Rebel Sport Price Match

Under certain conditions, Rebel Sport will match prices offered by rival companies. In Australia and New Zealand, the retailer’s price match promise policy is slightly different.

When Rebel Sport price matches and what items qualify are described in this article. Discover more about it below.

Rebel Sport Price Match

Does Rebel Sport Offer Price Matching?

Yes, Rebel Sport will match lower prices offered by rivals on similar goods. Customers in Australia, including those making online purchases, are covered by this price match promise.

Rebel Sport goes a step further with its price match guarantee in New Zealand locales. The price will be matched at a 10% discount on the competitor’s price.

For instance, you pay $10 for a Rebel Sport item in one of its New Zealand stores. A few days later, you discover the same thing being sold by a rival for $8.

You visit Rebel Sport with evidence of the competitor’s price. The cost of the item is $7.20. In the end, Rebel Sport will reimburse you for the $2.80 discrepancy.

Does Rebel Sport Have a Price Adjustment Policy?

There is a pricing adjustment policy in place at Rebel Sport. Depending on specific requirements, the shop may give price matching or changes.

Criteria and Requirements for Australia

The merchandise must be the same model, size, brand, and color. You cannot get a price reduction for a pair of blue Nike in size 10 supplied by a competitor if you purchase a pair of black Nike sneakers in a size 9. The shoe model number in this instance also needs to match.

Second, the item must be in stock and able to be delivered in the next seven days. Consider purchasing a shirt from Rebel Sport just to discover that a competitor is offering it for cheaper. The garment is no longer offered, though. Rebel Sport won’t alter anything or play a match.

Third, Rebel Sport does not grant price reductions for products that a rival is liquidating, is offering at a wholesale store, or is giving away as a part of a commercial volume discount.

Fourth, the product must come from a rival that operates in Australia and has a physical location or a website. Last but not least, the price must be for the item only and not include any shipping or additional expenses.

Criteria and Requirements for New Zealand

In New Zealand, things sold in physical stores that are in stock are subject to price reductions and matching. The adjusted item cannot come from a wholesale outlet, a clearance sale, or a liquidation sale. A Rebel Sport store in New Zealand similarly requires proof of the rival’s price.

Are There Exceptions?

There do not appear to be any other exceptions to the price match policy specified in Rebel Sport’s terms and conditions. The company’s websites for Australia and New Zealand each list all of the requirements in detail.

Does Rebel Sport Price Match Amazon?

It’s unclear whether Rebel Sport will match Amazon prices on certain items. Any seller using Amazon fulfillment must have a location in Australia.

Amazon does, however, have a website that is situated in Australia. So in theory, this would satisfy one of Rebel Sport’s requirements. The product would also need to meet all the other requirements, such as not being on sale or in liquidation, in order to be offered on Amazon’s Australian website.

Given that, it might be wise to inquire with Rebel Sport in Australia. There are many items on Amazon that might not be appropriate. You should be able to get a clear answer on particular items by calling the retailer’s customer service number or visiting the store in person.

It doesn’t seem like Rebel Sport will price match Amazon based on the verbiage used on their New Zealand website. The internet behemoth does not currently run a New Zealand-specific website or one from the nation.

Does Rebel Sport Price Match Online?

Online price matching is available from Rebel Sport as long as the store is based in Australia or New Zealand. All requirements for Rebel Sport’s price match must be met by the products.

While checking out, Australian customers can also request a price match through Rebel Sport’s webchat. For online price matching, customers can also phone a customer support number.

Customers in New Zealand, however, are not given this choice. They have to visit a real store.


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