Joann Return Policy

Joann produces clothing and textiles for a living. Although they may not always be known for having the finest return policies, these sectors do have some. The most accommodating return policies understand that manufacturing garments are simply a matter of having the right materials.

Such rules are followed by companies like Joann. What materials you are returning is significantly more essential than what condition or shape the resources are in. Because of this, Joann offers an excellent return policy. What about their return policy, though? How does it function, too?

Joann Return Policy

Joann Return Policy

If you visit a JOANN store with the fabric and the receipt, you can get a full refund. Without a receipt, you can get a refund if you return the fabric within 90 days of buying it. This will result in a payout that is equal to the item’s lowest selling price over the past 90 days.

Return Period 90 Days
Return Method In-Store or By Mail
Exchange Period 90 Days
Exchange Method In-Store or By Mail
Refund Period 7-10 business days
Refund Method Original payment method


What Can You Return to Joann?

You can literally return anything you purchase from Joann. However, you can only return items you purchased from a retailer to that particular store. You can mail something back if you purchased it online, in addition to returning it to a store.

How Do You Return Products to Joann?

You must have your merchandise in its completeness and in at least reasonably recognizable condition when returning it to a store. A purchase receipt is also required. For returns at a store, proof of purchase such as a bank statement or order number will not be accepted.

You can use proof of purchase to make a return online. The procedure will then start by dialing Joann’s customer service number. They will send you a return label after gathering your details, including your name and order number. At this point, some individuals may be perplexed, but don’t worry.

The return label serves as proof that Joann has already covered the expense of your shipment. It only benefits you. The majority of people anticipate the return label to make things more difficult because they are so used to retailers having onerous return policies. But the return label really makes things simpler.

Apply the shipping label after you’ve packaged your things and sent them out. In a few days, Joann will get your products, and a few days later, you’ll get your money back.

Does Joann Provide Full Refunds?

Yes, however, there are certain complexities to how they give back the money. For example, you can only receive your refund on the same Tinder account that you used to make the purchase. In other words, if you paid with a credit card, the money will be returned to that card. Cash will be given if cash was used to make the payment.

But there’s a catch: If your purchase totaled more than $100, they won’t be able to give you your money back there and then. They must instead send you a cheque or money order in the appropriate amount. The rationale is that handing over that much money invites con artists inside.

Does Joann Charge Restocking Fees?

Yes, but just for some of their products. There is a $25 restocking fee for Cricut machines and all sewing machines. Before those devices can be reintroduced into the marketplace, they must pass tests, undergo maintenance, and be cleaned. These costs are covered by this.

But there are no restocking costs for any other Joann products.

Does JOANN+ Offer Return?

No, at this time JOANN+ does not accept returns or issue refunds. However, the way they phrase it suggests that this is only a short-term solution because they advise anyone who needs assistance with an order to contact a bulk specialist.

Most businesses that want to cheat clients out of orders discourage communication with such customers. Since JOANN+ is also a recent addition, it’s likely that the returns are still being developed.

That also implies that, despite the fact that returns and refunds aren’t technically available through JOANN+, clients of JOANN+ might still be able to get their orders refunded and returned if they get in touch with the bulk specialized teams.

Can You Return Joann Products After Use?

You can, indeed. Joann primarily deals in materials, and every material they get as returns will eventually find its way back into use. However, they will undergo processing first, which will remove any deterioration or muck that accumulated while customers utilized them.

Because of this, you can be confident that they will still accept your Joann products unless you have essentially ruined them. This includes the sewing machines and other products they sell as well. To convince Joann to reject a used product return typically takes a lot of usage and abuse.

How Strict is Joann Return Policy?

The least restrictive possible return policy is offered by Joann. Every item they sell is returnable, and only a few of them will incur restocking fees. You can return products that have been substantially worn, as well as anything that you purchased online, for full refunds.

Contrast this with the majority of businesses in the same industry, which has stringent procedures for examining how much you have “used” their products.

How Long Does a Refund from Joann Take?

Depending on the type of return you are receiving and where refunds from Joann take a variety of times. A mail-in return for an online order will result in a reimbursement three days after the return has been received. Accordingly, the waiting period for the reimbursement will be three days plus the transit time.

In-store returns are immediate unless they are for more than $100.


Can You Refund In-Person Classes?

Sure, but only if you attend them first. You can cancel a class and get a full refund if you are unable to make it. Additionally, if you want to attend a class at a different time, you can reschedule such lessons. However, once you’ve registered for a class, you cannot get a refund.

How many days do you have for a full refund?

Customers who purchase fabrics from Joann have 90 days to return the items for a refund under their liberal return policy.

How quickly does Joann refund after returning items?

Within 7 to 10 business days, the company processes refunds.


The refund policy at Joann is excellent. Regardless of the product’s condition, both in-store and online orders are eligible for full refunds. Restocking fees do exist, although they are typically applied to a small number of products and are generally inexpensive given the price of the products.

Because of these factors, Joann’s return and refund policy are among the best available.


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