Lexis Nexis Accurint Law Enforcement Portal Account Access Guide

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Did you know that there exists an instrument for searching and finding, through which you can find any information that is public in just a few seconds?

If you don’t know about the presence of this tool, don’t be concerned. We will provide all the details about this tool in this post, keep reading to learn what information is available to the public and who is able to use these tools, and in what way.

Yes, our friends we’re discussing Accurint. Accurint Login is a tool that is used by many investigators, government law enforcement, and commercial clients. Accurintis a data-linking technology that will provide you with requested information from more than 33 billion records, and around 8,800 different sources in just a couple of seconds. The information could include information like names, numbers, and addresses, as well as relatives and work background. Accurint Logingets you an enormous amount of information in a single click. The data is frequently updated every day, weekly or monthly basis based on the type of data. This means that you can’t claim that the data is outdated and obsolete since it keeps changing in the same way as it initially changes.

To access Accurint’s data, you need to sign up for Accurint Login. With the assistance of Accurint login information, you can access information from the massive database of data.

In this post, we will discuss information about the Accurint Login requirements and the step-by-step process for accessing Accurint LexisNexis.

LexisNexis Accurint Login Requirements

For a successful LexisNexis Accurint Login, you must have the items below.

When you’ve met your requirements of Accurint Login Once you have met the Accurint Login Requirements, you proceed to learn the step-by-step process of ACcurint Login.

  • Accurint Login official web address
  • An accurate email ID and password to Accessible Login
  • Internet connection
  • A device like a Personal Computer, Laptop. Smartphone.

I hope you have this in your arsenal So before we proceed toward the process of logging in We’ll be sure to remind you that you can access Accurint Login only when there is an existing account. What happens if you’re new to the tool and you are trying it out for the very first time? In this case, you must first sign in. The procedure will be discussed of signing in first, then we’ll then move on to how to perform the Accurint Login procedure.

How to Login to Accurint Account

Refer to Accurint Sign In Guide for the steps given as well as the pictures for Accurint Log In. It’s not too difficult when you look at the below images, you will be able to accomplish that.

Accurint Login

  • Look for the sign-in button on the top of the screen right-hand corner.

Accurint Login

  • Enter your username, and confirm by entering the username and password on the screen.
  • Click Next just next to the one you are on.

Accurint Login

  • On the next screen On the next page, you’ll be required to input your username and password. Make sure you confirm the password, keep your password, and look for the Caps lock and num lock when you enter your password.
  • Log in to access your account access at Accurint.

How to Reset Accurint Login Password

We’ve learned how to use the Accurint Login for Accurint Login using Accurint LexisNexis, now we will look at what you can do if you’ve lost your password.

  • Go to the Accurint login page at accurint.com
  • Look for “forgot the password” in the Accurint account on accurint.com in the left-hand corner and then drag your cursor to that and click on it.

Accurint Login

  • Now, you must input the login ID that is connected with the account Accurint.

Accurint Login

  • Input the verification characters
  • Click the small Continue button at the bottom of the screen and follow the steps in the next steps.

Accurint Login Help

Contact Accurint LexisNexis using any of the options listed below if you are having difficulties while Accurint Login. Don’t be afraid to discuss your concerns or questions as they are ready to help you only. For contact, use the appropriate numbers.

Customer service:1-866-277-8407

To set up an account, dial 1-888-332-844

Billing Support:
Send us an email or call us at 1.866.528.0570

Training & Instruction:
Contact us or contact us at 1.800.201.6411
Or visit learn.lexisnexis.com

Official Websitewww.accurint.com


This is all about Accurint Login and password reset process, we have also discussed the prerequisites to help you access account information on your Accurint Login account. Please share your thoughts in the comments.

FAQs – Accurint LexisNexis

What is the first thing to do when I face troubles during Accurint Login?

If you are having trouble with the Accurint Account then you should try to figure out what is the issue. If you are able to solve this issue with Lexis Accurintproblem you can try it, but if it’s a technical issue then there’s no sense trying to solve the issue yourself. It is necessary to speak to the proper expert or team to solve your issue.

Use the contact number for contact: 1-866-277-8407

How would it be if I use Accurint Login on my mobile phone?

It is best if you log in to Accurintusing the laptop or computer. These devices will provide you with more information.

What are the Accurint Login Requirements?

To log in to Accurint at www.accurint.com, you must have basic login requirements, such as an internet connection, computer browser, the browser, and URL


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