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This article explains how to access with EZPass MA. We’ll go through every important detail concerning PayByPlateMA or E-ZPass in this article. We’ll discuss the site and related topics including login, password, and EZdriveMA contact information. The essential details, functions, Pay By Plate MA details, and payment alternatives are all present.

By the time you’re done reading this Pay By Plate article, you won’t be experiencing any problems with EZPass MA,, or any other Pay By Plate MA-related technical issues.

What is PayByPlateMA or EZPass MA?

A parking system called Pay By Plate MA aids users in computerized toll collecting. Video images and vehicle license plates are used to do this. Only the toll highways in Massachusetts accept EZPass MA. Pay by Plate MA makes life much better than it was back when we all had to travel and wait in line for mass toll payments. If you are traveling without your Pay By Plate MA account, Pay By Plate MA online will alert you on your mail-address EZPass MA invoice. You must keep in mind how to log in to Mass EZ Pass.

People who want to travel without having to bother about toll booths and large-scale toll payments can now do it thanks to technology.

The riders can now enjoy their travel in luxury with EZPass MA by going to online. The electronic tolling system used in Massachusetts is called EZdriveMA. With PayByPlate or E-ZPass, users can conveniently pay tolls and fines.

What is PaybyPlateMA Online?

The PayByPlateMA system aids with the paying of tolls. The license plates on the cars are recognized by Mass Pay By Plate. After then, a Pay By Plate bill from the EZPass MA system will be delivered to the vehicle owner’s registered mailing address.

Online EZPass MA bill payment is made simpler by the pay online bill payment service.

In contrast to earlier times when people had to pay tolls in bulk while standing in line, this method is superior.

On the official carters’ websites, such as the EzDrive-MA customer support center, you can check about these EZPass MA invoices.

About EZ Pass MA

The EZ Pass MA transponders are provided without charge. Additionally, it offers reduced tolls. The transponders of this system are connected to the windshield when you pay using it. Usually, it’s hidden behind the rearview mirror. Toll-station transponders would be able to be read by a device, which would modify the EZ Pass MA account.

Pay Online Benefits

  • Easy access to the EZPass MA toll collection system
  • greatly advantageous for the people of Massachusetts
  • For posting toll transactions, license plate images or videos from moving cars are used. Then it would confirm payment via plasma.

How to Login Into

Please follow the instructions because they are only effective when done correctly and in the specified order.

  • Go to [] to access the official webpage.

 Login Into   EZ Pass MA

  • Now, as shown in the above image, click the Pay By Plate MA Log In button.

 Login Into   EZ Pass MA

  • After you open the Log In link as seen in the above image, you may also click the Pay By MA button.
  • Add the necessary information now, such as the invoice number, vehicle number, and state information.
  • Click Log In after entering the information.

 Pay Account or Payment Options

You can visit www. paybyplatema to learn more about pay and the image and video collection of the license plates of the automobiles.

The Pay By Plate Pay system is available to visitors who reside both inside and outside of Massachusetts.

For online payments, you must attach your credit card or debit card, bank account number, and bank routing.

If you don’t have a payment form, it’s best to avoid opening or accessing

If you do not understand or do not want to use the pay method, you can still pay the bill if you are a senior citizen over the age of 65. It will be simpler if you mail the package directly to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts – EZ Drive MA PaymentProcessing Center utilizing US Mail services.

Address Details of Bill Payment

If you are not comfortable with paying online bill pay, then you can send mail to the given address.

Official Website:


EZ DRIVE MA Payment Processing Center (Don’t prefer sending cash)

P.O. Box 847840,
Boston, MA 02284-7840


For sending Mail manually,

EZ DRIVE MA Customer Service Center

P.O.Box 8007
Auburn MA – 01501 8007

If you have any problems related to the PayByPlateMA or any other technical problems are all going to be sent to the customer service center.

EZ DRIVE MA Customer Service Center,
27, Midstate Drive,
Auburn, MA – 01501 1800

Fax: 508-786-5222


So that’s how residents of Massachusetts and anyone visiting there from other states can use EZDrive and the official website. Use the comments section to let us know if we missed anything concerning EZPass MA. If you appreciated our article about it, let us know in the comments.



You can open an account for E-Z Pass MA services. You will receive a free transponder when you open an E-Z account, and you will then be able to use discounted tolls to travel on MA Roads.

How to book an appointment with EZ DRIVE Customer Service Center?

To schedule an appointment for completing a transaction, go to

Does EZ accept all out-of-state transponder issues by out-of-state?

Yes, EZDRIVEMA will accept transponders that have been issued by an EZ toll agency from other states.

What are the other ways to www paybyplatema com pay online bill pay?

There are more simple ways to pay the bill if you are concerned about the EZPass MA bill payment. Below, they are displayed.

  • Invoice Pay By Plate Pay By Plate
  • Using your Pay According to Plate MA
  • Using your official EZPass MA Account
  • With EZPass MA, interstate travel
  • Finally, you can get in touch with the police.

What is the contact detail of the EZPass MA office in Auburn, MA, USA?

Use the information provided below to get in touch with the Auburn EZPass MA office.

Contact Number: +1.877.627.7745

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