RevZilla Price Match Policy

Selling motorcycle apparel, parts, and accessories online is a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based business. Since its founding in 2007, RevZilla has aided riders in staying secure on the road. To ensure that their consumers are getting the greatest discounts on the things they want to purchase, RevZilla has a price match policy.

We’ll walk you through the details of how Revzilla’s price match policy operates so you can decide on a purchase knowing exactly where your money is going.

Does RevZilla offer a Price Match In-Store?

No, RevZilla doesn’t provide in-store price matching. Since RevZilla sells motorbike accessories online, the company lacks physical locations.

Does RevZilla offer Price Match Online?

Yes. RevZilla provides an online price match. So, if you discover an item for less money than its rivals, get in touch with them via phone or online chat.

Does RevZilla have a Price Adjustment Policy?

Yes. If after making a purchase from RevZilla the price of the item drops within 30 days, you can contact them by phone or live chat to ask for a price adjustment. They will change the price and give you back your credit.

Price Match Criteria:

RevZilla has price match requirements, like many retailers. These conditions must be met:

  • Advertised prices should be in line with the cost of the goods. The products ought to be available.
  • The products you want to seek a price match for must be brand-new and have the exact same model, size, color, and shape (where applicable).
  • The price match would also account for the product’s shipping charges.
  • For the price match to apply, the item’s price must be at least $50.
  • RevZilla will process any price match request at its exclusive discretion.

Price Match Process:

The website is a retailer. The price match or modification must be requested online because there are no physical stores for it. You can do that online through their Live Chat feature or by calling 877-792-9455. This is how price matching works:

  • Once you locate a comparable product at RevZilla’s rival website, you should visit that site, add the product to your cart at, and then utilize the form that will display at the bottom to include the link to the rival’s advertisement or website.
  • Make sure you don’t provide a link to the homepage or shopping basket of the rival.
  • After they confirm, they will send you an email with instructions on how to order from RevZilla.


There are some exclusions, which means that RevZilla cannot match the prices of a number of goods or offers. The exclusions are as follows:

  • Auctions, like those on eBay, are not price-matched.
  • The price-matched items cannot be used in conjunction with other offers or discounts.

Price Adjustment Process:

Because it is an internet store, the price modification is done online. But you must still be aware of the procedure. The method for adjusting prices is as follows:

  • If you already bought something from RevZilla and the item’s price drops within 30 days of your purchase, you can use their phone number or Live Chat (when it’s available) to ask for a price match online.
  • You can get in touch with them at 877-792-9455.
  • They will change the price and credit the difference between the ZillaCash and the RPM Cash Credit to your RevZilla account once they have verified your request for a price adjustment.

RevZilla’s Price Matching Competitors List:

Although RevZilla doesn’t have a precise list of competitors, they do stipulate that the rival must be a US-authorized dealer. So, if you wish to ask RevZilla to match a competitor’s price, you should confirm that the opponent is the legitimate vendor.

Why is RevZilla popular?

Because they provide motorbike gear at affordable prices, RevZilla is well-known. Dirt bikes, cruisers, sportbikes, and scooters are just a few of the many motorcycle models and types that RevZilla offers a variety of items for. In order to keep riders warm and dry when they are riding their bikes or working in the pits at a race track, RevZilla also supplies racing equipment like helmets and clothing. The fact that RevZilla is a recognized trademark contributes to its popularity. Additionally, RevZilla provides limited-edition, unique products that are not available anyplace else around the globe.

In addition to informational films on their YouTube channel, RevZilla includes a blog with posts about motorcycle gear and other relevant topics for riders.

The business’s online presence is expanding; has more than 400,000 Facebook fans and more than 20,000 followers on Twitter, among other social media platforms.

Some Questions and Answers:

Consequently, you gained knowledge of RevZilla’s pricing matching and adjusting procedures through this article. But you might still have some inquiries, just like many other people. To learn more about this, consider the following queries and responses:

When was RevZilla founded?

In 2007, RevZilla was established.

What is RevZilla?

A Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based internet shop of motorbike accessories is called RevZilla.

Who owns the RevZilla?

RevZilla is a trademark of RevZilla, Inc. The parent company of RevZilla and Cycle Gear is Comoto Holdings.

What items are available at the RevZilla?

From clothing to bike parts and more, RevZilla sells a huge selection of products made just for motorcycles. AGV Sport, Alpinestars, Arai, BMW Motorcycles, Ducati, and many other brands are among the many brands available on Revzilla.

Summary of this Article:

Purchasing new motorbike equipment might be challenging. With so many options and brands to pick from, it’s simple to become overwhelmed and make a decision you could come to regret. Shopping has been considerably simpler thanks to RevZilla’s price adjustment and match procedures.

Please post your inquiries in the comments if you have any queries regarding these rules. We will be delighted to respond to them for you!

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