Lidl Return Policy

Not many people are familiar with grocery retailers’ return procedures. It seems weird to think of someone visiting a store to return food they have already purchased. For the same reason, a lot of people presume Lidl to be similar to other locations that prioritize food sales.

But just because something is unusual or improbable doesn’t make it untrue. Lidl offers a return policy for a variety of causes. One of the most important of these is the idea that having one is preferable to needing one. And how does it operate? And how can something be returned to Lidl?

Lidl Return Policy

What is Lidl’s Return Policy?

An authentic Lidl product may be returned with the receipt. If an eligible item is returned within 90 days of purchase, Lidl promises a full refund.

You may return the following items to Lidl:

  • Lidl-branded product
  • Non-food goods and national brands

Everything you can purchase from Lidl is included in this, with the exception of tainted food products. Since damaged food items are thrown away anyway, you cannot return them.

Food goods can be returned 90 days after purchase. Returning these needs to be done with the receipt and in the original packaging.

If you have a receipt, you can return defective non-food items to a retailer. No need for the original packing. Either a replacement or a complete refund are options. Within a year of purchasing the item, this could occur at any time.

More than a year after purchase, you are still permitted to return defective non-food items; however, you must begin the process over the phone rather than in a physical store.

Within the first 90 days of purchase, items that are neither food nor malfunctioning may be returned. You must provide the original package and the receipt in this situation. If you want to return an item for a full refund or swap it, it must also be in “new” and sellable condition.

Return Period 90 Days
Return Method In-Store
Exchange Period 90 Days
Exchange Method In-Store
Refund Method Method of Payment


Can You Return an Online Purchase to a Store?

Imagine you made an internet purchase and now you want to send it back. How would you approach that? One of the few retailers, Lidl, does not offer any products online that are unavailable in-store.

This implies that you can return anything you purchase online to a traditional retailer. Additionally, it must be returned in that manner. There is no way to return things purchased from Lidl by mail. So, if there isn’t a Lidl nearby, be cautious while shopping online.

Does Lidl Take Returns Without a Receipt?

Yes, Lidl does accept returns, but only with a receipt. Proof of purchase does not work—you need a receipt, even if your order comes from their online store. This implies that if you wish to return an item you bought online, you must print out the receipt and present it to customer service.

Lidl Exchange Policy

Like many retailers, Lidl offers full refunds, so even though there isn’t anything specifically allowing for exchanges on paper, doing so is still viable in practice. Simply return the product for a complete refund, then spend the money on something else.

Lidl Refund Policy

However, that method of handling returns strongly relies on having a transparent refund policy. So what can you return to Lidl for a refund? The simple answer is that, in theory, you can obtain a refund on anything, but it’s not guaranteed that you will get one for every item you send back.

Refunds on food goods are possible, although they don’t happen often. Keep in mind that when you return food products, you are essentially complaining that the food did not live up to your expectations. Food goods that have been mostly consumed cannot be returned and expect to receive a refund.

Refunds are always available for defective non-food items. Although you should be sure to have the original packing and documentation when returning anything, customer service will usually be understanding of the trouble this caused you.

About half the time, you will be able to return non-faulty non-food items for a refund. This is necessary in order for these things to be returned in a “new” state that allows for their sale. It follows that if you purchase a t-shirt from Lidl, you may only return it if you haven’t worn or washed it.

How Strict is the Lidl Return Policy?

Although Lidl’s return policy is stringent in terms of what can be returned, it is not very stringent in terms of almost all other areas. In particular, even though the conditions for returning a non-faulty, the non-food item may be stringent, you have 90 days to do so.

If an item is defective, you have a full year to return it, and customer support will still work with you even if you do so after the year has passed. Since you cannot return items by mail, the true challenge you will have while attempting to do so is not the amount of time you have to accomplish it. Rather, it is the availability of the item.


Lidl gives you the option to return anything you purchase from them, however only specific items will be accepted provided they are in the proper condition. The biggest unknown is whether or not they will accept non-food things that are not malfunctioning because the requirements for the conditions they must be in are arbitrary.

You still have plenty of time to return either of them, and you will receive a full refund for any items you return. Just make sure you have your receipt on hand, even if you made an online purchase.

Also, keep in mind that you can only return items to physical stores. Even things purchased online can only be returned to a physical location; however, you can expedite the process by speaking with a customer service representative over the phone in advance.


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