

Bring the advertisement, printout, or photo of the advertisement to the competitor’s store after discovering it is being sold for less there, and they will record your request for validation. If the product qualifies, it will match the price.

For Online:

The price and shipping charges for the item are covered by The Home Depot’s price match promise. An item must be able to be shipped to the customer’s location from the competitor’s store in order to be eligible.


The Home Depot prohibits price matching on a number of items due to certain promotions. You might be curious about some of these exclusions, which are listed below:

  • Make sure the things you wish to price match aren’t on sale, out of stock, or obsolete.
  • Customized or configured items are not eligible for price matching.
  • The items from third parties or at a discount are likewise ineligible for price matching.
  • Items from the auction and items from rival bidders are also excluded.
  • Items with professional service prices set by competitors are excluded, as are labor costs and installation fees.
  • Additionally banned are offers for credit or financing.
  • The following items are also not eligible for price matching:
  1. typographical mistakes
  2. Misprints.

Also excluded from price matching are things in open boxes or refurbished goods.

Price Adjustment Process:

We also spoke with their customer care a number of times to better grasp the pricing adjustment process, which is pretty different. Now that I know how the price adjustment operates, let me give you the following explanation:

Aside from what they already do, which is identical to what the majority of other manufacturers do, they also take printouts or advertisements and visit their stores to alter prices. Several things I discovered are new, including:

The time between price adjustments varies depending on the product. For instance, one product’s price adjustment period is 60 days, while another’s could be 90 days.

This is advantageous since you can ask for a price adjustment and are therefore considerably less anxious if the term is extended. Therefore, if the price drops within a certain period of time, you can request a refund by presenting them with proof in-person or online and providing the relevant link.

Price Adjustment Request Online: (Explained)

“We will only honor requests submitted directly from the person who made the purchase,” the company states in its price adjustment policy.

I asked their customer care to explain this line because it doesn’t explain very much.

What they responded was:

Therefore, if you bought something and it was later on sale at Home Depot or another legitimate competitor within the return period, you would need to get in touch with us to negotiate a refund based on the legitimate price match. No one else could make the request on your behalf.

That clears it up, then. They imply that you must make a direct request for a price modification. That cannot be done on your behalf by someone else.

Price Adjustment of The Home Depot

I discovered this via their customer support. So here’s another query I posed to them:

Where can I check the price match? The Low Price Guarantee seems like a price adjustment, right?

How many days may the same customer ask for a price adjustment if, for instance, they buy something from Home Depot and then the identical item goes on sale

What they responded was this:

“Yes, it is the correct response. Your allotted days will coincide with the days for the return. You are still inside the returnable days so you can call for an adjustment if you order anything today with a 90-day return policy and the price drops in 45 days.

You may already be aware of how its price adjustment works.

The Home Depot video guide

Price Matching Competitors at The Home Depot:

There is no specific list of competitors for The Home Depot. This has been verified by their customer care representatives.

This is what I inquired:

“One more thing, would you mind telling me who your price match competitors are at Home Depot, like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc., or any others?”

That’s when they responded:

Absolutely true. Sorry, but we don’t have a precise list. We would be pleased to investigate any rival.

Some Questions and Answers:

You learned about The Home Depot’s price adjustment and price match policies in this post. But you might still have some questions, just like the majority of individuals. To further assist you, consider the following inquiries and responses:

When was The Home Depot Founded?

In 1978, The Home Depot was established. The corporation has an Atlanta mailing address although its main office is in Cobb County, Georgia.

What does Home Depot offer?

The Home Depot provides a wide range of products for home remodeling, including building equipment and materials, lumber, building supplies like drywall or roof shingles, and plumbing, heating, and electrical products. Additionally, it provides services like project installation and home delivery.

Summary of this Article:

You learned about The Home Depot’s price-matching and adjustment procedures in this article. You can shop with ease if you are aware of these policies because you won’t have to worry about getting overcharged or having your purchase later changed. Our team of subject matter experts is available to assist you if you have any questions, so feel free to post them in the comments section below.


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