Mattress Firm Price Match

To ensure that clients are receiving a fair deal, Mattress Firm offers a price match guarantee. Customers can buy any mattress set from Mattress Firm thanks to its unconditional price match guarantee. Mattress Firm will either pay the customer the difference in cash or credit their card if they discover a lower advertised price within 120 days.

Why Should you Read This Article?

You can get the precise details you require on this page regarding price matching. Sometimes a manufacturer’s price match policy is not sufficiently explained for a user to grasp it.

How do we collect this Information?

In order to obtain the information you require regarding their price match and price adjustment policy, we do, where possible, contact their customer care.

To put it another way, we ask the manufacturer’s sales representatives and other customer support representatives to find out precisely how their price match policy operates rather than relying on what other websites have to say.

Does Mattress Firm Offer a Price Match?

Yes. In order to seek a price match at Mattress Firm, you must present documentation of a cheaper price. I had to get in touch with their customer service because their website doesn’t explicitly state that they offer a price match with competitors (More on this later in this article).

Does Mattress Firm Price Matches Online?

Yes. You can call or talk with their sales specialists about their online price-matching service.

Does Mattress Firm have a Price Adjustment Policy?

Yes. You have a total of 120 days from the time you make a purchase from them to ask for a price adjustment if a rival retailer or Mattress Firm lowers the cost of the same item. The price difference will be refunded in full by Mattress Firm.

Price Match Criteria:

They have specific requirements for their policy even though they give a price match. Knowing their requirements can give you more confidence when price matching a product with them. MattressFirm does not match the prices of the following items:

The thing should be similar or identical.

That is all the information we could find on Mattress Firm’s website and customer service. They don’t meet any other requirements set forth by the Mattress Firm.

Price Match Process:

MattressFirm’s pricing matching procedure is comparatively simple to utilize. There are a few ways to ask the Mattress Firm to match existing pricing. I contacted their customer care to ask about their price match because the information wasn’t very specific.

According to their customer care, their price match policy is as follows:

My Question: How price match works on the MattressFirm?

“Hello, if you have proof of this deal and if it is not a price-locked item,” was their response.

To that, I replied: what does this mean by price-locked item

They responded, “Some things are locked in at a specific price by the manufacturer, and the price cannot be changed.”

So here is how it works:

  • You must bring the advertisement to their store as proof of the lower price in order to obtain a price match.
  • They will price match for you once they have verified and validated the ad.
  • You can reach them by phone or through chat if you want to request an online price match.
  • Your request for a price match may be approved or rejected at The Mattress Firm’s discretion.


There are a few reasons why the item’s pricing could not be matched. Some exclusions are as follows:

The Mattress Firm’s price match policy does not apply to the clearance goods.

Other scenarios in which price matching is not appropriate to include:

  • Rollbacks
  • Rebates
  • marketing materials
  • The discarded products
  • unique purchases

Additionally, the goods for sale on the auction websites are not price-matched.

Price Adjustment Process:

There is a fair pricing adjustment policy at The MattressFirm. Within those 120 days, if you discover that the price has decreased, Mattress Firm will return you the credit difference.

For a store, 120 days seems like a generous amount of time.

Here is how it works:

  • So, once you discover that the product you bought is cheaper at MattressFirm or one of its rivals, you can either bring the sales receipt to the Mattress Firm shop or make the price adjustment request online.
  • They will either issue you a check for the difference in price once they lower it for you or refund it to your account.
  • You can chat with them by visiting this page, choosing the chat option, and asking for a price adjustment online.
  • Alternatively, you can call them at this number: 1-877-365-6820

Mattress Firm’s Price Matching Competitors List:

Like any well-known retailer, MattressFirm has rivals who will match prices. The following rivals are eligible for the price match:

There wasn’t enough information on their price match competitors when I looked at their price match policy page, which they refer to as “Low Price Guarantee.”

I called their customer service and received the following response:

We’ll do our best to match any price that one of our competitors has posted.

This implies that they can match or change any competitor’s price for a price match. To ensure that you are price matching the right item or making a fair deal with them, it would be helpful if you also looked at their requirements and exclusions.

Some Questions and Answers:

You now know about Mattress Firm’s price-matching and price-adjustment practices. However, you can still have some queries. To further assist you, consider the following inquiries and responses:

Are Mattress Firm mattresses good quality?

The mattresses from Mattress Firm come with an extended guarantee and are built of materials of a good grade. Additionally, they are so sure of their products that they offer a 120-day price adjustment guarantee, something that not all manufacturers do.

Does Mattress Firm offer free shipping to its customers?

Yes. They provide free shipping on all of their products.

What is their 120 Nights Sleep Trial?

They assert that their mattress is high-quality and that they provide a 120-night trial period. Within that time frame, they will gladly replace the mattress with a new one if you don’t like it.

Summary of this Article:

The price match policy of Mattress Firm was covered in this article, along with tips on how to use it. We also discussed their price adjustment program, which is more difficult to implement but doable if you follow the appropriate procedures. Please leave a comment if you still have any questions.

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