Starz Login -Activate Starz on Roku, Apple TV, PS4, Xfinity, Amazon Fire TV

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In this article, we’ll go through how to log in to Starz on a variety of devices, including Smart TVs (Apple and Android), Firesticks, Xfinity, and Sling TV.

How to Set up an Account

Before using Starz login, you must first have a Starz activated. To do this, simply follow the short instructions below.

  • Visit to access the network’s main webpage.

Set up an Account Starz

  • Press special claim on to receive numerous rewards.
  • On activate, enter your email address for Starz Active.
  • Click the claim now button after entering your Starz active email address.
  • You will be prompted to choose a payment method here (you may choose either Credit card or Paypal)
  • Insert your name and any other information requested on
  • If you chose a credit card, provide its information.
  • Give details if you chose PayPal as your mode of payment.
  • Please provide your home address.
  • To continue, click the next button on
  • Just proceed as indicated on the screen from here.
  • Your account is currently available on Activate!

How to Login to Starz Account at

We learned how to register for a Starz account, activate it, and use the several payment options it offers. Let’s proceed to the login process now.

Verify the actions listed below.

  • Navigate to’s home page.
  • choose and press Starz/activate login
  • Choose your preferred method for logging in to Starz.
  • You can specify the name of your provider by selecting the TV provider option here.
  • If you can’t find the name of your provider, you can choose the option on to activate – See all providers.
  • Ask your activate TV provider whether they have an access point to the Starz application if the name is still not showing up.

Follow the instructions for each platform listed below if you’re interested in streaming the Starz account life:

How to Activate Starz on Roku

Activate Starz on Roku

  • Check out the Roku App Store.
  • Look for the Starz Play app, choose it, and download it.
  • open the app after downloading it
  • Use your Starz login information to access your Starz account.
  • If you haven’t already created a Starz Account for yourself, go to to find the activation code for Starz to be activated on your Roku TV.
  • Hit the submit button after entering the activation key.

How to Activate Starz on Amazon Fire TV?

You can use any Amazon product, including the Fire TV, Fire Stick, or Fire tablet, or directly through, to activate Starz on Amazon.

Activate Starz on Amazon Fire TV

Simply take the actions listed below to enable Starz on your Amazon products.

  • visit the home page of any device you own.
  • Search for the Starz app and select “download to device”
  • After the download, launch the app.
  • To access Starz on your Amazon devices, enter your password and Starz login id/User Id.

How to Activate and Watch Starz on iPhone

  • On your Apple iPhone, go to the app store.
  • Install the Starz program.
  • Use your username and password to log into the Starz application.
  • You may start streaming the Starz app on your Apple device by opening the website and entering the Starz activation code that is displayed on the screen.

How to Activate Starz on Smart TV

  • Open the app store on your Smart TV after turning it on.
  • Integrate it with the internet.
  • In the app store, type in “Starz.”
  • On your Smart TV, download Starz.
  • After downloading, log in using your username and password.
  • The activation code (Starz activate code) will now appear on your TV screen.
  • Open a different device’s browser (Laptop or mobile)
  • Use a different device to access the website.
  • Put in the code that you see on the television.
  • Now that you’ve clicked the submit button, you can access your Starz account.

How to Activate Starz on Apple TV

If you utilize Apple TV, take the following actions:

Activate Starz on Apple TV

Visit your Apple TV’s home page.

  • Activate the App Store
  • Find the Starz app and download it as soon as you do.
  • Once downloaded, open it and proceed as with a smart TV.
  • Open a different device’s browser (Laptop or mobile)
  • Enter the activation code on the page.
  • After pressing the submit button, you can begin streaming.

How to Activate Starz on Xfinity

You need an X1 Setup box in order to view Starz content on Xfinity. To have Starz activated on your Xfinity, follow the instructions provided here.

  • Your Xfinity remote control should be touched on the Guide button.
  • Visit the Starz channel and install the same.
  • After installation, launch and enter your login and password.
  • To enable Starz, launch the browser on a separate device (laptop or mobile).
  • Enter the code that is displayed on your Xfinity device at
  • The Starz application will then be available for use on your Xfinity device.

