Officeworks Price Match Policy

Australia’s popular Officeworks chain of office supply stores is run by Wesfarmers, the parent company. The business was founded in 1994 by Coles Myer, which was famous for its wide selection and affordable prices before being bought up by Australia’s biggest retailer.

You will read about Officeworks’ extensive price match policy in this post.

Does Officeworks offer Price Match Online?

Yes. Officeworks offers a service known as a price-beat promise. You must request a price match if you discover any item from an online retailer for less money than Officeworks. If you do, Officeworks will not only match the lower price but also undercut it by 5%.

Does Officeworks offer Price Match In-Store

Yes. Similar to their online price match, Officeworks’ in-store price matching operates. You can thus present them with proof and request a price match at Officeworks if you discover an item in stock at one of their rival stores. A screenshot taken with your smartphone might serve as proof. Australia, the UK, and the USA all have Officeworks locations.

Does Officeworks Have a Price Adjustment Policy?

No. Officeworks doesn’t have a procedure for price adjustments. They have not made their policy clear. So how can you spend less with them? Perhaps you could try using their special offers and coupons.

Price Match Criteria:

When a store has specifications like evidence of the product, availability, and price, price match criteria are applicable. Here are their standards for price matching:

  • The item must be available for purchase at the competitor’s shop, website, or Officeworks location before seeking a price match.
  • You must submit evidence of the lower price, such as a screenshot or other documents, in order to seek the price match.

Price Match Process:

The price match procedure is rather easy to follow. If you meet the requirements listed below, Officeworks will equal the price of the competitor and beat it by 5%. Here’s how it matches prices:

1. Record the price

This can be an image taken from a magazine page, the screen of your phone, or the internet.

2. Let us know

To learn more about the decreased price, call or go to the Officeworks location that is closest to you.

3. Match and Save

You will be pleased if they grant your request since they will give you a 5% discount.


The exclusions are as follows:

  • When they match prices, promotions like cashback and discounts are excluded. Therefore, they wouldn’t include that in the price match if, for instance, you receive a price reduction through a coupon or cashback.
  • Commercial quantities and pricing are excluded from the price match; a discounted price, for instance, is only available to Apple Retail Education customers.
  • Any price matching policy that excludes stock liquidations shall be upheld by them. Unfortunately, this means they won’t match a lower price if you find it on an item from one of their rivals or on things the store owner has placed into receivership.
  • They reserve the right to set sales restrictions and limit sales to fair quantities.

Musicians Friend’s Price Matching Competitors List:

They don’t have a specific list of competitors so you can ask for a price match at any American store.

Parent’s Price Promise

You may save up to 20% off the Officeworks pricing with this awesome deal!

If you find identical stocked items at Officeworks for less than what is indicated on an official school list, you can receive a 20% discount through the Officeworks Parents’ Price Promise. At this store, you may get everything from back-to-school necessities to great deals!

You can request this price match in one of two ways:

1. Submit a file through their School List Service

Upload your school list

Your school list should be sent to them as a PDF file or image.

Review / edit

With Official Works, you may save money on supplies for your workplace or for school. You can always receive the best price without having to wait for a sale day thanks to their 20% Parents’ Price Promise.

Order and pay online

Any of the store’s payment methods can be used to make an online purchase.

2. When you visit your parents in-store, ask for their Price Promise.

Record the price

This can be anything, including a printout, a phone, or the website for your school.

Let us know

If you have a list from your school, present it to a team member at the Officeworks location.

Match and save

They will initially determine a discount of 20% off the matched price if your school list item is authorized. At checkout, this discount will be applied.

Returns Policy

You can return a product to Officeworks by getting in touch with a customer service agent, and they will handle the rest.

Ways to return your Officeworks purchase.

Bring the goods back in the same packaging or apply for a refund within 30 days of purchase if you’ve changed your mind or aren’t totally satisfied with it.

Where Returns are Accepted

Payment Method Return Accepted in Store Contact the Customer Service Centre
Credit Card Yes Yes
Afterpay Yes Yes*
Zip pay/Zip money Yes Yes*
Openpay Yes Yes*
Union Pay Yes Yes*
flyPAY No Yes
PayPal No Yes
Flexiworks No Yes*


If you used flyPAY, PayPal, or Flexiworks as your payment option, get in touch with the customer service department.

Consumer Guarantees

You can ask the business to rectify any issues with the products or services if they do not function properly. You can request a refund if they don’t complete it within a reasonable amount of time.

Change of Mind Returns – 30 Days

Within 30 days, return your item, and they’ll be pleased to give you a refund. You only need to deliver the item in its original packaging, unused, and with proof of purchase (such as an authentic register receipt).

Some Questions and Answers:

The following inquiries and responses will help you learn more about the Officeworks Price Match Policy:

When was Officeworks founded?

It started in June of 1994.

Who owns Officeworks?

Officeworks is owned by Wesfarmers.

Summary of this Article:

Officeworks is a business that matches prices on goods. They will match any lower price you find for an equivalent product at one of their rivals.

Additionally, they have a 20% Parents’ Price Promise that entitles you to a 20% discount on identically stocked items if the price is less than what is indicated on a list provided by the school. Additionally, you get 30 days to return items for a refund.

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