Metro Price Match

Metro started out as a small company in 1947 and has grown into a well-oiled machine. The company has grown to become one of the most well-known grocery retailers in Quebec and Ontario with over 900 shops.

One of the numerous supermarkets competing to provide you with the best bargain is Metro. A price match strategy is now one of the ways businesses in a growing market try to differentiate themselves from their many rivals in the fight for customers’ dollars.

So, does Metro match prices? If so, what policies and procedures govern their price match policy? Learn everything there is to know about Metro’s price matching policy in this comprehensive guide.

Metro Price Match

Does Metro Price Match?

Metro does not have a price match policy, according to its website. They make no commitment to match pricing at competing grocery stores. Metro doesn’t offer any price adjustments either.

Instead, Metro has chosen to differentiate itself from the competition by concentrating on providing discount incentives through their customer loyalty program and their own brands, such as their Selection and Irresistible ranges.

Metro focuses on three areas in an effort to provide year-round cheap costs in order to do away with the requirement for a price match policy.

Metro does not match prices, sorry. There are no intentions or policies declaring that Metro offers any kind of price matching, according to the Metro website.

Any things you find cheaper elsewhere won’t be price matched by Metro. because it is not covered by any of the store’s policies.

Metro retains the ability to decline to match any deal or price that you may have discovered at another top supermarket retailer.

What is Metro’s Price Adjustment Policy In 2022?

Metro does not have a price adjustment policy, nor does it have a price match program. Customers who recently purchased an item that has since gone on sale are not eligible for a refund as of 2022.

Can Items On Sale Be Price Adjusted at Metro?

Metro does not price adjust any sales items either because they do not have a price adjustment policy.

What Products are Included Under the Price Match Policy?

Metro does not have a price match policy, hence no products are covered by it because there is no such thing.

Does Metro Price Match No Frills?

regrettably, no. Metro no longer offers a price match policy as the company has chosen to concentrate its time and energy on other projects. Additionally, it lacks a list of rivals with which to contrast its prices. Including No Frills in this.

Does Metro Price Match Superstore?

No, sadly, is the answer. Both a price-matching policy and a list of other grocery store brands that Metro deems competitors are absent from their website.

Because of this, Metro does not match Superstore’s prices. Metro has made the decision to devote its time and resources to other business-related endeavors, such as its own in-house product line and a customer loyalty reward scheme.

Why Does Metro Not Price Match? 

There are a lot of factors that might support the idea of a price match program, even though Metro has chosen not to establish one.

To support its rivals, Metro can decide not to offer its version of a price match program.

Given how many of their rivals have some sort of price-matching strategy, it is necessary to constantly lower prices to keep ahead of the market. As businesses try to undercut their competitors, price cuts could result in lower profit margins.

In an effort to become a competitive force, Metro decreases its risks of harming its profit margins by forgoing a price match program.

Additionally, the lack of a price match or price adjustment policy by Metro frees Metro to focus its time and energy on finding a substitute for a price match program.

One that would be able to provide the same advantages of affordable and competitive rates without having to continuously undercut

Does Metro have any other incentives comparable to a price match? 

As previously stated, Metro has no price matching or price adjustment policies in place. Does Metro have a policy that is similar to a price match policy?

In other words, there are no programs that resemble a price match guarantee. However, Metro has used a number of incentives to help its consumers get more for their money.

These consist of their two private brand product lines and internal coupon program.

The Selection Range 

The Selection line includes all necessary food and non-food items. Metro aims to compete with its rivals by providing less expensive alternatives, doing away with the necessity for a price match policy. These less expensive options offer the same quality as nationally recognized brands at a reduced price.

The Irresistible Range 

The Irresistible product line is a high-end private brand, similar to Selection. According to consumer trends, Metro aims to provide less expensive substitutes for well-known brands of goods.

Metro aims to give its consumers better value for money by avoiding the hefty price tag that comes with brand awareness by offering a high-quality product at a reduced cost.

Metro does away with the requirement for a price match policy by providing a product that is less expensive than the majority of its rivals.


The Metro version of a business loyalty card is called Metro&moi. You can join the loyalty program and get special discounts and rewards by signing up online or in-store.

The program is built on a points system, where you receive one point for every dollar spent. Customers can then use their points to redeem for cash off their next purchase at a later time.

Every week, the Metro&moi rewards program also provides customized coupons.

Final thoughts

You now have access to all the information you could ever want or need regarding Metro and its price match policy.

Again, Metro does not have a policy requiring price matching or adjusting prices. Since it is against company policy, Metro will not reimburse you for things that you have found cheaper elsewhere.


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