Take Stop & Shop Survey – Win $500 gift card

Have you ever heard of the Stop and Shop study?

I believe you are aware of Stop & Shop! But are you aware of it?

Let’s learn a little bit more about this and the survey we’re discussing.

A supermarket chain called Stop & Shop is primarily found in the northeastern states of the US. Their company began in 1892 as a grocery store, and since then, it has grown significantly.

They became a sister chain of Giant Food Stores after their chain was purchased by a Dutch supermarket chain called Ahold in 1995. They amalgamated with the Delhaize group on July 24, 2016, and the resulting business was known as Ahold Delhaize.

There are currently more than 400 of them in the US, and more are opening. They are known to offer a wide range of services, including bakery, grocery, flour, deli, seafood, produce, meats, and pharmacy.

Visit their supermarket online at www.talktostopandshop.com to learn more about them. On their website, they provide pickup, delivery, and in-store service.

With this service, they hope to raise the level of quality they offer while also learning more about what customers want when they go to a store.

They will be able to obtain such information through this survey, in their own words. Such a technique is a fantastic strategy to draw in new clients as well.

About TalkTostopAndShop

They use TalkToStopAndShop as a customer survey portal to quickly obtain input from customers so they can figure out how to make their shopping experience better. A $500 Stop & Shop gift card that may be used at any Stop & Shop in the US will also be given away in 1 of 10 random draws at the same time. You can quickly access this website by going to www.talktostopandshop.con.

The majority of the survey’s questions will concern the customer’s contentment, the behavior of the staff, their experience at the supermarket, and their likelihood of returning in the future for their needs. You only need to obtain a recent grocery purchase receipt in order to participate in this survey online, which is free of charge.

TalkToStopandShop Survey Details

Sweepstakes Reward $500 Gift Card
Location US states of Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island
Age Limit 18 years or above
Prize Limit One per household
Entry Limit 5 entries per person per entry period
Purchase Requirement No
Entry Method Online, Mail-in
Survey Website www.talktostopandshop.com

TalkToStopandShop Survey Rules

The requirements to participate in the TalkToStopAndShop survey are largely the same as those for surveys conducted by retailers and supermarkets. Make sure you’ve been to the store previously so you can learn more. The following conditions are listed on talktostopandshop.com:

  • The survey taker must be older than 18 years old.
  • The respondent to the survey must have shopped at a Stop & Shop nearby.
  • The states of Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, or Rhode Island must be their home state.
  • They are not permitted to participate in the survey if they are an officer, manager, director, or employee of the sponsor or the business, or if they are one of those individuals’ immediate families.
  • They are ineligible to take part in the poll if they are an affiliate, dealer, linked business, advertising or promotion agency, consultant, etc.

Three entry periods—in the months of August, September, and October—will be followed by the rejection of all entries. The entries must be received on or before August 8, September 8, and October 9 for the corresponding months. The drawing date for that month will be somewhere in the middle of the following month.

How to Take Stop & Shop Survey  

The survey has two entry options. You can either mail them or complete the process online (at www.stopandshop.com) utilizing the website gateway (AMOE). The steps for both are described below.

Take Stop & Shop Survey Online

  • Visit www.talktostopandshop.com to access the survey.

Take Stop & Shop Survey Online

  • This will direct you to a different URL that leads to the survey page. The website might outline what you’ll have to do. But we’ll also make that clear here.
  • Bring your receipt with you in case you need to use the 20-digit PIN on it.
  • On the page, you just opened, enter the 20-digit PIN. Expected outcome

Take Stop & Shop Survey Online

  • This sweepstakes entry must be submitted within five days of the purchase date to be valid.
  • After entering the PIN, the survey will begin, and you will also be asked for general contact information, such as your email address, phone number, name, and address.

Take Stop & Shop Survey Online

  • As you feel, respond to the question, and make an effort to be completely truthful.
  • Now you have a chance to be one of the ten lucky draw winners.

Take Stop & Shop Survey Offline

  1. You can use this technique to join the fortunate draw even if you don’t have a purchase slip or don’t make any purchases at all.
  2. To send it to them, get a 3″ x 5″ card.
  3. Your name, street address, zip code, city, and phone number should be typed or handwritten. Birthdate, email address, etc.
  4. Send this card by mail to the location listed below.
  5. Customer satisfaction survey for Stop & Shop in-stores, PO Box 456, Newark, NY 14513.
  6. To ensure that your entry remains valid, send the mail with a postmark made before the “Entry date” expires.
  7. Each envelope is treated as a separate entry, so if you’d like, you can invite any family members above the age of 18 to participate. Make sure that the same person does not apply more than once to avoid rejection.
  8. False information must not be entered; otherwise, it will be treated as an invalid entry.

A family can only have one winner in the lucky draw.

Stop & Shop Contact Information

Toll-free customer service number to contact for help with any problem:

  • Phone: 1-800-767-777

Stop & Shop Official Website: CLICK HERE
Stop & Shop Survey Privacy Policy: CLICK HERE

Stop & Shop Facebook: CLICK HERE
Stop & Shop Twitter: CLICK HERE
Stop & Shop Instagram: CLICK HERE


This in-store survey offers a great chance to test your luck. It doesn’t take up a lot of your time and is completely free. A $500 gift card will be waiting for you at the shop if you are successful in winning. By learning more about how customers view the store and what they want from them, this survey not only helps you but also the business to develop and improve.


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