Princess Polly Return Policy

Princess Polly has a typical exchange and refund policy. Products may be returned within 30 days after purchase under this policy, and sales items are covered by this 30-day return window. Only a few goods are off-limits for return for hygiene reasons.

What then does the return procedure entail? For your return, Princess Polly will give you the choice of a refund, an exchange, or a gift card. Throughout this post, we’ll talk about and describe the things that can’t be returned.

Princess Polly Return Policy

How do I initiate a return?

Simply access the “Help & FAQ” area of the Princess Polly website. There will be a tab for returns and exchanges under this section. Choose the nation from where you are returning the item. Select “start a return” after that.

How to return your items

  • Your order number and postal code are required.
  • Only items received within 30 days may be returned.
  • You could decide to mail the things back using the return label you printed out.
  • You could decide to leave your things at a specific place and have them shipped back from there.
  • If you are returning something because it is faulty or damaged, send an email to . These returns are given more importance than other returns.

The return procedure starts off in this manner. It is quite simple to go through the process. After you begin your return, they walk you through the entire procedure.

Which return method should I use?

The two options for returning things that are offered each have their own advantages. You can ship the things from whichever location suits you best if you print off the label. You don’t need to print a label if you drop the products off.

  • Instead of printing out the return label and shipping the products that way, it would be less expensive to drop the items off at the stated location if you were hoping to get a refund. The drop-off approach is at no cost.
  • A $6.95 fee will be subtracted from your refund if you decide to print the label and request a refund.
  • Either approach is good if you’re exchanging things. When it comes to exchanges, both strategies are cost-free.

What items am I unable to return?

Some things are prohibited from being returned, yet Princess Polly offers a simple return procedure for those that can be done and does not care why they are being returned.

Items that can’t be returned

  1. swimwear with the sanitary seal still intact
  2. items that have been used and cleaned
  3. Earrings
  4. tools for beauty
  5. items that no longer have tags
  6. cosmetic items
  7. other undergarments such as underwear

As a result of sanitary concerns, certain products cannot be returned. Only things that are returned in their original condition will be accepted by Princess Polly. You can’t buy something, wear it out and about, wash it when you’re done with it, and then return it.

Keep all tags and sanitary seals on while trying on the clothing for the first time in case you need to return it.

How long will it take to get my money back?

When can you expect to receive your preferred form of payment after you’ve completed the process and sent the products you wanted to return? The processing of the refund should take seven business days.

Refunds made using Shop Pay or Afterpay can still be processed. The procedure is merely somewhat different.

Shop Pay refunds

  • The last payment installment will be canceled first.
  • The last payment to be processed will be the one made last.
  • You may return whatever many goods you wish.
  • If you opt to print off the sticker, the postal cost will be deducted from the refund.

Afterpay refunds

  • Even though products are being returned, keep paying Afterpay. The return amounts will be reimbursed, but timely Afterpay payments are still required.
  • Refunds for Afterpay transactions will be processed backward, starting with the most recent installment.
  • You are free to choose how many products you want to return.
  • If you decide to print out the mailing sticker, the postage cost will be subtracted from your refund.

Factors that affect how long it will take to receive your refund

  • Before the group processes the returned items, they will be quarantined for three days.
  • Depending on your banking institution, refund times may vary.

What if I want to exchange my items instead of receiving a refund?

The same things that can be returned or exchanged also qualify for a refund. Any items that do not adhere to the hygienic return criteria will still not be eligible for exchange. Princess Polly will give you a refund if she is unable to provide you with the products you requested in exchange for your return.

How long will it take to process exchanges?

Processing a return takes substantially longer than processing an exchange. The exchange is processed after the return is delivered and scanned. If there are other Princess Polly products you are interested in, this is a far better return method than getting a refund. As opposed to a refund, you won’t need to wait seven business days.

Final Thoughts

The Princess Polly return procedure is quite straightforward and user-friendly. The business does an excellent job of handling all the challenging and annoying aspects of returning online purchases and provides several options for doing so.

If the merchandise complies with the return policies, Princess Polly does not demand a justification for the return.

If you simply don’t like the product, you can decide to return it within the thirty-day term. Simply email them to let them know the goods are damaged, and your return will be given utmost priority.


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