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An online survey for Kohl’s regular customers or clients called the KohlsFeedback Survey offers participants the chance to win 10% off of a variety of purchases. The Kohl’s coupon codes may be applied to a customer’s subsequent purchase.

If you’ve just made a purchase at Kohl’s, the retailer is requesting you to participate in a survey online at Kohl’s Customer Satisfaction Survey. All customers can use the Kohl’s Feedback Survey if they wish to provide the business with either positive or negative feedback.

Users who are fortunate enough to complete Kohl’s Guest Opinion Survey on their official website, www.KohlsListens.com, have a decent chance of winning free gift rewards. These gift rewards may later be exchanged for goods at a Kohl’s store.

About KohlsFeedback Survey

In America, Kohl’s is a network of grocery and food stores with locations in several states. In 1962, Maxwell Kohl founded it. Products including footwear, apparel, furniture, electronics, beds, etc. are sold there and are well-known for doing so.

On its own website, Kohl’s Store Survey, this store has its own online poll for customers to provide feedback.

Kohlsfeedback Survey 2022

Kohl’s Guest Feedback Survey

All customers who shop at this retailer location get access to the Kohl’s Guest Feedback Survey. This survey enhances the client experience while also enabling the business to improve its administration and services.

Users should be aware of all the fundamental guidelines and prerequisites from the Kohl’s shop in order to begin this survey easily.

Rules for KohlsListens Survey

  • To start the survey, you must be eighteen.
  • You need a receipt from the store.
  • You need a PC with internet access.
  • English language proficiency is necessary.
  • The survey has a per-receipt restriction.
  • No Kohls employee is permitted to begin the survey.

Ways to Take Kohl’s Survey

  • Start the Kohl’s Survey by visiting www.KohlsListens.com.

 Kohl’s Survey

  • Before answering the survey questions, you must first enter the last store you visited as well as the code found on your purchase receipt.
  • Start the survey after entering the information to respond to the Kohl’s Guest Survey questions.
  • Answer each question thoughtfully based on your most recent interaction with them since it will reflect how you recently interacted with their store.
  • Share your overall satisfaction score based on the environment and the staff’s treatment of the customers. Fill out the survey, and rate the products’ quality as well.
  • You can submit your survey at Kohl’s Listens after completing it all.
  • After that, you’ll be able to use a 10% off coupon on any item you buy from Kohls in the future.

Kohls Feedback Survey Video Guide 2022


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