Primark Return Policy

If the merchandise is unwashed, unused, and has its original tags remaining on it, Primark will accept returns or exchanges for the full amount. Some items cannot be returned if they have been opened or no longer have a hygiene seal due to health concerns.

To find out more about Primark’s exchange and refund policies as well as the products that cannot be returned, continue reading below.

Primark Return Policy

What is Primark’s Return Policy?

Primark’s return policy is rather simple because they only have physical stores.

Return Period 28 days (unworn, unused, and tags still on)
Exchanges 28 days (unworn, unused, and tags still on)
Holiday Window Items purchased on or after the 12 of October can be refunded or exchanged until the end of January (January 31st)


How To Return a Primark Item?

You must return unused and unworn merchandise to Primark within 28 days and present a valid receipt in order to do so. The original tags from the merchandise must still be attached.

Certain items must be undamaged and (if applicable) have the hygiene seal on them in order to be returned or exchanged.

  • Boxers or briefs
  • Pinning accessories
  • Products for beauty and health
  • Credit cards
  • Swimwear

Simply enter the store that is most convenient for you, present the things, and get the refund or exchange you desire.

Can You Return an Online Purchase to the Store?

Currently, Primark does not have an online store. This implies that all purchases, returns, and refunds must be made at a real store.

How strict is the Primark Return Policy?

Unless you can show there is a valid reason for your return to be made later than 28 days, Primark’s return policy is highly severe. For instance, during Covid, you must have confirmation that your isolation coincides with the 28-day return window if you isolate yourself in order to protect others.

The receipt should also include the unique returns policy.

Occasionally, you might be allowed to return products after the allotted 28 days. However, you won’t receive a complete refund. If a return is permitted beyond 28 days, it’s typical that you can only exchange the item.

Even with this proof, the store manager may decide not to accept a return or exchange because these decisions are entirely at their discretion.

Primark Exchange Policy

Items that are unwashed, unused, and still have all of their tags and hygiene seals can be replaced within 28 days. Underwear is one example of a product that cannot be returned unless it was manufactured incorrectly.

Primark Refund Policy

Primark accepts returns of merchandise within 28 days as long as it is unwashed, unused, and still bears all of its original tags. Certain goods can only be returned if they were manufactured incorrectly. The processing of refunds will take 10 working days.

Does Primark Accept Returns After 30 Days?

No, after 28 days, Primark does not accept returns. You may find the final day to ask for a refund or exchange on your receipt.

Although it is uncommon and you can only get an exchange after 28 days, some users have mentioned being able to return products. Every customer receives a receipt with a printed copy of the return policy so they are aware of the specific guidelines.

What Items Cannot be Returned to Primark?

Primark does not accept returns of items that have been used or cleaned. Additionally, products lacking the original tags cannot be returned for reimbursement.

Certain items must be undamaged and (if applicable) have the hygiene seal on them in order to be returned or exchanged.

  • Boxers or briefs
  • Pinning accessories
  • Products for beauty and health
  • Credit cards
  • Swimwear

Unless there was a manufacturing defect, underwear cannot be returned.

Exceptions (To The Return Policy)

The only exception to the return policy is if the item is defective when you receive it. In this case, you should be allowed to exchange or return the item within 28 days, even if it is one of their typically non-returnable items.

Additionally, if you miss your 28-day return window because of self-isolation, you might be able to request a waiver, but it depends on the retailer. It is entirely up to the store and the manager in charge whether or not to accept returns after the initial 28-day period. If they do offer returns after 28 days, it is likely that they will only accept items for exchange and not for a full refund.

Can I Return a Primark Product After Use?

No, you cannot return things that have been used or cleaned. The original tags from the merchandise must still be attached. Except in cases where the product was defective, these items cannot be exchanged or returned at all.

You are encouraged to speak with customer support to discuss the next measures if the product was defective. To return or exchange defective goods, you can also visit a nearby store.


How Long Do Primark Refunds Take?

If you bought for Primark with a card, refunds may take 5 to 10 days to process. Refunds will always be made in the same manner as the original transaction. For instance, if you used a card to pay, you cannot get cash in return.

Does Primark Take Returns Without a Receipt?

No, Primark won’t accept a return without a receipt or other kind of purchase documentation.

Does Primark Give Full Refunds?

Items can be returned to Primark for a full refund as long as they are unworn, unwashed, and still have their original tags on them. Gift cards and products without a hygiene seal, such as undergarments and swimwear, cannot be returned for a full refund. Additionally, body piercings cannot be exchanged.


Primark has a pretty tight return policy, although each store’s manager decides the terms and final outcome.

But generally speaking, you have 28 days after the date on your receipt to return products for a full refund or exchange them for something else if they haven’t been opened, worn, or washed.

To request a return, bring the item into the store together with proof of purchase.


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