Schuh Return and Exchange Policy

In the UK and Ireland, Schuh is one of the top shoe stores. They have well over 100 stores spread out over the two nations. Of all the big shoe stores, they also boast one of the friendliest return procedures.

Schuh Return and Exchange Policy

What is Schuh return policy?

The broad return policy offered by Schuh allows customers up to 365 days to exchange any shoes they have bought. This is based on the supposition that they are undamaged. Used shoes cannot be returned unless they are defective.

You will be qualified for a refund depending on the original form of payment once Dillard’s acknowledges your item return. Be aware that Dillard’s only accepts specific items for returns; we’ll discuss these later in this piece.

Schuh Return Policy
Return Period 365 Days
Return Method Online or in-store
Exchange Period 365 Days
Exchange Method Online or in-store
Refund Period Within 10 Days
Refund Method Method of Payment


Can you return an online purchase to the store?

mostly yep, however, it will depend on the nation from which you made the internet purchase and the retailer you plan to visit.

If you bought something from Schuh in Ireland, you probably paid in euros. This implies that none of the British retailers will accept the shoes back. The same holds true if you purchase from a British retailer. You won’t be permitted to visit an Irish retailer again.

Basically, you can only return a thing by mailing it to Schuh if you made an online purchase in a currency other than the one you use to reside. Your payment will be refunded to you in the original currency.

How strict is the Schuh return policy?

Although a 365-day return policy for their shoes may seem quite benevolent, there will be some limitations.

The sole prerequisite is that the shoe must be brand new. This means that Schuh is permitted to resell the shoe as long as it is still in its original packaging.

If you bought the shoes online, your statutory rights are unaffected by this. If you bought the shoes online, you have the right to check them out just like you would in a store, which includes trying them on and possibly taking a short stroll. You could still be able to get a refund for shoes you bought online if you damage them in any way, but it might not be a full return.

When it comes to shoe inspection, Schuh is quite demanding. They are capable of detecting usage.

Schuh Exchange Policy

If the shoes are returned to Schuh in an unworn state, they will be allowed to perform an exchange. You have 365 days to return the shoes.

Schuh Refund Policy

Schuh will be able to reimburse you for what you spent on the shoes provided they are returned unworn. You have a year from the date of purchase to complete this.

Does Schuh take returns without a receipt?


Without a receipt, returns to Schuh will not be accepted. You must provide the delivery note from the package your shoe was shipped in if you are returning an online purchase. If you don’t have that, you can print the receipt from your email or the Schuh website.

Does Schuh accept returns after 30 days?

Yes. Most items from Schuh can be returned up to a year after purchase.

What items Cannot be returned to Schuh?

You will not be permitted to return used shoes, with the exception of warranty claims.

Socks that have been taken out of their package, whether or not they have been worn, are likewise not returnable to Schuh.

There are no limits other than this. Even clearance items can be returned to Schuh.

Does Schuh have free returns?

You won’t be charged a return fee if you visit a Schuh location.

You must pay postage and packing if you choose to mail the shoes directly to the Schuh returns department.

You will be required to pay €3 for the return of any items you purchased from Schuh in Ireland. Your reimbursement will be reduced by this amount. Exchanges are free of charge.

How long do Schuh refunds take?

The Schuh refund will be given to you right soon if you visit a store. The refund may take up to 10 days to process if you submit the shoes to the Schuh returns department.

Can I return the shoes after wearing them?

Shoes can only be returned to Schuh if they haven’t been worn.

You are welcome to try the shoes on and see if they fit. You cannot, however, wear them as shoes. Schuh genuinely wants you to make up your mind about keeping them in a matter of minutes.

If you need to submit a warranty claim for the shoes, that is the lone exception to this regulation. You can return the shoes at any time if they are damaged as a result of a manufacturing flaw.


Within 365 days of your purchase, Schuh will accept products for return or refund provided they are undamaged. You can either bring the shoes into your neighborhood Schuh store or mail a package to their returns department.

Do keep in mind that Schuh’s return policy can be quite severe. Your return or refund might not be approved if your shoe displays any usage beyond sizing testing.


Can you return clearance items to Schuh?

Yes. This is based on the notion that the item is brand new. If the clearance socks are taken out of the packaging, you cannot return them.

How will a Schuh refund be issued?

In most cases, the refund will be applied to the payment method you used to purchase the shoes. If that mode of payment is no longer available, please notify Schuh.

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