River Island Return Policy

One of the most well-known companies in the world and a source of some of the sexiest clothes is River Island. It is also renowned for providing strong customer service, which includes handling returns.

With a few exceptions, River Island provides a straightforward return procedure that enables customers to initiate returns either in-person or online.

River Island Return Policy

What is River Island’s return policy?

Within 28 days of shipping or retail purchase, River Island’s return policy permits returns of their merchandise. Every product being returned must be in its original packaging. There are some exclusions to the return policy, such as things like undergarments and beauty products that customers cannot return.

Always keep in mind that any item being returned must be clean, unworn, and unused and that the tags must still be attached. When you are returning an item to River Island, you will also want the original receipt or the email that served as your order confirmation.

Return Period 28 Days
Return Method In-Store or online
Exchange Period No Exchange Policy
Exchange Method In-Store or online
Refund Period Within 7 Days
Refund Method Method of Payment


How To Return a River Island item?

Because River Island offers so many purchasing options, there are also a variety of return options depending on how you purchased the item.

In-Store Return

No matter where you purchased the item, you can return it to any store nationwide. You can return an item to any River Island shop, even if you bought it online. Just remember to bring your receipt as evidence of purchase.

Online Return

Similar to this, you can bring any item to any store and begin the return procedure there if you want to return something you ordered from River Island online. If you are starting a return, be sure to bring your confirmation email with you since it will serve as evidence of purchase.

Orders placed with the help of Klarna Pay in 3 are not eligible for store exchanges.

Can you return an online purchase to the store?

You can most definitely return an internet purchase to the merchant. In fact, because it is a quicker process, River Island encourages clients to do precisely that.

However, keep in mind that your confirmation email is required if you are returning an online-purchased item in person.

How strict is the River Island return policy?

Although quite rigorous, River Island’s return policy follows a similar pattern to that of many other businesses.

It is essential that you return a product within 28 days after delivery or store purchase, and it’s crucial that all of the tags are present, connected, and undamaged.

River Island Exchange Policy

There isn’t much of an exchange policy at River Island. Only online orders placed at UK stores are eligible for exchanges, and each exchange request must be supported by a confirmation email serving as proof of purchase.

River Island Refund Policy

If you initiate the return procedure within 28 days of the purchase or delivery, River Island will refund the majority of your purchases. Swimwear and food are two exclusions to their return policy, but the business is happy with issuing most refunds.

Does River Island accept returns after 30 days?

After 30 days, River Island does not accept returns. Since River Island is a UK company and American customers must take into account the time it takes for a product to arrive from abroad, the company actually doesn’t accept returns after merely 28 days, giving you less time to start the return procedure than you do with most other businesses.

What items Cannot be returned to River Island?

Food, grooming goods, cosmetics with broken hygiene seals, pierced jewelry, and swimwear without a hygiene strip are a few River Island products that cannot be returned to the company.

Exceptions (to return policy)

Refunds or exchanges are not permitted for the following products:

  • Food
  • Swimming suits without a hygiene strip
  • grooming equipment
  • When the hygiene seal is damaged, cosmetics
  • Pinned-in jewelry

Unless they are damaged, all gifts, home goods, and electrical items must be returned in their original packaging.

How long do River Island refunds take?

Within ten days of receiving your return for a UK-based online order, River Island will process it and issue a refund.

Do not forget that River Island is a British company. Within 7 days of receiving your package at our distribution center, the company will process your return and issue a refund for any online orders placed from the United States.

If you return a physical item you bought at a store or an online purchase, your money will be returned using the original payment method. If you don’t have the original credit or debit card, your refund will be loaded onto a River Island Refund Card.

For online purchases, River Island will send you a confirmation email after your refund has been processed.

Depending on the processing lead times of your payment provider, once it has been processed, your refund will show up on your statement in one to ten days.


Does River Island give full refunds?

When you return an item to River Island, you will receive a full refund; however, it may take one to ten days for the reimbursement to appear in your account. On the River Island website, you may track the progress of your return. You will then need to wait for one to ten days until the refund is given after the status of your item is “Returned.”

Can I return a River Island product after use?

After utilizing a River Island item, you cannot return it. All River Island items that can be returned must be unused, clean, and still have their tags on.

Does River Island take returns without a receipt?

The River Island returns policy prohibits returns without a receipt.


Most items can be returned to River Island as long as you initiate the procedure within 28 days, they haven’t been worn, they still have their original tags, and you’ve kept the receipt.

Just keep in mind that because it is an international company, the process can take longer to finish.


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