Neiman Marcus Price Match Policy

One of the most prestigious and opulent department shops in the world is Neiman Marcus. The Neiman Marcus Group, with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, owns the Neiman Marcus Group, Inc., formerly known as Neiman-Marcus, an American network of upscale department stores.

Their strategy of price matching has long been in place to safeguard clients who discover lower pricing on the websites of rival businesses.

This article outlines how to save money with Neiman Marcus’ price matching and adjustment procedures. We contacted Neiman Marcus customer service to see if they offered a price match and adjustment even if the information wasn’t posted on their website.

Yes, that was the reply. They provide price matching and adjusting services. Learn more about their price matching policy and how to make a request.

Does Neiman Marcus Offer a Price Match In-Store?

Yes. In-store, Neiman Marcus offers a price-matching guarantee. You would need to visit their store with documentation of the lower price at the rival in order to get a price match. They will price match for you after they have verified the item.

Does Neiman Marcus Offer a Price Matching Online?

Yes. Online, Neiman Marcus pledges to match prices. (We’ll cover it in more detail later in the article.)

Does Neiman Marcus Have a Price Adjustment Policy?

Yes. When you buy something from them and then discover the same item for less money at a different retailer or rival, they’ll refund you the difference in price within ten days of the transaction.

Price Match Criteria:

Almost all manufacturers who offer price matching typically have requirements. These are Neiman Marcus’ requirements:

  • The Neiman Marcus item needs to be available.
  • The item’s size and color must match.
  • The item can’t be discounted or on clearance.

Price Match Process:

Manufacturers who offer a price match typically have a procedure in place. The Neiman Marcus price match and price adjustment procedure should be familiar to you so that you can easily request it in person or online.

In-Store Process:

  • Bring the proof of the advertisement to their store and show them the lower price of the same item to seek a price match in person.
  • They will price match for you after they have confirmed the reduced price.

Online Process:

  • You must contact their customer care via Live Chat or their Phone Number and provide them with links to competitors’ lower price pages in order to obtain a price match online.
  • If the item is eligible and has been verified, they will price match it for you.

Their Live Chat Link: You can use their Live Chat without looking for a button on their page to ask for a price match. However, if the timing is perfect, such as when their customer service representatives are available to answer your queries, you can go to their contact our website and find a Live Chat button at the bottom right of the screen.

The number is (972) 556-6044.

Neiman Marcus Price Match Policy video guide


Manufacturers have several exclusions when they provide price match programs. You should be aware of Neiman Marcus’ exclusions before requesting a price match.

However, like many other things, there are no exclusions listed on their website, so I got in touch with their customer support to see whether there were any.

Here is their response:

“We do not price match beauty or clearance items.”

In comparison to other manufacturers and sellers, it appears that they do not have many exclusions. But they just mentioned these few.

Price Adjustment Process:

Neiman Marcus has a policy of price matching. Therefore, if you buy something from them and within ten days it costs less due to a deal at Neiman Marcus or another retailer, you can ask for a price adjustment, and they’ll refund you the difference.

  • Neiman Marcus advises contacting them with your order number to request the price change and asking if they may do so.
  • Neiman Marcus will alter the price and reimburse you for the difference if it qualifies for a price adjustment.

Neiman Marcus Price Matching Competitors List:

Any manufacturer who offers a price match typically has a list of competitors who also match prices. Unfortunately, Neiman Marcus doesn’t maintain a list of competitors that will match prices. I got in touch with their customer support to ask them to confirm this.

Here is their response:

“You can get in touch with us via phone, chat, or email to price match your order. The purchase must be made. We regret that we are unable to provide a list of the competitors who will match prices. You can get in touch with us to see if the price match applies.

You will understand that Neiman Marcus has no specific competition with whom to price match after reading this response. To find out if they can match the competitor’s price, you would need to speak with their customer care.

Some Questions and Answers:

As a result, you gained knowledge on Neiman Marcus’ price matching and return policies through this article. But you might still have some inquiries, just like many other people. To learn more about this, consider the following questions and answers:

Why did Neiman Marcus come up with the price match policy?

This was created by Neiman Marcus in order to give their consumers a satisfying shopping experience.

How do you request the Neiman Marcus Price Match?

You don’t need to locate a button on their page in order to use their Live Chat to ask for a price match. However, if you’re interested in interacting with them, visit their contact us page and look for the Live Chat option in the lower right corner of the screen.

When was Neiman Marcus founded?

Herbert and Carrie Neiman created the Neiman Marcus Group, Inc., or Neiman Marcus, in 1907.

Summary of this Article:

This article could have provided a clearer picture of Neiman Marcus’ price-matching and adjusting procedures. Please post your queries in the section below if you have any more.

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