Millets Price Match

The top retailer of outdoor apparel, footwear, and gear in the UK is the Millets store. With more than 90 sites across the UK and unbeatable prices, you’ll find what you need.

You can read more about the shop’s price-matching and adjustment policies here.

Does Millets Price Match its Competitors?

Yes. They have a policy that will be covered later in this article where they will match prices.

Does Millets Price Match Online?

Yes. If you want to buy something from their store online, they will match the price. Additionally, they match online prices in-store.

Is There Price Adjustment Policy at the Millets?

Yes. Along with its rivals, this store provides a price adjustment strategy. Information for price matching and adjustment has been messed up. But let’s discover it later on in the piece.

Price Match Criteria:

  • In order to compete with other merchants’ offerings, your goods must be brand-new and match their offerings in terms of design, size, and color.
  • However, factory outlets, membership clubs, duty-free stores, home shopping networks, auction sites, market stalls, and private sales are not covered by their Price Promise. Instead, you can use it to compare their prices to those of any other mainland UK company, including UK websites.
  • If you wish to sell your products, you must make sure that they are readily available for purchase by customers at the rival retailer’s store or website.
  • Additionally, the item must be in hand.
  • Taxes, shipping, and packing costs that may be related to the price match must be included.

Price Match Process:

  • If one of their rivals in the UK offers a product for less money, they’ll match that price and give you a 10% discount. Contact them for a refund if you’ve already bought the product in one of their stores.
  • You can either call your local store or their customer service team at 0161 393 7060 if you’ve made an online purchase from them or if you haven’t bought anything from them yet but have found it for less with one of their competitors (either online or in one of their stores).
  • Manufacturers frequently want the following details from you in order to confirm your price: the location where the product is being promoted at a lower price; and the price at which it is sold. The more details you can provide, the simpler it will be for them to verify your pricing disagreement and secure the most affordable price for you.
  • They will not only match you for the low price once they have verified it, but they will also give you a 10% discount.

So, by following the aforementioned instructions, you can ask for a price match either online or in-store.


The price match exclusions are as follows:

 Typographical errors will not change the promotion’s terms and conditions. There are no media discounts, affiliate discounts, promotions, or coupon codes to take into account. Additionally excluded is any other retailer’s price match policy that offers a bonus rebate or other reward for any matched product.

Price Adjustment Process:

The price adjustment process is identical to the price match process; however, it only applies when you buy something from them and the price drops within seven days of your purchase.

Once they validate it, they will not only reimburse you the difference but also refund you 10% more.

You must also present proof of purchase when making a request.

  • Any transactions including the Price Promise may be rejected by Millets shop.
  • They reserve the right to modify or terminate this Price Promise whenever they see fit.

Millets Competitors’ List:

Since there is no explicit list of competitors, it should be a comparable product from stores like the one in question.

Returns Policy

  • Returning stuff to them is easy. Within 28 days of the transaction, they offer a refund or exchange for any reason.
  • The form that was sent with your order must be completed and returned along with the merchandise you’re returning.
  • The best way to return an item is to use its printable, pre-paid label. The following are your choices for returning your items. Please remember that you are still in charge of them until they reach their destination.
  • The buyer is responsible for return shipping fees. The item must be returned in its original packing and in a state that makes it resalable if it is not what was anticipated.
  • All you have to do is go to one of their locations to return anything. If the item is returned outside of one of their stores, they are only permitted to issue a refund.
  • Only bicycles that are still in their original packaging are allowed to be returned to the warehouse. Before being delivered back to their warehouse, bicycles must be brought to your nearby GO Outdoors store for inspection. At that point, a refund will be processed.

Bike Fault:

  • Do not return your bike to the company’s warehouse if it has a problem. They cannot repair bikes that are defective or covered by warranty. Instead, could you bring it to a local bike shop?
  • When you place an order, you will be charged the fees listed below. Delivery fees will be reimbursed in the event that a product is defective. If the entire order is canceled during the 14-day return window, the regular shipping price is reimbursed.
  • They will only cover the cost of standard delivery if you pay an extra fee for expedited service. Please be aware that you might not be eligible for a shipping cost refund if you keep a portion of an item, including any gifts.

Some Questions and Answers:

You now know about Millets’ policy on price matching and adjustments. However, you can still have some queries. Following are some queries and responses:

When was Millets Founded?

It was formed in 1861.

Where are Millets headquartered?

The United Kingdom is where Millets is headquartered.

What type of company is Millets?

The company Millets is a retailer.

What products do Millets sell?

Millets offer a variety of outdoor apparel, accessories, and gear.

What makes Millets so popular?

The popularity of millets is due to a variety of factors. They have a price match and price adjustment policy, which is one factor. Within seven days of your purchase, Millets will refund you the difference + 10% if you locate an item for less. Millet is an excellent site to buy outdoor gear because of this philosophy.

Summary of the Article:

In the UK, Millets is a well-liked outdoor retailer. In the event that you discover an item for less within seven days of your purchase, Millets will refund you the difference plus ten percent of the difference. Because of this, Millets is a fantastic location to buy outdoor goods. In addition, Millets has a wonderful return policy, allowing you to return anything for a refund or exchange within 28 days after purchase.

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