Sweaty Betty Return Policy

Activewear company Sweaty Betty is well-known for its clothes that are made to flatter and empower women. They provide top-notch goods including workout leggings made of cotton with four-way stretch and moisture-wicking technology.

Active women who desire high-quality, comfortable apparel find their leggings to be highly popular because they are made to mould the wearer’s body and the fabric is not see-through.

Despite all of Sweaty Betty’s products’ wonderful qualities, a customer may occasionally need to return one or more items. Fortunately, Sweaty Betty offers excellent return policies!

Sweaty Betty Return Policy

What is Sweaty Betty’s Return Policy?

Sweaty Betty has a very straightforward and uncomplicated return policy. Within 45 days of the product’s delivery date, Sweaty Betty will accept returns of the item.

Return Deadline 45 Days
Return Method Mail-In
Exchange Period 45 Days
Exchange Method Mail-In
Refund Period Within 5 Business Days
Refund Method Original Payment Method


Not all things will be accepted by Sweaty Betty. The products being returned must adhere to specific conditions, including the state they are in. All products being returned by a client must be flawless and show absolutely no indications of wear.

Any items returned to Sweaty Betty that are discovered to be used, harmed, or imperfect will not be eligible for a refund.

Included with the package and the return form must be a copy of the receipt as evidence of purchase. Once Sweaty Betty receives the item, a returns form is required in order to process the return. The return form must be fully completed and shipped with the returned items in order for a return to be processed.

All orders returned within the United States are eligible for free return shipping from Sweaty Betty, although the company advises keeping the proof of postage for your records.

You will receive your full refund within 5 business days once Sweaty Betty acknowledges the returned item. It’s crucial to keep in mind that the deadline is five business days after Sweaty Betty receives the returned item, not five business days after the return shipment.

Last but not least, Sweaty Betty features products offered by independent merchants with their own costs and return policies. At a store that carries Sweaty Betty products, you cannot return items you bought from them online. Products from Sweaty Betty cannot be mailed back to the company after being acquired from an independent merchant.

How To Return Sweaty Betty Items?

Unless the product was purchased via a private merchant with its own return procedures, all returns to Sweaty Betty are handled online. The steps listed below should be followed to complete a return for Sweaty Betty.

  1. Complete the return form that was included with the first order. This has major significance. You can print and complete a new return form from the Sweaty Betty website.
  2. Register your return by going to the “Online Returns Portal” on the Sweaty Betty website.
  3. Choose a USPS drop-off location.
  4. Download the mobile QR code, which doesn’t need a printer or the pre-paid shipping label.
  5. Make sure the package is sealed, then package the products with the return form and the receipt.
  6. Take the box to the USPS drop-off location and finish the shipping procedure there.

To ensure that your return is approved, you must send the items back within 45 days of the delivery date.

Can You Return an Online Purchase in Store?

Since Sweaty Betty doesn’t currently have any storefronts, you cannot return an online purchase there. Products from independent retailers that were purchased through Sweaty Betty must be returned to that store in accordance with their return policies; they cannot be sent to Sweaty Betty.

Independent stores are also unable to accept returns of Sweaty Betty products.

How Strict is the Sweaty Betty Return Policy?

The return policy for Sweaty Betty is not very stringent. The company gives its consumers 45 days to determine whether they want to keep or return the things, which is plenty of time.

They offer pre-paid mailing labels and simple return instructions that may be completed online by the consumer. Their standards for the condition of returned items are also quite reasonable.

Overall, Sweaty Betty’s return policy is pretty ordinary and does not impose any restrictions on its consumers.

Sweaty Betty Exchange Policy

For items that were given as gifts and included a gift receipt, Sweaty Betty offers an exchange policy. Customers can exchange gifts for other items of equal or lesser value or Sweaty Betty gift cards within 45 days of receiving them.

Customers must contact Sweaty Betty’s customer service staff to finish the exchange process.

Sweaty Betty Refund Policy

If merchandise is returned to Sweaty Betty within 45 days after delivery and is in pristine condition, the purchaser will receive a full refund. Within five business days, the refund will be applied to the original payment method.

Does Sweaty Betty Take Returns Without a Receipt?

No, Sweaty Betty’s return policy is quite explicit that the consumer must include evidence of purchase with the return in order for the return to be processed and for the customer to receive a refund.

Does Sweaty Betty Accept Returns After 30 Days?

Yes, up to 45 days after the customer received their order, Sweaty Betty welcomes returns. After 45 days, they don’t accept exchanges or returns.

What Items Cannot be Returned to Sweaty Betty?

Items that are not in flawless condition cannot be returned, and the purchaser won’t get a refund.


Does Sweaty Betty Give Full Refunds?

Yes, Sweaty Betty offers free pre-paid shipping on all legitimate returns in addition to a complete refund.

Can I Return Sweaty Betty products After Wear/Use?

If the item has been used or worn and is not in perfect condition, Sweaty Betty will not take it because they do not accept any things that are not in perfect condition.

How Long Do Sweaty Betty Refunds Take?

Five business days after Sweaty Betty receives the returned item, the refund will be processed and transferred back to the original payment method.


Sweaty Betty features a standard return policy with few restrictions or exceptions. You will receive a refund as long as the goods are in great condition and returned within 45 days!


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