Staples Price Match Policy

A significant supplier of office supplies and related products, Staples was established in 1986. Their main office is in Boston, Massachusetts, in the USA. To make purchasing simpler for their clients, Staples offers a price match and a variety of other customer service services.

Please read this page if you need assistance selecting the proper product or if you have any queries about Staples pricing.

Does Staples Offer a Price Match?

Yes. Here’s how it matches prices: You can provide evidence of lower prices if you discover the same item at a competitor of Staples for less money. After verifying it, they will match the price for you. Later in this article, the specific procedure is described in full.

Does Staples Store Have Price Match Policy Online?

Staples does not match prices online; only in-store.

Does Staples Offer a Price Adjustment Policy?

Yes. In the past 14 days after you make a purchase, Staples will modify the price of the item. Therefore, you can ask for a price adjustment at Staples if an item you bought from them is later decreased in price at their store or a rival.

Price Match Criteria:

Staples offers to match prices on its products, but you should be aware of its requirements for doing so:

  • Items must match one another. The same model, color, and US warranty are required.
  • When a price match request is made, the item must be in stock. Prices for the out-of-stock items won’t be matched.
  • The plan and provider should match if the issue relates to the wireless phone plan.
  • One item per person at a time will be price-matched by Staples.

Price Match Process:

Staples’ price match procedure might be simple if you know how it works. The Staples Store price matching looks like this:

  • By bringing documentation of an item’s cheaper price at a competitor’s store, price matching at Staples stores is effective.
  • You can thus bring documentation of the reduced pricing at the competition to the Staples shop and ask an employee at the customer desk when you are there. Staples retains the right to approve or disapprove your request for a price match.
  • If a competitor’s ad for the same product has a cheaper price, the associate will check it and match it. Once the pricing has been updated, the Staples employee will inform you of it.
  • They will not only match the price of your item but also offer a 10% discount on the difference once they have confirmed that it is suitable for a price match. Staples’ website makes it very apparent that they provide a 110% price match guarantee.


There are some exclusions at the Staples store, so it is advisable to learn about them before visiting and perhaps wasting your time. The exclusions are as follows:

Staples does not match prices for regional or unique events. It makes little difference if the festivities focus on Staples or their rivals. These are not price-matched in any case.

These items will not be price matched:

  • Tech Support
  • Services for Print & Marketing
  • Products made by independent contractors
  • Credit Cards
  • Calling Cards

Other than that, they also do not match:

  • Taxes
  • grammatical errors
  • Warranties
  • Products credits
  • Contractual fees

Price Adjustment Process:

Comparable to many other stores, the price modification procedure is similar. Here is how Staples’ pricing modification procedure works:

  • You may receive a refund if an item you purchased from Staples during the last 14 days has a cheaper price as a result of a sale. A price adjustment can be requested by the customer by going to their neighborhood Staples.
  • As evidence of purchase at the Staples store, make sure to have the receipt with you.
  • They will refund you the difference once they accept your request for a pricing adjustment.
  • However, you should be aware that the only way to seek a price adjustment is in person at that store, so contacting or emailing them isn’t the best course of action.

Staples Price Match Competitors List:

Other retailers that offer their products in both physical stores and online should be selling under the same brand as Staples’ price match competitors, (Marketplace vendors are excluded).

Some Questions and Answers:

Now that you are aware of the Staples Price Match Policy, you might still have some queries. The following queries and related information can assist you in learning more about Staples:

How Staples price match items with coupons?

Any coupons for Staples’ items will be subtracted when determining the price match.

Staples’ competitor offers rebates or discounts for an item. How Staples’ price match that specific item?

Staples will not price match a product if a competitor offers rebates, discounts, or gift cards in addition to the regular price.

Is free shipping included in Staples’ price match?

Staples will provide the same service if the rival offers free shipping.

Summary of this Article:

I appreciate you reading this content. We are certain that by being familiar with Staples’ price match and other policies, you will be able to benefit from the upcoming sale at your neighborhood shop. Please let us know in the comments section below or via our contact page if there is anything further we can do to assist you. Once more, I want to express my gratitude for taking the time to read this blog post today.

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