Service Credit Union Routing Numbers & Wire Transfer

CC Bank’s process is simpler than other financial institutions. It serves the United States Military, which use Service Credit Union Military branches, and employees of the Department of Defense. The bank is well-respected in the market, with over 36 branches in the United States and 16 Service Credit Union Germany branches. For military personnel to open Service Credit Union Military accounts in Germany, the banks are available overseas.

What is Service Credit Union Routing Number

The Service Credit Union Routing number or Service CU Routing number is 211489656. This is used to identify the financial institution involved in the transaction and the place where your account was opened. This number is 9 digits long and will be used to make online payments or phone payments using similar. Different Routing numbers can mean different things to different banks. You must ensure that you enter the correct routing number. The routing transit number (or RTN) is what a Service Credit Union is known as. Service Credit Union Routing Number 211489656 can be used in a variety of situations, such as auto-loan payments, bill payments, direct deposit while tax refunds are filed, tax payments made, or using bank transfers.

Where to Find the Service Credit Union Routing Number on a check?

The Service Credit Union Routing Number is 211489656. It can be found on the bottom left. This is the Service Credit Union, New Hampshire routing code. This number can be used to make all Service Credit Union checks. The number is used to check Service Credit Union accounts.

Service Credit Union

The Routing Number 211489656 is only for the US. Ford Service Credit Union Germany Routing Number is 54030011.

You have many options to search the internet for the 211489656 routing number. The number can be found on your Online Banking site.

Ask customer service for the routing number. Call the Service CU Phone Number and ask for the routing number. He will be happy to assist you. You can contact your local branch to inquire about the routing number.

Open the website of American Banking Association by clicking this link or use the link of Federal Reserve Board

You can also find the routing number from this link,

You can easily get your routing number by clicking on the links above.

How to Wire Transfer or Wire Money to Someone?

Service Credit Union

International money transfers can be complicated because your bank will charge an exchange rate if you send money or wire money internationally. Although you won’t know the exchange rate because it is taken by your bank, it could cause you to lose money. This happens when you send money. You should always use regular banking instead of Wire transfers. However, you must understand these points when you wire money.

Service Credit Union Wire Transfer Services can be used with your Service Credit Union Account number. You will need a BIC Code SCRUDE51 to receive wire transfers from other countries. The Service Credit Union Wire Transfer doesn’t use the SWIFT network for money transfers.

It is easier to transfer money with Service Credit Union if the bank you wish to transact internationally with has an intermediary bank in the United States. You only need to provide the following information for money transfer:

  • Name of the Intermediary Bank
  • SWIFT Code of the Intermediary bank
  • Address of the Intermediary Bank
  • Name of the Beneficiary Bank
  • Routing Number
  • Address of the Beneficiary bank

These details will allow you to proceed with international wire transfers. Don’t forget to include the Customer Name (your name) as well as the Customer Account Number (your account number).

Service Credit Union charges different fees for domestic and international wire transfers.

You need to look for other options that will give you the best results.

  • Exchange rates that are more affordable and better
  • Greater security for your money
  • Speedier
  • Global connectivity and better network connections

Service CU is available to assist you with money transfers if you have any questions.

IBAN Number for SEPA Transfer

Service Credit Union IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is 22-digits. This number is used to facilitate electronic transfers between European countries via Single Euro Payment Area SEPA. You can obtain the Service Credit Union IBAN by visiting the branch where your account was opened or calling CU. You can call 1800-936-7730 in the USA or 00800-472-2000 internationally. This is a toll-free number.

You can also inquire about SEPA from your branch and get more information about it. Or, call the number. They can also be contacted by email to inquire about the information you need.

What is ACH Routing Number

An ACH number can be described as an Automated Clearing House Routing No. It can be a 9-digit number that is available in your bank account. It can be used to send money electronically via Federal ACH Networks within the United States.

The ACH Routing Number can be used to make small payments such as paying your electricity bills or for daily expenses. This code’s first two digits are between 61 and 72. Before you can make or receive payments, this number must be verified with your bank. ACH Routing Number also known as “direct deposit”

FAQ’s – Service Federal Credit Union

What bank is routing number 211489656?

Service Federal Credit Union

Is the ACH number the same as the account number?

Your bank account number is not the same as your ACH number. You can find the ACH Routing number in your checkbook. It’s a 9-digit number that is printed right beside your account number.

How do I wire money from a service credit union?

Its BIC code is SCRUDE51

How do I set up a service credit union account?

Register with Online Banking and accept the eCommunications Agreement.

How do I get my ACH routing number?

It’s a 9-digit number that is printed in your checkbook alongside your account number.

Can you send money from the credit union to the credit union?

Yes, you can do a wire transfer.

How do I find my service credit union member number?

Send an email to, or call 800-936-7730 (U.S.A.) or 00800-472-2000 (Int.).

How many checking accounts can you have at a credit union?

There are no boundaries












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