L.A. Times Senior Discount

You want to reduce your shopping costs as much as you can as a senior citizen. After all, your everyday expenses are covered by your pension and retirement income. The good news is that many companies in the US, including restaurants, shops, and newspapers, give elderly folks exclusive discounts.

One of the most prestigious and established publications in the US, The L.A. Times covers a wide range of topics, including politics, entertainment, sports, and breaking news. Are you a senior citizen looking for a cheap way to continue reading the Los Angeles Times? Or do you want to know if the L.A. Times will still provide a senior discount in 2022? For the solution and to learn other strategies to lower the cost of your L.A. Times subscription, continue reading.

L.A. Times Senior Discount

Does the L.A. Times Have a Senior Discount in 2022?

Sadly, L.A. Times does not provide a special senior citizen discount. However, it does not always follow that you cannot save money on an L.A. Times subscription because there is no senior discount. Seniors can take advantage of a number of different incentives from the top publication to lower their subscription costs.

In fact, one of the best possibilities for seniors to enjoy reading the newspaper’s digital edition is the most recent highlighted offer by the L.A. Times on their website. Compared to the L.A. Times senior discount, it is the finest option.

Are you interested in learning more about the costs, specifics, and further L.A. Times discounts available with this most recent highlighted offer? Not to worry. We have once again done the laborious work for you! For any of your questions, continue reading!

The L.A. Times $1/6 Months Offer – The Best for Seniors

The Los Angeles Times offers 6 months of Unlimited Digital Access for only $1. The cost of the digital subscription was $4 in actual money. With this subscription, you will save 75% of the standard price.

Visit the L.A. Times website to sign up for this promotion. What’s best? This offer is free of any further fees or conditions. The finest offer for seniors is unquestionably the digital subscription option.

How Else Can You Reduce Your L.A. Times Subscription Cost?

Since there aren’t many subscription packages available, we learned through our investigation that L.A. Times is not very interested in offering discounts to customers. Seniors have access to enough discounts to cut back on their L.A. Times expenses.

1. $125/Year Unlimited Digital Access

The Los Angeles Times presently has a 40% discount on their annual subscription for unrestricted digital access. Instead of $205, customers can now purchase this unlimited digital access for $125 annually. On their website, you can sign up and cancel at any moment.

2. America’s Birthday Offer

Every year on July 4, L.A. Times offers a unique discount to all of its clients called “America’s Birthday Offer”! The following benefits are yours to enjoy with this limited-time offer:

  • For $2 over a 20-week period, you may have unlimited access to all digital material, including the daily e-newspaper and the L.A. Time application. You will need to pay $1.99 each week beginning after 20 weeks. The offer may be canceled whenever you like.
  • Unlimited Digital Access, home delivery of the printed Sunday newspaper, and 20 weeks for $2 of money-saving coupons. You’ll have to pay $2.49 a week after the first 20 weeks. But you have the option to stop your membership at any moment.

3. L.A. Times Educators and Students Subscription

To assist educators and students, the Los Angeles Times offers discounted membership rates for their online content. You can enquire here about the student or educator membership even though the offer’s specifics are unclear.

4. $1.99 Per Week Offer – Print

You can save 70% on the Sunday and Thursday Print Editions of the Los Angeles Times with the $1.99 weekly offer.

5. $3.99 Per Week Offer – Print

By purchasing a weekly subscription to the L.A. Times’ daily print editions for $3.99, you may save 80% off the original price.

Which Similar Companies Offer Senior Discounts?

There are no other newspaper publications that offer unique senior discounts, just like the L.A. Times. However, they also offer various membership savings and bargains that, as a senior, you might wish to take into account. Here is a list of some alternatives to the Los Angeles Times:

  • New York Times
  • Washington Post
  • As of today
  • Illinois Tribune
  • Washington Post


In 2022, the L.A. Times senior discount won’t be offered. But this does not preclude low-cost L.A. Times subscriptions. To save money on L.A. Times subscriptions, take into account offers like the $1.99 Per Week Offer, $3.99 Per Week Offer, L.A. Times Educators and Students Subscription, America’s Birthday Offer, and the L.A. Times $1/6 Months Offer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I get L.A. Times for free?

Use this link to access LATimes.com and the Los Angeles Times Digital Edition. On the left side is the digital edition, and on the right side is LATimes.com. For the passwords, kindly check Schoology updates or message/email Ms.

Does Walmart plus have a senior discount?

Walmart regrettably does not provide senior citizens a discount. Target, one of Walmart’s main rivals, similarly does not provide senior citizens a discount.

Can you share an L.A. Times subscription?

I wish to give my family members access to my Unlimited Digital Access. How can I go about doing that? A: Your Unlimited Digital Access account can be linked to a maximum of five different email addresses. To add an address, follow the instructions on this page.

Can you read L.A. Times with a library card?

You may read the New York Times online for free if you have a valid L.A. Public Library card. This includes articles from Games, Cooking, and Wirecutter.

Does L.A. Times have coupon inserts?

For your convenience, Sunday Coupon Inserts always has the most recent week’s worth of coupon inserts on hand.

Is L.A. Times still in print?

With more than 40 million monthly unique visitors to latimes.com, 1.6 million Sunday print readers, and 4.4 million local weekly readers across print and online, The Los Angeles Times is the largest metropolitan daily newspaper in the nation.

Can you cancel your L.A. Times subscription online?

You can cancel your subscription by going to www.latimes.com/cancel and selecting the cancel option, sending an email to customerservices@latimes.com, or calling us at 1-213-283-2274.

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