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NHSP is an organization that provides temporary staff to the UK. The NHS is an abbreviation of the National Health Service. Third-party organizations contract health care professionals to work temporary shifts. A health care professional can join the NHS staff bank, but they must have at least six months of experience with the NHS. The NHS is a great opportunity for individuals to develop their skills and experience. When a third party requests a task, a group of people who are willing to take on the task. This is why there are many opportunities for both health care workers and non-clinical staff who want to register with NHS to begin their careers.


NHSP bank is the temporary staff bank that works for 55 or more NHS Trusts throughout England. It’s easy to become an NHSP bank member. It takes less than 72 hours to register and begin your work.

When you open the link https://www.nhsprofessionals.nhs.uk/login you will be visited by a page in which you will be given options like NHSP My Bank, Join the Bank, Learnspace, Skill for Health, and so on. Online management of NHSP work is possible. You can also view your profile via NHSP My Bank. It is easier to manage your NHSP online work and keep track of all of your activities from one location. Your progress, as well as other important details, can be found on the website. You can visit your Trust wherever you are familiar with and well-known.


NHSP Login / NHS Professional Login Steps

  1. You first need to log in to NHSP Login/NHS Professional Login. To open NHSP Login / NHS Professional Login, you need to type NHSP Login / NHS Professional Login to Google or simply open this link https://bank.nhsp.uk/login
  2. The page below will then open. This page will display the Username & Password. Simply fill in the information. You will need to first enter your Username (Step 1), then your Password (Step 2)


In the following sequence, enter your username and password. The NHSP account will be opened.

NHSP Login or NHS Professional Account Benefits

  • When you need support
  • Competitive pay rate available
  • There are many shifts to choose from
  • For every work shift, holiday allowances
  • Online management of shifts is easy
  • Flexibility is key to your success
  • Weekly payment
  • Stakeholder pension scheme benefits

NHSP Login requirements

You will need to log in to NHSP only for the most basic requirements. These are listed below.

  • Internet access is available on any device, whether it’s a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.
  • Internet Browser
  • The URL of NHSP’s website
  • Valid Username and Password

These details will allow you to easily add NHSP to your account.

How to Reset NHSP Forgot Password?

NHSP provides a link to reset your password in the same way as any other standard procedure. To do this, click on “Forgot Password?” to enter your new password via the Password Management page. The Password Management page will show details such as Username, Email address, and Confirm email address. Finally, you will need to type the Captcha image character.

Once you have entered your details, click on the reset password button and follow these steps.


You can easily reset your password by entering the required details.

NHSP Bank Login Help

You can get help from NHSP Bank Login Support if you need it.

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