LOFT Return Policy

What do trendy women’s apparel and hipster apartments have in common? LOFTs!

Try LOFT, the budget-friendly department store, for stylish women’s clothes at an unbeatable price. Try LOFT outlet outlets for even better bargains! It is as simple as possible to return your purchase thanks to the vast range of acceptable returns that are permitted under LOFT’s return policy.

LOFT Return Policy

What is LOFT’s return policy? 

Customers may return things to Loft within 30 days, albeit there are some exceptions made after that time. You have two options for returning LOFT merchandise: in-person or by mail. Unwashed and unworn items may be returned with or without the receipt, however, it is preferable to do so.

Online or in-person returns are acceptable for refunds, but in-store swaps are required.

Return timeline 30 days
Return method Mail, in-store
Exchange period 30 days
Exchange method In-store or by mail
Refund period 7-10 business days
Refund method Original payment method



How to Return a LOFT Item

Items from LOFT can be returned by mail or in person at a LOFT location. It’s vital to remember that LOFT stores are the only places where products purchased there can be returned. Returning items to LOFT outlet stores is required for items purchased there. Online purchases must be returned at a LOFT location, not an outlet.

Online Returns

You have two choices for things returned through the mail. For your LOFT products, you may either utilize the pre-paid shipping label or send it by regular mail. Only the United States Postal Service (USPS) may be used to transport your item or items with the pre-paid label. It is not permitted to send exchanged items.

For each option, adhere to the directions listed below.

Mailing with Prepaid Shipping Label

Visit the LOFT website and look for the Customer Service section to get your prepaid label. The LOFT return policy will be covered in detail. A link to the beginning of your return process will also be present. Select the link.

You will be directed to a website where you must provide some information once you have clicked on the link. The purchase order number and the related email should be entered.

After entering your information, print your return label and make sure that your invoice return is also printed.

the printed return invoice in the package with your items. Make sure the things are in their original condition. They must be free of any stains or other signs of deterioration.

Close the package you are mailing the item or items with after packing the item or items to be returned. Attach the prepaid shipping label to the package’s exterior. Verify that the shipment has no other shipping labels visible. This will ensure clarity and a straightforward return procedure.

Drop the parcel off at the USPS location that is closest to you. If you choose to use this approach, $7.95 will be subtracted from the total of your return credit.

Mailing Without Prepaid Label

To print your return invoice, you need first go to the LOFT website’s Customer Service page. You can find this after providing your order number and accompanying email address.

Pack your stuff next in its original state. There shouldn’t be any signs of deterioration on them. Make sure to seal the package so that nothing will spill out.

Select your carrier once the item or things have been appropriately wrapped. UPS and FedEx are a couple of solid examples of carriers to pick. Even without the prepaid label, you are still free to use the USPS; however, you are not compelled to.

Mail to the aforementioned address

Online Store for LOFT

East State Road 240 at 1901

46135 Greencastle, Indiana

Please be aware that using this technique could cause a 3-week delay in processing returns.

In-Store Returns

To identify the store location that is most convenient for in-store returns, use the store locator. Remember that only LOFT locations are authorized to accept returns for items purchased there. Purchases made at a LOFT outlet store must be returned to the LOFT outlet store.

Find the nearest cashier or customer service counter at the store. If you need assistance finding customer service or a cash register, ask a staff member.

Tell the employee at the proper location that you want to exchange or return your product for a refund.

Whenever necessary, present your photo ID and proof of purchase.

Can You Return an Online Purchase to the Store? 

Yes! In fact, going back to the store might be advantageous. You won’t have to pay your own shipping costs or have $7.95 subtracted from the amount of your return.

How Strict is the LOFT Return Policy?

The LOFT has a lenient return policy. Items returned after the 30-day grace period and without a receipt are accepted. There are no deadlines for returning the item. To possibly be resold, it simply needs to be in decent, wearing the shape.

LOFT Exchange Policy 

If you need a new size or color, LOFT’s quick exchange policy is fantastic. The only thing you have to do is dial 1-888-LOFT-444. Only in-store exchanges within 30 days of purchase are eligible for actual exchanges. Once the 30-day timeframe has passed, all you’ll get is store credit.

LOFT Return Policy

You must return the item or items to the correct place in order to get a refund for your LOFT purchase.

You will get a complete refund in the original payment method if you return the item or goods within 30 days of purchase AND with the receipt.

You will only get a shop credit for the current selling price if you return the item or products after 30 days or without a receipt.

Does LOFT Accept Returns Without a Receipt? 

Yes! Loft does accept returns without a receipt, but you won’t get your money back using the same purchase method. You will only get the previously indicated store credit.

Does LOFT Accept Returns After 30 Days?

Yes! After 30 days, Loft does accept returns. As long as the item is unused and unwashed, there is no time limit on when you can return it. However, the original payment method will not be fully refunded to you. You will only get a store credit, as was already stated.

What Items Cannot Be Returned to LOFT? 

There is no return policy for online purchases at the LOFT, Ann Taylor, or Ann Taylor Factory stores.

Products that are final sale cannot be returned. The original pricing of this item is one that finishes in a 44, 77, or 88.

The swimwear collection items cannot be exchanged or returned. The same is true for maternity clothing.


Does LOFT give full refunds?

Yes! If the item or goods are returned within 30 days and with the receipt, Loft will issue a full refund.

Can I Return a LOFT product after use?

No, you may only return things to LOFT stores or LOFT outlet stores if they have never been worn or washed.

How long do LOFT refunds take?

The whole refund process could take up to three weeks.

Final Thoughts

LOFT is one of the greatest retail chains to return items to if you need to. The Quick Exchange Policy allows for the quick exchange of items.

Items returned to LOFT within 30 days after purchase and with the original receipt are fully refunded. You can return your purchases even without the receipt or after 30 days! this time only for a store credit.

For refunds or exchanges, LOFT provides a number of options for returning your purchases. Try LOFT right away if you want to buy at a business that values you even after your initial purchase!


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