Target Price Match Policy

In the era of internet shopping, it’s becoming more and more common for retailers to match the prices of their rivals. One such shop,, provides their consumers with this service, but how kind are they? You are interested in learning a lot of stuff about Read this article to find out!

Does Target have Price Match Policy?

Yes. We will go over Target’s price-matching policy in more detail below. Bring proof, and they will price match for you if you find an item at a Target store and later discover it for less on or one of its online rivals.

Does Target Offer Price Adjustment Policy?

Yes. Target will make a price adjustment for you if, after you purchase an item in-store or online, the price drops at Target or at a few select competitors within 14 days of your purchase.

Price Match Criteria:

Target has criteria for price matching, just like every business, and if you learn them, it gets a little bit simpler and you won’t spend your time:

  • The first thing to check is that the item’s pricing should still be valid when your price matches it. Target maintains the right to confirm the accuracy of the quoted price and the availability of the product by the competition.
  • Target will match prices at other Target locations and online at
  • Imagine that a product’s price is lower on a competitor’s website. If so, the customer must provide a current receipt or order confirmation number to verify the date of the initial purchase in order for the price to be matched.
  • The product on must match the product purchased at Target in terms of both style and size.
  • Target prices its stores in the following way: Target in-store prices match prices, and vice versa. Target in-store would not, however, match prices at other Target locations.
  • Make sure the app is displaying the pricing from that store’s location if you are using the Target app for price matching.

Price Match Process at Target:

These methods are useful if you’re trying to price match at Target:

  • To prove a price match for the item, you need to produce proof of purchase, such as the date the item was ordered.
  • It is necessary to compare the precise item in order for Target’s price match policy to be effective (brand name, size, color, etc.).
  • Price matching is available both in-person and online at
  • When you submit a price match request within 14 days of making a purchase at Target or a few select competitors, the price match must be legitimate.


You must be aware that there are several exclusions from price matching at Target stores and

  • For the purpose of price matching, Target will not accept manufacturer’s coupons, discounts, or promotions.
  • Target won’t match prices on items that are in clearance, on sale (including on, reconditioned, in limited supply, with coupons or gift cards, or that are only available online.
  • Target doesn’t match prices when there are pricing issues. Other than that, exclusions include certain discounts like Amazon Prime or Amazon Fresh Exclusive offerings.
  • Also prohibited are prepaid gift cards and Target GiftCards.
  • The products sold on marketplaces by independent vendors are also excluded.

Target Price Adjustment Process:

Price modification at Target is easy. Within 14 days of your purchase, if you discover the same item for less at Target or, you must take the following action:

  • You must bring a receipt showing the date of purchase if you discover that an item you bought from Target was cheaper within 14 days of your purchase. They will change the pricing and give you a price difference refund.
  • It’s not essential to return to the store where you originally bought the item because someone at Target can price adjust for you on any retailer.
  • Call’s Guest Services at 1-800-591-3869 if you have already made a purchase there.

Target Competitors’ List:

The list of Target’s rivals that are subject to the price match is provided below:


So make sure these are from the list above if you want to price match any item at Target. You cannot match that item’s pricing on if they are not.

Some Questions and Answers:

You now know that Target Stores and have policies regarding price matching and adjustments. The good news is that their price match policy is clear-cut. But given that you could still have inquiries, here are some queries and responses:

Can you price match Target gift cards?

At Target stores or on, gift cards cannot be price-matched. Additionally, does not allow price matching on any marketplace items sold by independent merchants.

Are the clearance items included in the price match?

Items that are already out-of-stock in stores or on cannot have their prices matched. For the purpose of price matching, Target will not accept any manufacturer’s coupons, discounts, or promotions (for example – Black Friday Deals). Additionally, you must wait 14 days after the date of purchase at a Target store or online before asking for a price adjustment.

What are’s exclusions?

Target will not match prices on items that are in clearance, on sale (including on, reconditioned, in limited supply, with coupons, gift cards, or with online-only discounts and promotions.

Other instances of exclusions are market goods and independent vendors.

Summary of this article:

Although the price match and adjustment policy may be a little challenging to understand, you now have all the knowledge you require. Please leave any more comments or questions concerning Target pricing if there is anything we missed in this article.

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