Shopbop’s Returns Policy? Price Match Guarantee

If returned within 15–30 days, Shopbop will accept all returns on clothing and footwear that adhere to their return policies. No alterations or other actions may be performed on these garments before they are returned. For a return to be made without issues or delays, all original tags and security tags must be present.

Returns of footwear must also be made within 15 to 30 days and in their original packaging without any postage labels.

Each country has a different return policy and accompanying costs.

We’ll go into more detail about Shopbop’s return and exchange policies in the following section of the article.

What is Shopbop's Returns Policy? » Price Match Guarantee

What is considered a qualified return? 

Clothes must meet the following criteria in order to qualify as a return:

  • not have been purchased at the last sale.
  • be given back within 30 days with no alterations or modifications made.

A pair of shoes must meet the following criteria in order to qualify as a return:

  • the original, untouched shoe box is included.
  • Charges will apply if the box is altered in any way.

What is Shopbop’s exchange policy?

Items cannot be exchanged at Shopbop. This includes clothing that is either too small or has the wrong hue.

A garment must be returned in order to be exchanged. After that, you will need to order the correct item of clothes on your own.

Does Shopbop offer free returns & exchanges? 


Due to Shopbop’s lack of swaps, the cost of a return is based on the time and location of the return. When returned within 15 days, all returns within the US are free.

Because of the prepaid shipping label, returns that are made after 30 days will still ship for free, but there will be a $10 return fee. Returns from outside the United States do not come with a pre-paid postage label, and all international returns will incur shipping costs that vary by country.

Are there any other return fees? 

Any damages may cause a portion of your refund to be withheld. Additionally, shipping and handling fees for returns—including those on the disqualified items mentioned above—are not refundable.

Shopbop has the full authority to reject purchases, impose penalties, and close accounts depending on return patterns. Most significantly, they have the authority to determine the expenses involved and what constitutes a qualified or unqualified return.

How can I guarantee the best return? 

To ensure the best possible garment return:

  • You must be able to return everything in its original packaging and with all of the original tags attached.
  • It is advised never to dispose of any of these before coming back.
  • To guarantee a smooth return, always stay informed about Shopbop’s return guidelines and the cost of shipping to your own country.

To ensure the best possible shoe return:

  • Utilize a different shipping box; don’t use the shoe’s original box.
  • Replacement costs will apply to shoe boxes that have been harmed or have shipping labels affixed to them.

Will I get refunded through my original payment form or as store credit? 

This depends on when you return the item in relation to when it was delivered. Your original payment method will be reimbursed for items returned within 30 days.

Returns after 30 days might be permitted in consultation with the business on an individual basis. However, an in-store credit will be given back for these returns.

How do I perform a return? 

There will also be a return form provided for returns made to the United States that come with a prepaid mailing label. You must fill out this return form, attach it to your package with the pre-paid postage label, and include it with your return.

for returns from abroad. Additionally, a return form is provided, but shipping costs are your responsibility. All packages, domestic or foreign, must be dropped off at the postal service provider in your nation once they are ready to be returned.


In conclusion, it is advised to take precautions when receiving your Shopbop delivery in case there is a chance of a return. Additionally, it is advised that you pay attention to the dates of your delivery as well as the accompanying expenses for returns.

There is not a lot to consider while returning to the United States within 15 days. To avoid any unpleasant shocks, it is worth doing some study on any returns that are made after 15 days or from foreign countries.


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