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One of these is PDHSports.com, a family-run racket sports business with headquarters in Duffield, Derbyshire. When professional squash player Paul Hargrave started selling rackets in 1992 to supplement his squash playing income, PDHSports was born. Paul was one of the first racket sports vendors to sell online and developed the initial PDHSports website himself (after taking a short course in basic HTML and web design at night school). They’ve come a long way since then, with a much more developed online presence and a showroom close to Derby.

Does PDHSports Price Match its Competitors?

Yes. They have a policy of price matching.

Does PDHSports Price Match Online?

Yes. Online price matching requests are available.

Is There Price Adjustment Policy at the PDHSports?

No. They don’t have a policy for pricing adjustments.

Price Match Criteria:

  • Quotes for package deals, discount merchandise, discontinued lines, or membership savings schemes are not covered by the price match guarantee.
  • The offer is only valid if the competitor’s pricing includes delivery. If not, the cost of delivery will be calculated using the shipping rules of the competitors based solely on this product being purchased and added to the competitor’s offer price to provide a final price that includes delivery.
  • Price Match isn’t offered for very long stretches of time. After we have spoken with the vendor to confirm the pricing, the price match is only good for 48 hours. Price Match is not compatible with any other promotions.
  • A price match is only valid for identical items in the same category, such as model, color, and shoe size/grip size.

Price Match Process:

To find out if they accept price matching requests, use their live chat feature.

However, you are unsure if they would.

The thing should be the same, though.

They can be reached at 01332 843139.

send an email to customerservice@pdhsports.com.


Existing authorized transactions are not covered by the Price Match Promise. Please be aware that a large number of reputable racket sports and fitness businesses forbid the sale of their products on eBay or other auction websites. They are unable to match pricing on these websites as a result. Please be aware that only UK-based websites and shops can be matched.

Price Adjustment Process:

If you buy something from them and the price drops within 60 days, you can ask for a price adjustment. You can ask for a price reduction.

They will drop the price and pay you the difference as soon as they confirm the cheaper pricing.

PDHSports Competitors’ List:

You can ask for a price match if you discover an identical product at a UK store, but there is no special rivals list for this service.

Refunds and Returns

Returns should be sent to:

  • Returns at PDH Sports
  • Derwentside
  • No. 25 Town Street
  • Duffield
  • Derbyshire
  • DE56 4EH

Before returning things, kindly complete the returns form.

Items can only be returned within 14 days after receiving your order provided they are in their original packaging, unworn, and have labels or shoe tags still intact. Please send your return together with your order number, proof of purchase, and complete contact information. Please be aware that in order to avoid being charged, free items that are a part of a promotion on a product you’re returning must also be sent back at the same time.

Please get in touch with them right away at 01332 843139 or customerservice@pdhsports.com if you want to modify or cancel an order before it is delivered. If your order had already been dispatched before you canceled it, they would reimburse the balance of the purchase price and any shipping costs because they ship all orders as soon as feasible (if applicable).

Since they are unable to resell used items, they will not accept used rackets. They propose selling an item through a third party, like eBay, if you no longer need it but don’t want it.

Returning Rackets

Any rackets that have been used or whose handle has had the wrapper removed will be returned to you since they are unable to sell such things as brand new because doing so would be detrimental to their cherished consumers, for whom they work so hard to provide a high-quality product.

Unless they are defective or wrongly delivered, customers are liable for the cost of returning any undesired purchases (and any free goods, if applicable). Please remember that any issues with your purchase must be handled within seven days.

To assist customers in finding a racket that fits them, they started offering the 10-Day Racket Trial a number of years ago.

Please review the terms below:

10-day Racket Trial Returns

In order to receive a full refund, the grip’s original packaging and tags must be present. Any associated charges for returning anything to them are your responsibility. For additional details on using Myhermes for quick, inexpensive returns, click here. The goods might also be changed out for an equivalent model, however, any additional shipping costs would be your responsibility.

Please double-check your order’s details to make sure you’re placing the proper size orders. You can reach them at customerservice@pdhsports.com if you have any questions concerning international conversion since their shoe sizes are often measured in UK measurements.


If something goes wrong or you send the wrong item, they’ll even reimburse you for the return freight.

The policy further states that while Myhermes can typically only refund postage up to the cost of the basic service, you should always utilize this handy, tracked service (rather than more expensive special delivery or upgraded courier services) for returns. Click here to set up a return using Myhermes.

They regret that they cannot be held liable if products are lost in transit, but they do ask that you submit the necessary paperwork and comprehensive insurance for all returns.

You will only be charged a small handling fee of about £2.20 per product to cover order processing and fulfillment costs if your order is for £200 or more. If this happens, even if you purchased more than £50 worth of goods, they have the right to refund you less than the regular £3.99 UK delivery fee.

Bundle returns and gifts

Even if they were initially purchased separately, any goods you keep after returning any bundle offer items will be charged at their regular, current full price. Only if every item in the bundle is bought and kept does the lower price apply. Free gifts that were given in exchange for purchases must be exchanged or returned; otherwise, the full cost will be applied.

Some Questions and Answers:

You now know about PDHSports’ policy on price matching and adjustments. However, you can still have some queries. Following are some queries and responses:

When was PDHSports Founded?

1992 saw the establishment of it.

What makes PDHSports so popular?

There are several of them. If you discover an item for less elsewhere, they will reimburse you the difference because they price match. Additionally, they provide a 10-day racket trial so that clients can test one out and return it if they’re not satisfied.

Summary of the Article:

Following are some highlights from the article:

  • Price matching is available at PDHSports.
  • Ten days are allowed for returns by customers.
  • The preferred way to return things is through Myhermes.
  • There are some limitations for exchanges and returns (bundle deals, etc)

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