Nectar Return Policy

Nectar Mattress features a very straightforward and uncomplicated return procedure. They sell a variety of items, but all of them can be returned as long as they’re still in good shape and can be given.

In actuality, Nectar gives all clients a full year to use their products before they have to send them back. Furthermore, you must use the product for at least a full month before you ask for a return and refund.

Nectar Return Policy

What is Nectar’s return policy?

Customers can return their purchases to Nectars up to a year after delivery and no later than day 31 for opened mattresses. Each item must be in brand-new condition.

Unopened mattresses may be returned for a refund after delivery.

Nectar has several distinct conditions and procedures for returns because they sell a wide variety of sleep-related products.

Nectar Mattresses A return request for an opened mattress must be made no earlier than a whole 30 days after the delivery while also no later than one calendar year (365 days) after.   All mattresses must be in good enough condition so they can be donated. Any environmental damage, such as mold or staining, makes a return impossible.
Nectar Pillows You can return a Nectar pillow 50 days after delivery. The pillow must be clean and undamaged.
Nectar Sheets Nectar sheets can be returned within 50 days of delivery if they are unopened. Opened sheets are NOT eligible for returns
Mattress Protectors Mattress protectors from Nectar can be returned within 50 days of delivery if it is unopened. Opened sheet protectors are NOT eligible for returns.
Adjustable Bases You may return a Nectar adjustable base within 50 days of its delivery. You also will have a three-year warranty on the product.
Nectar Foundations You may return a Nectar mattress foundation within 50 days of its delivery. You also have a three-year warranty on the product.
Bed Frame with Headboards You may return a Nectar bed frame with a headboard within 50 days of its delivery. You also have a three-year warranty on the product.
Metal Bed Frames You may return a Nectar metal frame within 50 days of delivery.


How to Return a Nectar item?

Call Nectar’s customer care department at 1-888-425-4854 if you want to return something.

Once the item has been returned to Nectar, the refund will only start to process. The procedures you must take to return the product to the company will be explained to you by a customer service person, who will also take care of you.

Can you return an online purchase to the store?

The few physical storefronts that Nectar operates do not accept returns of its products.

Nectar Exchange Policy

If you buy a Nectar mattress, you might later decide you need another one.

Nectar does not accept exchanges, with the exception of warranty claims within the first 10 years and manufacturer’s defects throughout the 365-day trial period. You must follow the instructions to return your current Nectar bed and get a refund if you would like one of their other mattresses. Any time during this process, you can purchase another Nectar bed and have it delivered free of charge to your home.

Your credit card may show a charge for both mattresses for a while if you purchase your new mattress before the previous item is returned. Similarly, if you use Affirm to fund your Nectar, you’ll need to close one loan and open a new one.

Nectar Refund Policy

In the same way that the initial payment was made, refunds will also be sent. The monetary value of an offer code used to buy a product will not be repaid or credited if some or all of the items are returned. Refunds typically take 30 days to process.

Does Nectar Take Returns Without a Receipt?

You do not require a valid, conventional receipt when returning your item because Nectar has all documentation proving your transaction.

Does Nectar Accept Returns After 30 Days?

You must return Nectar mattresses AFTER 30 days but before 365.

The 30-night break-in period is necessary, but the trial period starts the day your mattress is delivered. Prior to choosing to return their mattress during the break-in period, customers must break in their mattress for at least 30 evenings. This facilitates the body’s adjustment to the bed.

You must purchase the new bedding before receiving a refund if you want to exchange the existing bedding for a different style. The full cost of the first purchased model will be covered by that refund.

What Items Cannot be Returned to Nectar?

Nectar’s return policy is generally straightforward, but there are a few situations in which you may not be able to return or replace your mattress:

  • abnormal deterioration
  • Using products without the proper foundation, bed frame, platform bed, box spring, or other supporting structure
  • environmental deterioration, such as mold
  • Mattresses that have been delivered but unopened within 90 days are deemed to have been overused.

Here are some additional details regarding Nectar returns:

  • Items sent beyond the contiguous United States are not returnable.
  • Nectar will give you a complete refund, but you won’t get your money back for the FedEx shipment, white-glove service, state-based recycling taxes, or promotional value.
  • Refunds are given in the same currency as the original transaction.
  • Requests for returns must be submitted within 30 days of delivery and within 365 days of receipt.


How long do Nectar refunds take?

On average, Nectar refunds take 30 days to process.

Can I return a Nectar product after use?

Nectar items can be returned after use (for up to a year), but only if they are not damaged or show signs of unusual wear and tear.

Does Nectar give full refunds?

Nectar does fully reimburse your original payment method.


Especially when compared to other mattress manufacturers, Nectar features an extremely user-friendly and straightforward return policy.

When you ultimately decide to return to keep your mattress, you will be sure that you made the best decision possible given that you have a full year to test it out.


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