MyProtein Return Policy

Myprotein is a flourishing, adored, and well-known wellness, fitness, and supplement company that has diversified outside the realm of nutritional and workout supplements.

Their products, which include limited-edition protein powder, exercise equipment, and other supplements, are incredibly popular with a sizable and committed consumer base.

However, a return is necessary when a consumer receives the wrong item or a faulty purchase, respectively. Customers should be aware of Myprotein’s return policy in order to make future returns simple and straightforward to understand.

MyProtein Return Policy

What is Myprotein’s Return Policy?

According to Myprotein’s return policy, the consumer has 14 days from the day the item is received to cancel their order.

Myprotein makes it quite clear that in order for any returns to be processed, the customer must first obtain a return authorization number. All products that the consumer is attempting to return must be unused, undamaged, and still in the original packing.

To successfully return items to Myprotein, they must still have all of their safety seals, tags, and other useful indicators.

Every product that is returned to Myprotein is examined to determine whether it is in the right condition to be returned and whether the customer is eligible for a refund depending on the product’s state.

If the aforementioned standards apply to you and you are eligible for a refund, you will receive a credit for both the item’s price and the original shipping fee.

Return Deadline 14 days from the arrival of the item
Return Method Mail-in
Exchange Period No exchange policy
Exchange Method No exchange policy
Refund Period 7 business days to 30 days
Refund Method Original payment method


The return period for clothing items purchased from Myprotein is 14 days, though some items—discussed later—are not eligible for returns at all.

Any refunds resulting from returns will be issued using the original payment method. The refund amount also covers the original delivery fee.

You have the option of getting a replacement or a refund if you received the wrong item. Within 14 days of the day you received it, you must send the incorrect item back in the same condition that it was received.

Contact Myprotein customer service if you receive a defective or damaged item so they can assist you in returning or fixing it.

How To Return Myprotein Items?

Even though it might seem a little confusing at first, returning a Myprotein product is very easy. You must first log in to the website using your Myprotein account. You should now proceed with the subsequent steps to start the return procedure.

  1. Click the “Order History” button to access a list of your previous Myprotein orders.
  2. Choose the order you want to return the item from or the order that contains it.
  3. A “return” button will be present if the item satisfies the fundamental requirements for returns. Toggle the switch.
  4. You’ll be prompted by the website to finish the return process!

Can You Return an Online Purchase to the Store?

The store does not accept returns of Myprotein items. This is due to the fact that Myprotein products are not currently being sold in any retailers.

How Strict is the Myprotein Return Policy?

MyproteinReturn has a very severe return policy. All returns must be made within 14 days of receiving the things, and this is very clearly stated. Additionally, the Myprotein firm does not currently list any exchange policies.

The fact that the return period is only 14 days long makes everything a little bit more stringent. A tougher return policy may be implied by the company’s requirement that customers obtain a return authorization number from them before returning their goods.

Myprotein Exchange Policy

The company has not yet disclosed Myprotein’s exchange policy. There is simply a return policy at the moment.

Myprotein Refund Policy

According to the Myprotein return policy, eligible items will be given a full refund together with a reimbursement for the original delivery’s delivery fees. The consumer is responsible for return shipping. The original payment method used to make the initial purchase of the items will receive a full refund.

Typically, the refund appears 7 business days to 30 days after the refund request is made.

Does Myprotein Take Returns Without a Receipt?

Whether the things must be returned with a receipt or without one is not specified in the present return policy. Most return policies call for including a receipt, packing slip, or voice as evidence of purchase along with the return.

Does Myprotein Accept Returns After 30 Days?

No, returns beyond 30 days are not accepted by Myprotein. The return policy is extremely explicit in that it states that returns are only permitted up to 14 days after the consumer receives the goods.

What Items Cannot be Returned to Myprotein?

Masks for the face and underwear are among the things that cannot be returned to Myprotein. This is for hygienic reasons and to maintain everyone’s health and safety. All other things may be returned as long as they are undamaged, unopened, and in the same condition as when they were first acquired.


Does Myprotein Give Full Refunds?

Yes, Myprotein offers complete refunds to qualified consumers who return goods that are unused, undamaged, and unopened. Customers returning products that are eligible for returns are the only ones who receive refunds.

Can I Return Myprotein Products After Use?

No, the business does not accept used product returns.

How Long do Myprotein Refunds Take?

It may take Myprotein seven to thirty business days to process refunds. This typically varies on the time of year, since businesses may have increased wait times due to increased holiday traffic.


In general, Myprotein maintains a rigid return policy that leaves no opportunity for flexibility. Make careful to return your things to this business on time and in great condition if you want to do so in order to receive your full refund, which includes your delivery fees.


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