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As the first OTT service provider in Asia, Sony LIV was established in 2013. Today, Sony footage Networks India fully owns and controls this Indian primary streaming internet platform. You can stream HD versions of all Hollywood and English films, as well as live TV, sports, and online originals, with Sony LIV Premium. Visit the website at for the finest instructions on how to activate the Sony LIVE Channel on desktop and mobile.

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How to Create/Register Sony Liv Account?

  • The Google Play Store offers the Sony LIV app for download.
  • To use the Sony Liv application, you must log in.
  • Give the contact information
  • Make your choice to continue.
  • Put in the OTP you received on your selected mobile device.
  • By selecting the Sing in button, you may join in.
  • You’ve now successfully set up a Sony LIV Associate account.

How to Sign Up for Sonyliv using Your Mobile Number


Please adhere to the instructions listed below.

  • Type in your mobile phone’s variety.
  • On this kind, an associate in OTP is sent.
  • After entering your OTP, select Submit from the menu.
  • You have officially joined the LIV section! stream nearly 30,000 hours of explicit media! Enjoy your binge-watching time!
  • To register, enter your email address.
  • When you enter your email address and password, you are finished. You’ve logged in successfully! You have access to over 30,000 hours of compelling entertainment.

Please adhere to the social account sign-in instructions.

  • Just one click is required.
  • To activate it, tap on either your Facebook or Google account.
  • You’ve been accepted, congrats! You can choose from 30,000 hours of programming. Permit the bingeing to start.

How to Sign in to Sonyliv from your TV sets using


Watch your favorite programs in one sitting on the big screen as well! The following are the easy procedures for activating a Sony Viv device:

  • To enable Cardinal on your TV, use a mobile or web app.
  • Click sign in/register on your TV remote.
  • A code of four digits will be provided to you.
  • Then click Activate, then use your browser to go to
  • You’re here now! All that’s left to do is enter your login information and the four-digit number that was displayed on the TV.
  • More than 30,000 hours of binge-worthy entertainment are now available to you via your television subscription.

using an Android device, Samsung TV, or Amazon Firestick:

  • Update the app to the most recent version or download it from the app store.
  • Open the Sony LIV app on your phone and login (with your enrolled email ID or Phone number)
  • On your mobile app, click the “More” option in the menu.
  • Choose “Activate TV” from this screen.
  • Press the “Submit” button after entering the code that appears on your TV screen.
  • Prepare to have fun! Currently, you have access to more than 30,000 hours of binge-worthy television content with your subscription.

How to Activate Sonyliv on Chromecast using


  • Your mobile device and TV should be connected to a permanent local area network.
  • You can choose what content to view on your mobile app.
  • The video player’s Chromecast icon should be clicked.
  • Select the sewing machine that you want to use.
  • Go to in your web browser, either on a desktop or mobile device.

How Many Sonyliv Channels and Area Units Are There?

There are a total of 21 channels available on the Sony LIV app, including Sony recreation TV (the biggest Hindi recreation channel in India), Sony PIX, Sony SAB, Sony MAX, and many more.

Here is a guide that details how to install the Sony LIV app on smart TVs and other devices. We typically assume that you will find this information beneficial in activating on your client device and that you are now ready to use some of the platform’s most powerful products. Device Activate Contact Details

In order to help you address any activation issues and challenges connected to your Sonyliv/device/activate TV Code challenges and problems as quickly as possible, below are the contact details and information about the Sonyliv Device Activate Tv website. Without further ado, let’s decide on a communication channel.

Website for SonyLiv com’s official activation:

Website for SonyLiv:


We are confident that you have learned everything you needed to know about activating your Sony device. In our post, we’ve done our best to cover every single aspect. If there is anything concerning the device activation steps that we overlooked, please let us know. Use the comment section to discuss the issue if you are having issues accessing the website activate or if you are having any other code-related problems that you are unable to resolve.

FAQs –

What are the Signing steps for SonyLiv?

You must first visit the official signing-in page at Your phone number will then be required for registration purposes.

You must enter the email address you supplied during registration if you haven’t already.

It is not possible for me to find the tv code.

You can run into certain issues while activating your Sony liv gadget. However, you shouldn’t worry about the minor details because when the code is activated, it will be clearly visible on your screen. You will see the sony liv/device/activate tv code on your screen when going through the registration and sign-in processes. All you have to do is type it into the device’s browser.

Is the process of activate safer?

On the activate page, the activation process is easy to follow at every stage. The activation procedure consists of just 3 to 4 phases. Therefore, the sony liv com activation steps won’t take up more of your time, and they’re all safer.

What is the singing-up age for Sony Liv?

Around 18 years old, which is a legal age recognized by the law, is the minimum age for registration. If you don’t meet the requirements, you can’t create an account.

Can I use my Facebook account for creating an account?

Yes, you can use an existing Facebook profile to create a Sony Liv account. You may also create an account using your Google account.

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