Last Minute Refund Policy

People who want to make last-minute travel arrangements frequently utilize the website called Last Minute. Additionally, people utilize the service to reserve all-inclusive getaways or getaways during flash deals. Even though the website frequently has excellent discounts and allows users to plan fantastic vacations, there are situations when refunds are required.

Unfortunately, a lot of blogs and reviews from customers criticize the Last Minute return procedure. It could be challenging to get refunds from the company if you need to cancel your plans for some reason.

Last Minute Refund Policy

What is Last Minute’s Refund Policy

According to Last Minute’s refund policy, they only issue refunds for flights when the airline cancels the trip. Within 14 days of purchase, unused vouchers may be returned for a refund. However, once a reservation has been made, there is no chance for a return.

You can see that Last Minute’s return policy is quite stringent. You are not entitled to refunds once a reservation has been made, whether it be for lodging, travel, or another service. Refunds are only given in the event that your trip is canceled by the hotel or airline.

Vouchers that have expired or been extended won’t be refunded.

Return Timeline Within 14 days of vouchers
Return Method Online
Exchange Period No exchange policy
Exchange Method No exchange policy
Refund period Within 14 days of purchase of vouchers
Refund method Original payment method


How to Get a Refund on a Last-Minute Voucher or Trip?

If you have a voucher that you bought but don’t want, you must send it to Ltd. with a cover letter outlining your reasons for doing so.

Sending them an email with your purchase receipt and documentation of the airline or hotel’s cancellation of your reservation is required for trips and hotel stays.

The business ought to reply to your email with further instructions, but a lot of individuals online say that it takes weeks or even months to hear back.

How strict is the Last Minute Refund Policy?

In comparison to other businesses, Last Minute has an extremely tight return policy. You can cancel your trip with other booking agencies up to 24 hours after making your purchase. If you become ill or have another medical reason for being unable to go, some other firms also permit trip cancellations and refunds.

However, Last Minute only offers refunds when the hotel or the airline is at fault. This implies that if something happens and you are unable to travel, you could lose all the money you spent on the reservation.

Last Minute Exchange Policy

You are not permitted to trade travel information on Last Minute. However, you may exchange vouchers if that specific business permits you to do so. However, as Last Minute does not handle the exchanges themselves, you will need to check with the voucher provider.

It’s always a good idea to check with the company you intend to use the voucher with and see what they have to say because certain businesses can be more ready to swap vouchers than others.

Last Minute Refund Policy

Last Minute doesn’t have a refund policy because they don’t give returns for anything that has been bought unless a third party has caused an issue with the airline or hotel.

They won’t issue refunds if something happens to you or someone you’re traveling with. The only item that can be refunded is vouchers, and there is a very little window of time—just 14 days—from the date of purchase.

The voucher provider will have to be dealt with before Last Minute can issue your money back to you, therefore the precise time it will take for you to get it will rely on them.

Does Last Minute accept returns after 30 days?

Booking cancellations are not accepted by Last Minute. If you cannot show that the airline or firm canceled your reservation and did not provide you with a revised schedule, they will not issue a refund.

Only within 14 days after purchase are coupons eligible for a refund. As a result, there are no circumstances in which Last Minute permits returns or refunds after 30 days.

What Items Cannot be Refunded?

Unless it was a voucher, all items cannot be reimbursed. Within 14 days of purchase, vouchers may be reimbursed. You are responsible for the fees associated with mailing your voucher back to Last Minute if you are returning it physically.

The voucher cannot be returned if a reservation has already been made using it. You cannot return a coupon that has already expired or that has been extended for some other reason. If you don’t speak with the store directly, you won’t be able to get a refund on any coupons you bought from them or other resellers.

Any tangible presents that were purchased, such as personalized items or any kind of hygiene products, cannot be returned.


Does Last Minute give full refunds?

Only vouchers acquired within the previous 14 days are eligible for a full refund from Last Minute. Except in cases where your booking was canceled by the other party and not by you, all of their trips, including plane and hotel stays, will not be fully refunded.

Can I return vouchers after using them or booking them?

A voucher is no longer returnable once it has been used or reserved. This holds true for store and Last Minute gift cards.

How long do Last Minute refunds take?

Users have reported that it can take weeks or months to receive reimbursements for airline-canceled tickets and travel plans. There is no formal timetable stating when you might receive a refund from Last Minute.

Final Thoughts

Since they do not permit returns on any already-booked excursions unless there is an issue with the airline or hotel, Last Minute has an extremely tight return policy. There is a 14-day return window for vouchers only.

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