Steam Refund Policy

Steam’s return policy shows its desire for its users to be completely satisfied with the software and hardware they provide. Requests for refunds are honored for any justification as long as they are submitted before the return deadline. However, certain digital purchases can only be returned under particular circumstances.

We’ll go over some of the frequently asked questions about Steam’s return policy and how to get a refund for your purchase in this article.

Steam Refund Policy

What is Steam’s Return Policy?

For whatever reason, including changing your mind or making a mistaken purchase, Steam allows refund requests. You will typically receive a complete refund for your purchase, but there are a few exceptions.

Downloadable Content Refundable within 14 days if the title has not been played for more than two hours and has not been consumed, modified, or transferred. Some third-party DLC cannot be refunded; exceptions will be marked as non-refundable before purchase.
In-Game Purchases Refundable within 48 hours of purchase so long as the in-game item hasn’t been consumed, modified, or transferred.
Pre-Purchased Games Refundable at any time before the release date, and within 14 days after the game has been released provided it has not been played for more than two hours.
Subscriptions Refundable within 48 hours of purchase or automatic renewal if not used during the current billing cycle, which includes playing, consuming in-game items, modifying, or transferring.
Bundles Refundable at any time, provided none of the titles have been transferred and the combined playtime for all items is less than two hours.
Hardware Valve Index Hardware is refundable within 14 days and all other Steam Hardware is refundable within 30 days from the day you or a third party receives the Hardware if the item is still in new condition. If the item has been modified or abused in any way, you may not receive the full refund amount


How to request a refund on a Steam purchase?

Refund requests must be made via the page for Steam Support. When you submit a request, you’ll get a confirmation email, and if it’s granted, you’ll get a refund within seven days.

How to Submit a Refund Request

  1. Visit the Steam Support page and log into your Steam account.
  2. After logging in, select Purchases.
  3. Locate the purchase for which you want a refund, then click it. The title is not eligible for a refund if it is not listed.
  4. Choose the justification for your request for a refund, such as “I accidentally bought this” or “Gameplay or technical fault.”
  5. To request a refund, click the corresponding button.
  6. The request form, which specifies where to send the refund and other details, should be filled out and submitted.

You must file a refund request via the Steam Support website and ship the items back in accordance with the instructions given within 14 days if you want a return on the hardware you’ve already paid for.

Can you return an online purchase to the store?

No, you must use the Steam Support page to start a refund request.

How strict is the Steam return policy?

There are requirements that must be satisfied in order to receive a refund for a digital purchase under Steam’s rigorous return policy. Games that have been edited or transferred are not eligible for refunds, nor are games that have been played for longer than two hours. The same rule applies to downloadable content that has been used in-game and to in-game purchases. But if you satisfy these requirements, Steam is willing to accept returns for any cause.

What is Steam’s exchange policy?

For digital purchases, Steam does not offer an exchange policy. Through the website for Steam Support, you can order replacement parts for hardware purchases.

What is Steam’s refund policy?

Refunds that have been approved will be issued via the original payment method to the original buyer of the product. The table above contains specific information.

Does Steam take returns without a receipt?

The purchases you make on Steam are saved to your account. However, if you receive a gift of a Steam item and haven’t played it for more than two hours, you can ask for a refund within 14 days of receiving it. The original buyer will receive a refund for the amount paid for the item.

Does Steam accept returns after 30 days?

While some physical items can be returned within 30 days of purchase, most digital things cannot be returned beyond 14 days. But according to Steam, you can start a refund request outside of the company’s return time.

What items cannot be returned to Steam?

Games that have been played for longer than two hours, as well as eaten DLC and in-game consumables, cannot be returned.

Exceptions to return policy

You can still be eligible for a refund even if your purchase is made outside of the designated refund time. Customer service will examine any requests that are submitted through the Steam Support store.

How long do Steam refunds take?

Refunds that have been approved may take up to seven days to reflect in your account, while processing times for international payment methods may be longer.

Within a day after the initial transaction, if a refund request is granted, the charge will no longer appear on your bank statement and the original transaction will be canceled. In this case, there won’t be a credit charge on your account. For international payment methods, this procedure may take up to 10 days or longer.


Can I return Steam products after use?

If a digital product hasn’t been edited or transferred and hasn’t been played for longer than two hours, you can return it.

Does Steam give full refunds?

Yes, provided that all requirements for a return have been satisfied.

What is Steam’s Refund Policy?

Steam offers refunds to customers, although the processing times vary depending on the goods.


Any sort of merchandise may be requested for a refund through Steam as long as the requirements are satisfied. In general, refund requests for games that have been played for more than two hours, in-game purchases that have already been made, and damaged hardware will be denied; however, you can still submit a request to Steam for evaluation.


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