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MySlice Syracuse – Syracuse University created the Myslice portal. The students can get assistance via this portal in a variety of areas, including academic, administrative, financial, employment-related, and more.

In this post, we’ll examine this portal in greater detail.

Students can complete a variety of functions by logging onto the student intranet using the MySlice portal, including enrolling in classes, reviewing their grades and reports, paying their bursar’s bill, and choosing the type of accommodation and food. We’ll go through how to access SUmails, Blackboard, SUshare, and other crucial resources on the student intranet, as well as how to log into MySlice.

How do Login into your MySlice Account?

  • Use this URL to access the official website:

How to Login into MySlice Account?

  • Select the button that is available on this page for students, faculty, and staff.

How to Login into MySlice Account?

  • The Microsoft Outlook sign-in screen will be displayed to you.
  • Type your message in the box given by Syracuse University.
  • Tap the next button after that.
  • Your password must be entered here.
  • Finally, to access your account, tap the sign-in button.
  • You might be required to do that if 2FA is not enabled.

If you are a new student at Syracuse University, you must first activate your account before proceeding with the steps for logging into Syracuse MySlice.

How to Activate Syracuse University MySlice Account

You must have your NetID activated in order to access Syracuse University’s my slice and blackboard features. You must both create a password and activate NetID before you can proceed. You must also set up an account recovery mechanism at this time, which will come in extremely handy if you ever lose your login information.

You might be wondering what a NetID is, and to answer that, a NetID is a special identifying number that each student at Syracuse University has. It is open to all faculty, staff, and students. Your first name and last initials are typically combined to create this Unique Identification, though it may also contain digits.

For the sake of protecting the information on their accounts, each user must change their password at least once a year.

The password has an expiration date, and 30 days before that date, you will receive an email in your SU emails asking you to change it. Before it expires, you must take the necessary steps; otherwise, you risk losing access to functions that require your NetId and password.

In order to access more functions on the portal, please activate your NetID as soon as possible if you haven’t already.

Go to the option – Activate your NetID, then click the link to access

Syracuse University Login Portal

For the purpose of activation, a SUID number must be provided. Please keep in mind your password after completing this process since you will need to enter this Net Id and the password linked with it to access a number of other Myslice portal features.

How to Login into MySlice Account?

You might be wondering where to find this SUID number, and the answer is in your email or in the letter you received when you applied for admission. This information will also be on your SUID card if you applied for any financial aid.

You will receive news that your application details have been uploaded to the servers by the admissions team as well as the SUID needed to access the portal. If for whatever reason you haven’t gotten your SUID and need assistance from the help desk to get it back, please send an email describing your situation to To make it easier for the retriever to find your SUID in the vast database, be sure to include your full name and birthdate.

Note that only students have access to this feature for retrieving SUID numbers.

What is the SUMail Service?

Another service offered by the university is SUMail, which runs entirely on Microsoft’s cloud platform.

The email address for SUMail will be netted, and your NetId password will also be used to access the email service. Let’s use an example: would be your SUMail Id if your Net Id is XYZJohny.

After two working days, if you are a new student at the university, you will be given an official email address. However, there are a few requirements: you must have turned in your admission acceptance form to the office, paid your tuition or a deposit, and have been verified as an enrolled student in their records.

After submitting their registration, local students receive their login or email within a day.

All students are required to regularly check this email because the university will send crucial notifications to this address. Students can obtain information about any scheduled maintenance, downtime, events, holidays, or other notices. Consequently, make a point of checking it frequently.

Syracuse University Blackboard

Blackboard Learning Management is a service provided by Syracuse University to all students who wish to pursue online education.

Syracuse University Blackboard

The student’s account is automatically created as they finish the Blackboard course registration process. The student is successfully enrolled in the desired course at the conclusion of this procedure. With your My Slice NetID and password, students can simply access Blackboard. Using the same login information is simple.

When students log into Blackboard, they can see all the courses. All of the courses will be made accessible to students who are utilizing Blackboard by instructors.


Therefore, it was all about his account on My Slice Syracuse and Blackboard in Syracuse. If you carefully follow the guidelines, your entire procedure will be trouble-free and easy. However, if you are still having problems with the steps, please try commenting below or talking to someone about them. You will eventually discover a solution.


How can I log in to my Syracuse Email?

  • Please open this webpage at
  • Please select Student-Faculty-Staff after that.
  • After that, Microsoft Outlook’s Sign In screen will be displayed.
  • The Syracuse Email address provided by the university must now be typed.
  • You can click Next once the Syracuse Email Login has been successful.
  • The Syracuse University Email password must now be entered.
  • The official Syr Email account can now be accessed by signing in.

What is the official Syracuse University Email support?

Please contact if you need assistance with the Myslice Login, Syracuse University Blackboard, or any other technological concerns.

I am facing issues with the Blackboard Syracuse Email.

Inform Syracuse University’s IT services division if you are unable to access the Su Email. You may reach this person at 315.443.2677.

What is the mailbox size of Su Mail?

You can receive a mailbox capacity of up to 100 GBs with Su Email Login. This Sumail Syr memory can be utilized for academic research, as well as for sharing and corresponding with university professors. Use the official website address Sumail.Syr.Edu to access your mail.

Is my My Slice Login secure if I use my mobile phone?

Your Myslice Student Login enables a secure login for you. With your Syracuse login information, you can access Blackboard, the Syracuse Application Portal, and anything else.

How to set up my Sumail Login?

Please visit to set up your Syracuse University login email, and then sign up for SUMail with your NetID. You can now select the “Additional services” option, which will then give you the choice to “Sign Up for SuMail.” Go ahead and click it.

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