Marshalls Return Policy

A chain of department shops in America is called Marshalls. They own larger Marshalls Mega Outlets in addition to their approximately 1000 stores spread across North America and Canada. Along with other household goods, they sell furniture for the home and garden at reasonable prices. Although their return policy is very clear-cut, is it sufficient? Let’s look at it.

Learn more about Marshall’s return policy in this post, including which goods you can’t return and how to qualify for a full cash refund rather than a merchandise credit.

Marshalls Return Policy

What is Marshalls Return Policy?

Within 40 days after the original purchase date, you can ship or return things to Marshalls to be eligible for a refund. After 40 days, a merchandise credit will be given in place of the original item.

Online purchases can be returned to any store or by using a return by mail option; both options are easy to use.

These will be stated lower down on this page, but you may determine whether an item is a final sale by looking at the product description or the receipt. Final sale items are non-refundable.

Unfortunately, you can use the return label Marshalls kindly provide if you ordered an item online and decide to return it. However, this costs $10.99, and that amount will be subtracted from your reimbursement.

Marshalls Return Policy
Return Period 40 Days
Return Method In-Store or by mail
Exchange Period 30 Days
Exchange Method In-Store or via mail
Refund Period Within 40 Days From Purchase
Refund Method Method of Payment


Can You Return an Online Purchase to the Store?

You can only return things you bought online from to a Marshall’s store; you cannot return items you bought from a sister brand or their online stores. If you made your purchase using PayPal or Apple Pay, you have extra protection when requesting a refund because these services will support you.

How Strict is Marshalls Return Policy?

Their return policy appears to be very demanding, but not as strict as some other apparel brands. Although the fact that you may return items using their shipping label without a receipt is quite convenient, we feel that the automatic $10.99 fee is a touch excessive.

It’s vital to note that gift cards cannot be returned, and doing so in-store is unquestionably the easiest and least expensive choice.

What is Marshalls Exchange Policy?

Unfortunately, you are not permitted to exchange items you buy online. According to Marshalls, this is the result of their merchandise changing so frequently that it would be very difficult to provide such a service. However, you can swap products in stores.

What is Marshalls Refund Policy?

After 40 days, you will not be eligible for a refund if you return any items, whether in person or by mail. Instead, you will be given merchandise credit.

If you purchased the item in person and are unable to locate your receipt, you will not be entitled to a refund and will only be given a product credit. This also applies to purchases made with gift cards.

Do Marshalls Take Returns Without a Receipt?

The wonderful thing about Marshall’s return policy is that you don’t need the receipt to be able to return an item if you bought it online; they will gladly accept a delivery confirmation in its instead. The receipt, however, is the piece of paper that comes with your item after you receive it, so try to retain it. Be aware that returning an item with only the delivery confirmation and no receipt does require some form of identification.

Does Marshalls Accept Returns After 30 Days?

They currently have a 40-day return period. You are entitled to a full refund in cash or to the original payment method if you return an item in person or by mail within 40 days.

Even after 40 days have elapsed, you may still return products, but you will only receive merchandise credit. 40 days is a little bit longer than most merchants, and this is a key consideration when deciding where to buy.

What Items Cannot be Returned to Marshalls?

Anything purchased in-store, according to Marshalls, must be returned there rather than online. Any item must be in the same condition as when it was first sold and must not have been worn, changed, or washed.

Ball gowns, handbags costing $400 or more, goods costing more than $1,000, and any beauty products or cosmetics that appear to have been opened are final sale items that cannot be returned.

How Long Do Marshalls Refunds Take?

Depending on the billing cycle, you should receive your refund if you ship your return within 40 days after the day you sent it.

Within 40 days after purchase, if you return an item in-store, your money will be returned to your original payment method within a few days.

In summary, Marshalls has a good return policy in that you may really get your money back if you return the package within 40 days, and even if you are unable to do so within that time frame, you can still receive merchandise credit.

The only problem is that if you return by mail, the mailing label they give you automatically costs you $10.99; this could take a significant amount out of your potential refund.


Does Marshalls Have Free Returns?

Sadly, Marshalls does not provide free returns, and their return label costs $10.99. If you choose to utilize the label, the cost will be subtracted from your return, whether it be in cash or in the form of retail credit.

What is Marshalls return policy without a receipt?

You can return your purchases without a receipt, but you will only be eligible for store credit.

What is their return policy timeline?

According to Marshall’s return policy, returns must be made within 40 days of the original purchase.


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