Petco Price Match

If you want to save money on pet food, supplies, and other items, going to Petco can be the ideal option because it offers the advantages of price matching.

Consumers can take advantage of the advantages of the best price at checkout thanks to price matching and price adjustment policies. What you need to know about Petco’s price-matching policy is provided below.

Let’s quickly learn how to leverage their price match policy to get a lower price at checkout or a partial refund for up to 14 days after your purchase.

Petco Price Match

Does Petco Price Match in 2022?

Yes, Petco has a price match policy that entitles consumers to a reimbursement for the difference between the sale price and the original purchase price of an identical item in the store for a period of up to 14 days following the original purchase. Additionally, Petco matches the prices of a number of rivals, including Petsmart, Amazon, and Chewy.

When you buy anything, you might be happy with the price, but later on, you might feel like you paid too much, especially if you find the same thing for less elsewhere. To assist you as the customer in balancing the difference between the purchase price and the discounted price, a price matching policy is in place.

You must research and comprehend Petco’s price-matching policy if you want to take advantage of it. If the buyer can show that the same item is being sold at a lower price at another location by a rival, Petco will match the sale prices on that item.

Price matches and changes are frequently utilized to preserve and expand the client base while matching sales pricing.

There are restrictions attached to a price match and price modifications in Petco locations, just as price match regulations in other retailers.

Measures to Follow for Price Match

  1. Ensure that the product you seek is identical to the next in terms of color, model, size, and brand in order to qualify for a price match at Petco.
  2. The proof is required in order to compare selling prices. For instance, you can use evidence like a website advertisement, an email they sent you, or a printed advertisement to show that a competitor charges less for identical goods.
  3. Only in-stock products are eligible for price matching. This holds true for both Petco and the rival you want to compete against.
  4. Services – Service costs are not priced to match, including those for pet photographs, training, and similar items.
  5. Live animals are not eligible for price matching because no two animals are actually equal.
  6. Online competitor: Verify that the online competitor you want to match with is on the list of permitted opponents.

Customers who wish to take advantage of Petco’s price-matching policy must contact the company directly by calling (877) 738-6742 or visiting their website.

You can either call Petco directly at (877) 738-6742 to make a claim for the process of price matching a product, or you can visit their Official website.

Does Petco Offer Price Adjustment?

Customers at Petco have the option to request a price adjustment within 14 days after making their purchase thanks to the company’s price adjustment policy.

When a consumer purchase a good and it soon after goes on sale, the price is adjusted. We have excellent news if this happens to you at Costco.

Petco will give you a credit for the difference between the regular and sale pricing if you ask for a price adjustment. Both brick-and-mortar businesses and internet stores have price modifications.

Fortunately, if you purchased your item at a physical store or ordered it online, you can get a partial refund. All you would need to do is call the customer service team’s hotline to get in touch with them.

For goods purchased from the official stores, you can also match sales prices.

If you made an online purchase, you can call their customer service hotline or return to the store where you purchased the item to request your refund.

By going here, you may get a list of Petco locations that offer price matching.


However, there are a few exclusions that you need to be aware of if you want to request a price match for that specific product.

  • pricing mistakes by competitors
  • When Petco updates prices or fixes typos for the specified products
  • absence of a notice of price changes

Special Exclusions

In the event that stock is unavailable for a particular purchase, Petco does not offer a rain check. It values the one product, one price match per client policy. Items won’t be taken into account during the matching process for some online web store retailers.

The price matching of Petco’s services does not apply to pet services offered by rival businesses. The following services are excluded: pet photography, dog training, and grooming.

Live animals are not included in this pricing matching process, per Petco’s Standards of Excellence. This is due to the individuality and uniqueness of every species. As a result, they cannot participate in the same process.

Which Retailers Does Petco Price Match?


Prices on and are identical on Petco shops, however, do not always match competitors’ online prices for each item.

Therefore, make sure that you purchased your goods through their website if you want to price match online.

Chewy and match prices online. However, actual stores won’t match sale prices, just like in the case of Petco.

You can frequently price match physical stores with competitors’ physical stores while omitting competitors’ online businesses since online prices function differently than physical store prices.


Petco and Petsmart provide identical prices. If your goods were purchased in a physical location, there is no online price match guarantee. It’s interesting to note that these two businesses frequently offer the same bargains, but if you discover one performs better than the other, you can contact customer care service for assistance.

Only purchases made at Jet, Target, Chewy, Amazon, Walmart, and Petsmart qualify for a price match online. Others are not price matched, aside from these online merchants.

Petco Price Match On Sales Policy

Regardless of whether a product is offered by a rival or is on sale at the store, Petco does not match prices on clearance, discounted, or sale items.

You are not permitted to change a product’s price after the initial adjustment, per the company’s policy on price matching.

If you’re unsure whether you can use a coupon for a price-matched item, it’s best to be aware that Petco’s policies forbid it because the item already has a lower price, much like a discount. As a result, no more discounts are possible.

Additionally not included in Petsmart’s price-matching policy are

  • Product returns from customers
  • Items should be avoided
  • Credit cards
  • Products made by international rivals
  • Live animals, pet services, and pet adoption

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Petco Price Match?

Yes, Petco will match prices. They proudly advertise that “We won’t be beaten on pricing” To make a price match, drop by the store or give their customer service department a call.

Does Petco Price Adjust?

Yes, Petco will change prices for a period of up to 14 days following the date of purchase. Simply call their customer service line or visit a nearby store.

Does Petco Price Match Amazon?

Yes, matches both and’s prices. However, Petco retail locations only sync with

Does Petco Price Match Chewy?

The prices on do indeed match those on However, Petco stores only sync with

Does Petco Price Match PetSmart?

Yes, Petco matches PetSmart’s prices.

Does Petco Price Match Online Prices?

Yes, certain internet businesses’ prices are matched by (,,,,,, However, other online merchants do not match prices.

How do I contact Petco’s Customer Service?

At 877-738-6742, you can reach Petco’s customer service.


Most of us have a go-to store where we virtually exclusively shop. We occasionally find that we are paying too much at our favorite store. Price matching and modifications are helpful in this situation.

The particular guidelines (and exceptions) that will enable you to save money while shopping has been explained in this article. Even if you’ve already made a purchase, you can still receive a partial refund.


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