Sonic Senior Discount

One of the most well-liked fast food restaurants in America is Sonic. Did you know that Sonic gives a senior discount in addition to its well-known excellent burgers and shakes? We’ll cover all you need to know about Sonic’s senior discount policy in this article. We’ll contrast their discount with that of other well-known restaurant businesses. So whether you like Sonic or not, keep reading to find out more about this great deal!

Does Sonic Offer a Senior Discount?

For customers 60 and over, Sonic gives a senior discount of 10% off. Be careful to inquire about it before placing your purchase because this promotion is only valid at participating Sonic stores. The senior discount at Sonic applies to takeaway orders as well.

What Age Is the Sonic Senior Discount? 

As was already noted, people 60 and older are eligible for the Sonic senior discount.

How Much Is the Sonic Senior Discount? 

Get a complimentary drink or save up to 10% off your entire purchase.

How to Get the Sonic Senior Discount?

Simply show the cashier your valid ID and proof of age (60+) to receive the senior discount at Sonic. Because Sonic personnel might not ask for your ID, be sure to have it handy. The senior discount at Sonic is available every day, so you can benefit from it whenever you go there!

When Is the Sonic Senior Discount Day? 

The good news is that Sonic offers its senior citizen discount every day! You may therefore always take advantage of small savings, whether you’re craving a shake or a burger.

How Else Can You Save at Sonic?

You can save money at Sonic in a few more ways as well. Look at the most well-known examples:

  • Roadside Happy Hour
  • After: Half-Price Drinks and Slushes
  • Tuesdays are $0.50 Corn Dog Days
  • Tuesday is Kids Eat Free Day.
  • Hot dogs for $0.99 on Wednesdays
  • Shakes are $0.99 on Thursdays.
  • Fridays offer $0.99 cheeseburgers.

Take advantage of Sonic’s numerous discounts and specials the following time you visit by shopping there!

What Other Restaurant Chains Offer Senior Discounts?

There are other restaurants that provide a senior discount besides Sonic. Like Sonic’s, several other well-known businesses provide comparable deals. Some of them consist of:

Company Discount Eligibility
Wendy’s Varies by location 60 and older
Denny’s 15% off; Discounted senior menu Must be an AARP member for the discount; 55+ for the menu
Burger King 10% off 60 and older
IHOP Discounted senior menu 55 and older
Arby’s 10% off 55 and older
Red Lobster 10% off 55 and older
Taco Bell 5% off or a free beverage 65 and older
McDonald’s Discounts vary by location 55 and older
Culver’s 10% off the total bill 60 and older
Dunkin’ Donuts 10% off or a free donut 55 and older
Applebee’s 10-15% off 60 and older
Golden Corral 10% off 55 and older
Chick-fil-A 10% off or a free small drink 55 and older



Fast food business Sonic is well-liked, and for good reason. They not only serve wonderful meals, but they also provide bargains and discounts that might help you save money. The next time you visit Sonic, be sure to take advantage of their senior discount! Your entire bill can be discounted by 10%. Ask about senior discounts when you visit other well-known franchises since Sonic isn’t the only eatery that provides them. Happy saving and thanks for reading!


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