How to Activate Stars on Sling TV

Follow the instructions below to learn how to watch Starz on Sling TV:

  • Open your Sling TV account and log in ( Create one if you are not an existing user)
  • On Change subscription, click.
  • Find Starz in the list of choices.
  • Click the starz button.
  • The Starz channel will now be added to your Sling TV services after you tap on “submit order.”

How to Activate Starz on Android TV

Do you want to discover how to install and stream Starz on your Android TV at home?

On your Android TV, go to the Google Play store.

Visit the PlayStore to check out Starz and download the Android TV app.

Enter your username and password for your Starz login to access the application.

  • Open a different device’s browser (Laptop or mobile)
  • Using a different device, input the code
  • On your Android TV, simply tap “submit,” and you’re ready to go!

How to Activate Starz on PlayStation 4 (PS4)?

  • For the PS4, Starz is no longer accessible. As a result, you cannot activate Starz using the instructions provided.
  • However, you can download the Starz app for your iOS (iPad and iPhone) or Android smartphone if the app doesn’t always support your OS (Sony, Samsung, Google, and others.)

Easy Steps to Stream STARZ

  • Any gadget that supports STARZ can easily be updated.
  • It only takes a single second to approve the machine, and it seems to have worked flawlessly.

How to Sign up for Starz service?

You should really keep up your premium subscription to continue having access to Starz content. Visit the following to get a subscription:

Look around the Starz website:

  • Click “Start Your Free Trial” and fill out the relevant information to create an account for the service (including a username and password).
  • Now that it’s connected, you may start watching the accessible content on your video-streaming device.

How to Fix Starz App Not Working Issue

To fix the issue and resume enjoying your preferred movies and television shows, follow these simple steps:

To fix the problem:

  • Access your account by logging in on the Starz website. Starz’s website
  • Locate and remove the hardware where the app isn’t functioning.
  • Start the apparatus, then restart the computer, and then reinstall the application.
  • Running the program requires you to log in to your account.

Cannot Activate Starz

  • When the methods to activate Starz doesn’t work, there are severe problems with Starz TV.
  • Users can try again in a few hours if the activation issue was caused by a short-term issue, such as a server that isn’t functioning properly.
  • Some users have, however, expressed frustration that some services are still unable to confirm the activation procedure.
  • For instance, when customers activate via Comcast.
  • The safest course of action in this situation is to utilize a different device that has not yet started having activation problems with
  • One of the most well-known TV-everywhere streaming services that let you stream video to numerous devices is Starz.
  • The best streaming-capable devices are listed here, along with instructions on how to connect to the channel and enable streaming.

What is Starz?

The STARZ Play app is configured on your device, and it is linked to your account via the link to activate Starz. Then, in order to access the content, you must input the Starz activation code on In order to activate Starz on a smart TV, you will need to do a few steps. To explore the app store, first turn on your smart TV. Install Starz Play after finding Starz. Use your Activate Starz username and password to log in.


To activate Starz on your smartphone, follow the instructions in this blog carefully and without skipping any of the important steps. All of your material is available to watch on a variety of platforms, including Apple TV and Smart TV. You must follow the appropriate steps for any other device you are familiar with, such as Amazon, Android TV, XfinityTV, Roku, and others. Use the advice provided below if you run into problems.

  • is the official Starz Activate website.
  • is the official website of Starz

FAQs – Activate

How would I get Starz Roku to function properly?

Install the Starz app from the Channel Store on your device to enable Starz on Roku. Then, activate Starz for Roku by visiting and entering the code below. You will be asked to login in with your Starz account details when you load your application in order to get your activation number. Starz may be activated via the activate tool at

Is it possible to stream Starz without creating a profile on

Even after Activate, you cannot access Starz for free even though it is a subscription service. However, there is a free trial period available to those looking for entertainment who sign up to activate Starz by utilizing the activate link, possibly for the first time. Anytime throughout your trial, you have the choice to end it.

How do I activate Starz on Apple TV using activate?

  • must establish a secure internet connection with your Apple TV.
  • then download the Starz app from the Apple App Store if it is available.
  • To start the process, launch or start the app and sign in using your Starz membership account.
  • You will see a code, which is the activation code, on the TV screen. Now, keep it in mind, write it down, or save it.
  • To begin it, please go to, which is the official Starz website for Apple activation, and then enter the code.

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