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The American master partnership company TellSunoco was established in 1886. In its current capacity as a distributor of motor fuels, it has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Over 7300 gas stations with the Sunoco brand are managed by outside investors, and Energy Transfer Partners is in charge of the collaboration.

Sun Company Inc. was the name of the joint venture. Other collaborations between this organization and the chemical, retail, and oil refining industries didn’t continue very long.

A guest satisfaction survey is available from TellSunoco to collect feedback from its customers. This survey’s primary goal is to enhance customers’ interactions with Sunoco and improve our ability to assist them. With the survey, each customer or visitor is asked to provide honest feedback in exchange for a chance to enter the Sunoco Sweepstakes and win a free gift.

However, there are several prerequisites for the Sunoco Guest Satisfaction survey before you can begin the TellSunoco survey. You can easily complete the Sunoco survey 2022 if you lack the necessary skills. The Sunoco survey is fairly simple to complete, but you must have some prerequisites and be patient.

TellSunoco Requirements for Survey

It will only take you 10 to 15 minutes to complete the TellSunoco survey. Simply make sure that all necessary fields are filled out before continuing. The few items needed for your survey are listed below.

  • high-speed internet connectivity
  • Receipt for Sunoco
  • Smartphone, laptop, or computer
  • True Email ID

You might not be eligible for the Sunoco survey 2022 if any of these are issues for you. Check that everything is in order before continuing with the Sunoco survey at

Rules & Regulations to Take Sunoco Survey

Once the prerequisites have been satisfied, you just need to remember the guidelines below before beginning the survey.

  • You must be at least 18 years old to participate in the survey.
  • You must live in the USA in order to participate in a survey; otherwise, you are ineligible.
  • Prize transfer is not permitted in any situation.
  • Per receipt, there is only one entry.
  • The survey is not open to Sunoco staff members.

You can conduct a Sunoco survey if all the conditions are satisfied. You risk being eliminated from the survey if you break the rules or don’t follow them. Now let’s talk about how to complete this survey.

How to take Sunoco Survey

  • Visit the official Sunoco website at

Sunoco Survey

  • When the first page has loaded, you are prompted to select your chosen language before pressing Next.
  • The transaction number on your Sunoco purchase receipt along with the purchase price and visit date must then be entered.
  • The 10-digit number from that store that is printed on your receipt must then be entered.
  • After that, your survey will begin after you click the start button.
  • You will be asked questions about your most recent Sunoco shopping experience.
  • You’ll also need to evaluate their client service.
  • You will receive a promo code to use after providing your contact information at the end.
  • Finally, you will be required to start and submit your Sunoco survey.

Following that, you will shortly receive a validation code; make sure to save it. You can use the coupon to redeem a free deal within 30 days. Keep in mind that you must consider your interactions with Sunoco and respond to the questions using those interactions.

You must honestly respond to the questions about their services in order to help them evaluate and enhance their offerings. After giving the survey a general satisfaction rating, you will be prompted to provide contact information in order to enter the Sunoco Sweepstakes. After that, you can send your survey.


All of this was done for the Sunoco survey. Although the survey method is a little challenging, we have broken it down into simple steps for you in this discussion. Try to follow the guidelines and regulations; this should help. Please leave your comments in the box below for more information if you have any questions or would like more information. I’m grateful.

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