LFCC Login

Faculty members at Lord Fairfax Community College, often known as FFCC faculty, are given unique MyLFCC username information.

The username, which you must maintain until you begin employment at Lord Fairfax Community College, was created by the Virginia Community Colleges System, or VCCS.

Virginia Community Colleges Login Portal

This username will serve as your official username if you begin working as a teacher at any other VCCS institution (Virginia Community Colleges System). It will undoubtedly be useful to you in the future.

You can use the VCSS tools by logging in using your official MyLFCC identity. Additionally, you can learn about the SIS or Student Information System. Additionally, Blackboard makes it simple for you to use the course management system. Additionally, you have access to Virginia Community College System’s Gmail and app accounts. You can use your official username to access the Virginia Education Wizard and library services as well.

You must now be aware of the significance of your username. You must now learn how to use the website’s services and gain access to them.

If you’re seeking a quick and easy way to access all the resources offered by the Virginia Community College System, visit the MyLFCC portal at https://lf.my.vccs.edu or the MyVCCS portal at https://my.vccs.edu.

Students are encouraged to visit the main page by Lord Fairfax Community College or the LFCC Faculty. They can use this to obtain the URL to the official MyLFCC login page.

After getting a basic understanding of the MyLFCC portal, you must find out how to access it on the website https://lf.my.vccs.edu.

You must be aware of the prerequisites before beginning the MyLFCC Login process.

MyLFCC Login Requirements

  • MyLFCC Login Website
  • MyLFCC login requires a valid username and password.
  • Internet Explorer
  • an internet-connected smartphone, laptop, or desktop computer

MyLFCC Login at Step by Step Guide

You can ensure that you successfully access the MYLFCC portal by taking the procedures listed below.

  • Visit the MyLFCC Login web portal’s official page at https://lf.my.vccs.edu.

MyLFCC Login at Step by Step Guide

  • You must click the Go button after entering your official login username.
  • You must then enter a working password.
  • You can use it to access your MyLFCC account.

How to Reset MyLFCC Login Password

If you have forgotten your password for login, then you must follow the below procedures in order to retrieve it fast,

  • Visit the official MyLFCC Login website at https://lf.my.vccs.edu.

How to Reset MyLFCC Login Password

  • Please select the Forgot My Password button now.

How to Reset MyLFCC Login Password

  • By entering your email address and username, you may quickly reset your password using the screen shown above (see photo).
  • You need to click Continue to proceed to the next step.

How to Recover MyLFCC Username

You must retrieve your MyLFCC username because it is crucial for your use.

  • Visit the MyLFCC Login website at https://lf.my.vccs.edu to get started.

How to Recover MyLFCC Username

  • You must now select the Forgot My Username button on the previous page.

How to Recover MyLFCC Username

  • Please enter your email address in the space provided below.
  • To resolve the reCAPTCHA, you must then choose the “I am not a robot” checkbox.
  • After that, you must press the Next button.
  • Observe the directions.

MyLFCC Login Help

You will require the MyLFCC contact details so that you may easily resolve the issues. So please use the contact information and solve your issues.

  • Recover Username Link: Click Here
  • Email support: info@vccs.edu
  • Phone Contact: 804-819-4901
  • Correspondence Address: 300-Arboretum Place, Suite-200, Richmond, VA-23236


As a result, you cannot simply access the official website link, https://lf.my.vccs.edu, using your MyLFCC login. I hope you found this essay useful. If you are still having issues with MyLFCC Login, please leave a remark or offer some recommendations below.


How do I get my LFCC student email?

The system automatically creates your student email at Virginia Community Colleges for all of the students.

I cannot use My LFCC Login to access my study account. What must I do to fix it?

You must first try using a different device if you are unable to log into your account using the My LFCC Login. Lfcc Edu Login is effective if it functions properly on varied hardware. However, if it still doesn’t work, see if your device has a strong internet or WiFi connection enabled. If everything appears to be in order but you are still unable to access the MyLFCC login online, you can call the phone number for assistance. The hotline is at 804.819.4901.

How to log in to the My LFCC Blackboard?

Your username and password for My LFCC Blackboard are already in your possession. To access the account, type those. If you do not have your My IFCC Sign-In information with you, please get in touch with the appropriate person who can assist you.

You must register using your active email in order to receive your Virginia Community Colleges Login credentials. You can register on the website at https://www.apply.vccs.edu/ using your email, Facebook, or Google Account. You can use your My LFCC Login to access all the amenities once you have them.

What is the My Vccs Login official website?

Please go to https://my.vccs.edu to access the My Vccs Login page. You can access the MyLFCC dashboard after logging into your account.

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