Lululemon Return Policy

purchased something you later had a regret about? Your size is incorrect? We are here to assist you to understand Lululemon’s return policies since we understand that store return policies can be a little complicated and sound a little legalistic.

Lululemon Return Policy

What is Lululemon’s return policy?

The return process at Lululemon is extremely simple. With a few restrictions, the company offers a 30-day return policy, among them the need that the garment is unwashed and unworn. In addition, the tags must be on the items, and legal evidence of purchase must be included.

The following items are the only ones that cannot be returned:

  • a face mask
  • & gift cards
  • things on sale or “We Made Too Much” products.
Lululemon Return Policy
Return Period 30 Days
Return Method In-Store or online
Exchange Period 30 Days
Exchange Method In-Store or online
Refund Period Within 3-5 Business Days
Refund Method Method of Payment


How To Return a Lululemon item?

A Lululemon product can be returned in a few different ways.


You must first visit the Lululemon returns page and initiate a return before receiving a printable shipping label. Frequently, you may download a shipping label’s barcode to your phone, which a FedEx or USPS location can then scan to print your shipping label.

You can do this without traveling somewhere if you have a printer at home. It might be more practical to visit a site if you don’t have a printer at home.

Within 3-5 days, you’ll receive a refund, along with a notification that it was processed.


Of course, you can return items in-store if you live close to a Lululemon location and made your purchase there or even purchased your Lululemon apparel line.

You won’t need a shipping label or to follow the online return procedure in this case, which is the difference. They can handle the return right away if you bring the clothing and a receipt.

Are there Lululemon items I can’t return in the store?

As an exception, anything bought through our outlet shop or items that are Like New cannot currently be returned in-store.

Can you return an online purchase to the store?

You can, indeed! Face masks are an exception to this rule, as are things from outlet stores and purchases that are like new. Otherwise, if returning anything in person is more convenient for you than doing it online, all you need to do is remember to bring your proof of purchase.

How strict is the Lululemon return policy?

There are various exceptions listed on the Lululemon return policy page, but the company appears insistent that you produce a receipt to prove you actually bought the item new.

According to former employees, Lululemon can extend its standard 30-day return policy to clients who have a receipt, the clothing is still in good shape, or who make frequent purchases.

Because Lululemon customers are devoted and their leggings are made to endure a long time, the firm permits this practice. Rejecting a client return results in lower sales of leggings.

Lululemon Exchange Policy

It is true that Lululemon has an exchange policy. As long as you have the original tags on the apparel and proof of purchase, the company will accept returns for up to 30 days. Their employees will assist you in making a return and completing the transaction by locating something else you prefer.

What is Lululemon’s Refund Policy?

Refunds are often conducted by giving the customer what they paid for in the first place: cash is given back as cash, and purchases made with a debit or credit card are put back on the card.

There is an exception in this case because Paypal is accepted on the Lululemon website. An AMEX, MasterCard, Visa, or gift card will be used to reimburse you for the cost of an item if you make an online purchase using PayPal and return it in person. PayPal cannot be used to send money to stores.

Since Paypal transfers might take some time, the majority of customers who end up returning products they bought online will find it more convenient to get a card refund.

Does Lululemon make returns without a receipt?

Without a receipt, most returns to Lululemon will result in gift cards or store credit as a refund as long as you’re inside the return policy window.

Although the Lululemon website states that returns must include a receipt, it also gives its employees some latitude in allowing returns that would otherwise be refused. Things do happen, such as losing a piece of paper or an email.

Although Lululemon stores want the inclusion of a receipt to safeguard their return policy, they will work with you and understand the need for a return if you wish to return an item without a receipt.

Can I return a Lululemon product after use?

In general, Lululemon prefers not to accept the returned merchandise, especially if it has been cleaned, and this is especially true of swimwear. They take care in selling clothes that last for a very long time and don’t want to restock products that may have been damaged or touched delicate regions.


Does Lululemon give full refunds?

Yes, if you return your things within the return policy window, Lululemon will give you a full refund.

How long do Lululemon refunds take?

Online refund processing may take three to five days. Refunds in-store process as quickly as your bank would allow.

Does Lululmemon accept returns after 30 days?

Although there is a 30-day restriction in the Lululemon policy, retailers are free to create an exception for their items. To find out what you may do beyond 30 days, visit a shop or speak to a representative at Lululemon.

What are fast-track refunds at Lululemon?

For those that create a Lululemon account, the company offers an improvement to their return procedure. If a consumer uses the Lululemon website’s Fast Track option when returning fewer than three products, their refund will be processed more quickly.

Although this process takes place online, it is quite comparable to their in-store return procedure. The significant distinction is that the client gets their money within two hours of bringing




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