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 Tesco is the second largest grocery retailer in the world. It was established in 1909 in the UK. Today, the store operates a network spread across the whole UK and has more than 6500 stores. It sells its products throughout the rest of the world, including across North America, 12 different Asian countries, as well as Entire Europe. The store also offers its own clothes accessories mobile items, as well as Tesco Bank.

If you’re a client of Tesco or have ever been to Tesco at all, the business would like to know about your experience and reactions after purchasing particular products or services from their stores. They are always looking for comments from customers to ensure that they can enhance their service to be more effective and pleasing.There are a few questions you can ask to help improve your experience for instance, how much did you feel about the customer service of the shop? What do you think of your satisfaction with the items? Are these products offered at an affordable price? There are many more issues that you must answer with sincerity. They also want to know if you are going to be visiting Tesco at some point in the near future with family members or friends.

Customer Satisfaction Survey at tescoviews.com

To answer all of the questions, and to collect information from the customers, Tesco has its own online survey, called Tesco survey, also known as Tesco Views Survey, which is available on www.TescoViews.com. The TESCO Customer Satisfaction survey is an opportunity to create an atmosphere of excitement in the customers and also the store in order to collect and provide feedback on the products and services.

The information gathered is used to analyze the positive and negative feedback from customers, which can then be addressed. It is Tesco customers’ satisfaction survey is a brief, easy online survey comprised of a few questions about their services. It takes hardly 10-15 minutes to complete. Additionally, they will give you 25 Clubcard points to reward you for taking part. The survey also offers the possibility of winning the PS1,000 Tesco Gift Card.

Rules to Take Tesco Survey at www.tescoviews.com

To participate in the Tesco Views survey one must know the rules set forth for Tesco Retailers. Tesco retail store.

  • The person who is conducting this Tesco poll should be a British (or Legal Resident) in the UK.
  • The minimum required age for the survey is 18 years old or greater.
  • Personal information will be disclosed.
  • One entry is permitted for one individual only per month, for each mailing, and on the basis of his email address.
  • The prizes won cannot be exchanged or converted into cash.
  • The lucky winners of the Clubcard’s points will be announced each month.
  • The person who is taking the survey is not an employee or member of the staff at the company, and no of his family members can take this survey.

Requirements to Take Tesco Customer Survey at www.tescoviews.com feedback

  • A device that has a high-speed internet connection can be used by mobile phones, computers,s or laptops.
  • A TESCO invoice from an authentic purchase comes with the survey invite.
  • A sufficient understanding of English to be able to comprehend the questions.
  • aged 18 or older and a legal resident legally the resident UK.

The Tesco Survey of Views on www.tescoviews.com is only to enhance the shopping experience in the future to ensure that customers at Tesco stores do not leave negative feedback about their products and services. The opinions and feedback of customers are extremely valuable to them and should be properly answered. To help you, we’ve provided the complete guideline below in simple steps that will allow you to complete this survey quickly and easily.

Steps to Take Tesco Survey at www.tescoviews.com

Here are the essential steps to follow the Tesco customer satisfaction survey.


  • Once the site is loading, you must input a four-digit code into the provided box on the receipt.
  • Select the Enter option after entering the code to start the survey.
  • The next step is to select the date you will be visiting.


  • You can evaluate your answer by assessing your satisfaction with the provided questions based on diverse aspects like their services, variety of products, cleanliness the quality of their food, the stock and staff behavior, the surroundings, etc.


  • After you have finished and are satisfied, you can assess the overall reaction and experience of your visit.


  • At the end of the day, prior to giving your feedback on Tesco Views Survey, you must share your personal details with them in order to ensure that you are eligible to be entered into the Tesco Survey Sweepstakes competition for the lucky winners.


  • When you’re done, hit”Submit.
  • In the next few minutes, you will get an email telling you that you’ve been entered into the chance to get a PS1000 gift certificate and a chance to earn 25 points from Clubcard.

TescoViews Survey – Tesco Survey Club Points

Tesco grocery stores offer PS1,000 as Gift Cards to those who participated involved in the sweepstakes, taking part in the Tesco Customers Satisfaction Survey. After you have completed the Tesco Customer Satisfaction Survey is completed by a customer, customers are eligible to win 25 Clubcard points and Tesco sweepstakes in order to take home PS1000 as a gift card.

Tesco Feedback Survey Contact Details

If you need more information from Tesco they have a number of customer support numbers through which you can get in touch with them via phone to find out more information about their rewards and surveys. Below we have provided the contact numbers of Tesco for you and you are welcome to reach them.

Tesco Contact Information

  • Tesco Technical Support Number is: 0330 123 4055

Tesco Customer Service Number is: 0800 50 5555


In this comprehensive article, the information for Tesco Customer Satisfaction Survey is explained in depth. If you have any questions or want to know more information, please contact customer service or leave a message in the comment box below. 

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